MY SECRET MY BULLY MY MATES CHAPTER 356-The weather has turned for the better pretty consistently the last couple of days. The rain has been crazy though, so like many students we have taken the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the sun while it is out.

“Are you really going to stick around and take classes over the summer?” Robbie asks out of the blue.

“Not you too. Listen, Tyler already made fun of me for considering it, but what else would I do? I have to work and we don’t have any big travel plans. We might visit some of the cities we hit up on our way here. We made a few friends and Mina wants to check in with them before we continue here or move on to somewhere else. There are no definite plans.” “Are you guys planning on coming back here though?” Robbie sounds concerned.

“I don’t know. It’s not really up to me. I can realistically go to school anywhere. Mina is on a tour to try and find her mate. That’s why we came here in the first place. So I am at the mercy of what she and Nickolas want to do.” I shrug.

“You two and your mate fixation.” Robbie grumbles. “Why are you so stuck on finding them?” “Why are you so against the idea?” I turned his question on him. I understand Tyler’s issue. He still deals with it on a daily basis. And apparently I am a reason for his current suffering. Even though there are zero romantic feelings towards him, I kind of wish I knew who she was so I could punch her in the face.

With that thought, Tyler grunts next to me and I turn quickly. He tries to play it off but I heard him and he knows I heard him. “Hey, would it be better if you sat down or to keep moving?” I don’t even try to keep my voice down. I don’t care who can hear me. This btch is fcking this Alpha wannabe to make him hurt on purpose.

“Not much that really helps.” He takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly. I take his hand and we keep walking at a slower pace.

“That is why I am so against it.” Robbie grumbles darkly from beside me after we have been walking a few more minutes. I was so focused on Tyler, I forgot it wasn’t just us.

“You know about this? Why would someone do this?” “Because they are sick fcks who don’t actually care about other people. This is the kind of leadership and power that we know. That’s all we know. So you and your flowery rainbows and unicorns idea about mates is just that a fantasy. The real world doesn’t give a sht about mates or their feelings or it wouldn’t be possible to hurt your fated mate this way.” The old Robbie is back and menacing. I’m actually afraid of him right now.

“You need to accept her rejection. Let her go. She needs to let you go, if she has chosen someone else. This is just cruel.” “Your sweetheart here won’t do that.” Robbie sneers.

“Why?” I ask still holding onto Tyler, he isn’t even complaining that we are having a conversation about him while he’s standing there.

“Her lovely chosen mate said he would kill her if Tyler accepted. So instead of letting her suffer, he suffers over and over again. More so when one of them is in a rage mood and they need to take it out on someone. Did he tell you they made him watch the first time? So they could see exactly what the pain would look like.”

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