MY SECRET MY BULLY MY MATES CHAPTER 308-Well, listen to this.” He smiles that big cheeky grin that tells me he is trouble on legs. ‘None of us have class friday morning so we all go out on Thursday nights and do a bonfire when the weather stops being shtty, so we blend in a little better with the humans. It keeps us out of the way of the regular Friday night partiers. We run and then hang out, if you are interested can give you my number and get you all the details.” He smiles that smile again and before I know what is happening, Mina has swiped my phone from my back pocket, unlocked it and handed it over to him. “What the hell?!?’ “Umm, he’s hot and he’s flirting with you and he has a connection to the rogues. Did I mention he’s hot and flirting hard? This is the kind of boy you practice with.” I roll my eyes at her and scoff, but I must have made the sound out loud, cause Tyler stops typing on my phone and looks up at me. “Is this okay? I don’t have to give you my number.” Why is he shy all of a sudden? “I’m not a big fan of my sister meddling, that’s all.” I force a smile to him and it must be enough. He smiles and winks at Mina and keeps typing. ‘Is your full name a novel? What are you putting in my phone?’ I go to reach for it, but he holds it over his head out of my reach, laughing. ‘You’ll just have to wait and see.” “You’re asking for it now.” Mina mumbles under her breath and Mike and Robbie both laugh like my tiny little wrath is nothing. I take a breath and let it out slowly then lunge forward grabbing Tyler s extended arm and launch myself under it, behind his back and hook a leg over his shoulder from behind ripping my phone from his hand. I pat him on the head before swinging my leg over his shoulder and jumping down like I was getting out of a saddle and landing on my two feet looking at my phone like I didn’t do anything. “Oh sht! Mike says. “You can straddle me any time.”

“No way, d*ckhead! I talked to her first, get in line.” Mina and I are full on laughing now. “There’s no line guys, so quit while you’re ahead.” “That sounds like a challenge, is that a challenge Sky?” Tyler asks, tilting his head to the side. For sure flirting and it’s cute, for someone else. I am just not affected by it at all. Maybe it’s the warrior brand, but somehow I dont think “Uh, no. Just not interested. I’m here, with special permission in the early college program, for class and need to focus. Whatever you guys have in mind does not fall in the category of staying focused.” “So strong and smart, I might actually be in love.” Mike taps his heart and pretends to swoon. ‘Marry me?’ “Uh no, my mate probably won’t like me being married to someone else when I can actually find him. I appreciate your effort though:’ l am laughing again. “You are seriously looking for your mate7 Mates are overrated.” Robbie speaks up for the first time and doesn’t look pleased at my confession. “Not from what I Ve seen, and I figure I should be the judge of that when I actually meet my mate. Not just base my decision on others opinions on the topic.” I shrug back at him. “I’ve seen great mates and terrible ones “What if you fall in love with someone while you are waiting for this so-called mate. What then?’ “l don’t know. Love hasn’t happened to me and I have a few years before my mate can even find me, so it’s a moot point until then.” I shrug. “Damn! A few years, How old are you, Sky?” Mike asks. “Young enough to still be considered a minor.” I raise my eyebrows and keep it vague.

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