MY SECRET MY BULLY MY MATES CHAPTER 328-Really? You would give up your workout time and your stuff for me?” I know my guys would do that for me, but Tyler barely knows me outside of class.

“You really are new at this aren’t you?” He laughs, taking a cautious step towards me and placing a hand on my hip.

The sound is a deep grumble in his chest and is comforting somehow.

“Let’s put it this way, “I sigh, “The age gap might be a problem when you find out how big it is. It may also explain a few things.” I look away from him, but I don’t step out of his grip no matter how much every fiber of my being wants me to.

“Skylar, don’t you dare tell him your real age!” Osiston growls “I’m going to have to give him something that explains my reluctance to do things like hug and kiss him, when he keeps trying. Relax, we need his information and I’m going to have to be vulnerable for him to share it.”

“Fine. Be careful and keep your mindlink open now so you can just talk and don’t have to relay anything.”

“Got it.”

“If you really don’t mind, I will be quick I promise.” I look back at him and he has a small smile playing on his lips.

“Skylar, I don’t mind. Come on.” He walks us over to where he dropped his stuff. He just hands me the whole bag, like he could care less if I went through his stuff. Then he walks me to the locker room, hand on the small of my back the whole time.

“I swear, ten minutes tops. Thank you Tyler.” I give hima small smile as I walk through the locker room door.

I hurry through the shower, using his body wash and 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. My sweats are fine since I took those off the minute we walked in the door, but my underwear and bra are soaked so I decide to go without. He thankfully has a brush so I can attempt to make myself presentable. I walk out in less than ten minutes and Tyler is just leaning against the wall looking at his phone.

“Hey. Thanks for waiting.”

He looks up at me, looks down at his phone and then back up at me again, a weird look on his face. “You’re done already?!”

“Umm, yeah. I said ten minutes tops.”

“But that usually means an hour.” He laughs.

“Not for me. I don’t do a lot to get ready. If I am ever dressed up or look like effort was put in, that means I was tied to a chair and my best friends had their way with me.” I laugh.

“That oddly sounds like something I might like to witness.”

He smiles at me and reaches for his bag, gently taking it out of my hands. “Now, can! hold your hand or is that too much?”

“I’m not sure actually.” I just stand there looking at him.

“Let’s find out then.” He grabs my hand and gently leads me out of the gym and down the sidewalk to a little diner a few blocks away.

We walk in a comfortable silence. I don’t feel weird holding his hand, but it isn’t the same as the twins or Oliver or even Sam. There is no emotion attached to it. This brand is crazy. I don’t feel awkward or butterflies or tingles or any sensation that could be attached to a boy holding my hand for the first time. It’s just numb.

“So you have been thinking awfully hard while we are walking. Are you getting anywhere inside that pretty head of yours or can I help?” He asks as he holds the door open for me to walk into the diner that has a small crowd doing a late breakfast.

I’m sure a lot of kids either try not to have classes on Fridays or at the very least start late if they can help it.

“Not really, just boys being frustrating boys. Well one boy anyway.” He lets go of my hand immediately and I look at him confused.

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