MY SECRET MY BULLY MY MATES CHAPTER 309-“So what about Thursday?” Tyler brings the conversation back to the main topic. “We need to ask. Can I let you know in the next couple days?” “Sure, text me anytime.” That charming smile is back on his face and I can’t help but return it. He winks and then turns to walk away, Mike and Robbie following. “Well, that was productive wasn’t it? You’re better than I thought at thls. I’m going to have to leave you alone more often.” “What are you talking about? “l have been in classes with some of these guys for a little over a month and have just started talking to them. You come in, late might I add, and you have three of them falling all over themselves to talk to you. How do you do that?’ “l don’t do anything, I swear. didn’t ask for them to talk to me and I wasn’t looking to gain their attention. I was just asking the professor questions. Like you said I’m late to the party so I wanted to get any info I can while I can still play the ‘new kid’ card.” “That’s gotta be it!” She got excited. Nou don’t give them novelbin

the time of day and you don’t play dumb either. They know you neither want or need them.” She’s laughing now. “You basically emasculated them and that somehow made you the forbidden fruit.” “Gross.” I laugh back at her. “Why do you have to make everything sound so s*xual? You’ve been around Sierra too long. I’m just new, that’s the only reason they are interested. They will find out I’m 15 and back off like I have the plague. None of them strike me as cradle robbers.” 2 We are both still laughing as we get to Nickolas’ SUV. “What has you two so giddy? He gives us a half smile, but I can see something is wrong. “Skys been in class for a day and already has guys asking for her number, well stealing it really, and inviting her to run and a bonfire on Thursday.” Mina is getting settled in the back seat, but hasn’t looked at him yet. “What’s wrong?” I ask him and her head snaps up.

“Gentry never made it back to her coven. It’s not unusual for her to go off on her own, especially after a big cast like the bond she did for you two. She will go into the woods for a couple weeks and •recharge.m He air quotes. ‘She contacted her coven before she left us, but it’s been two, almost three months since they have had contact from her.” He takes a deep breath and rubs his face. “You think they got her, don’t you?” I ask, but not really a question. She is powerful, even I could feel how powerful when she gave us our brands. How would someone sneak up on her and then subdue her? She would have taken precautions for things like that If this rogue group took her then they are using magic to mask what they are doing and where they “They made a mistake though. She was expected, not off on her own. They have to know we WIII come looking for her. Alpha Reggie’s warriors and her coven will be on the hunt now. Why would they do that when they have gone under the radar for so long?” He’s talking to himself, more than us, but something is still off. I can feel the rage rolling off of him, but he’s doing a great job containing it. If I didn’t know him I wouldn’t notice the small twitches of his jaw or the slight flex of his fingers as he talks about her. “Nickolas? Who is Gentry to you?” I ask as gently as I can. He doesn’t answer right away, just takes another deep breath and scrubs his face. “She is my mate.” “Oh, damn!” Mina exclaims. “Why doesn’t she have your mark? Why are you a branded warrior? What the hell is going on?

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