MY SECRET MY BULLY MY MATES CHAPTER 307-“Me?” I question pointing at myself, looking around again. “Yeah, you.” He smiles. “You’re new to campus right.” I nod. Yep.” I can feel my heart rate rising. I don’t talk to guys on my own. Mina is usually here with me and she does the flirting and pretending to be interested and all of that stuff for the both of us. “Dont tell me you’re shy. Not after the way you were drilling the professor just a little bit ago. Man, you are tiny aren’t you?” He asks no one in particular as he steps right up to me, completely invading my personal space. “The forest doesn’t make me shy, people do.” I shrug and move to turn around and find Mina. If they choose to follow she can at least help steer the conversation. “Wait! We won’t bite, I promise.” He gives me a grin that must work on most people, He sounds like the kind of guy who knows he’s handsome and usually gets his way because of his charm. I turn back towards them and cock and eyebrow. “l have to meet up with my sister.” I point a thumb over my shoulder. “We’ll walk with you then. It’s not often we see pack members here. This is like a neutral territory for several packs, but no one comes here voluntarily.” He says as he starts forward like we always walk together. I didn’t expect him to just come out and imply he’s a rogue, that’s new. I just tilt my head and say nothing, just keep walking. “Is your sister in the same pack?’ “Yes.” Kind of. We come across as pack members because of the warrior brand we both have. Most pack members can tell their own versus a member from another pack. I guess rogues would have the same ability to sense another rogue versus a pack wolf. “You are so full of questions, but not really answers aren’t you?” He asks playfully, not really sounding offended, more like he is enjoying the challenge. “The best way to get answers is to listen, not to talk.” I shrug. “Okay, so you look twelve, are roughly the size of a large toddler, but you sound like a sixty year old seasoned teacher. Who are you?’ He sounds amazed and incredulous at the same time. I am saved from answering as Mina approaches shouting my name. “Sky! How was your first day?!” She wraps me in a big hug. When she pulls back, she looks over my shoulder. ‘You made some friends, what’s up guys?”

“Are you ever not flanked by hot guys?” She asks over the link. I just roll my eyes at her and turn around, at least with her here the conversation will be way less awkward. ‘These guys are in my Ecology class.” I wave a hand behind me cause that’s all I’ve got, I didn’t actually catch any of their names. “Tyler,” The charming one sticks out his hand to her and she shakes it. “This is Mike and Robbie.” He points over his shoulder to the two guys who have said nothing during this whole interaction, choosing like me, to let their friend do all the talking. “It’s nice to meet you Tyler, I’m Mina, Skys sister.” “Sky?! I like that.” He looks right at me again. “You’re in class with her. followed her out to the parking lot and didn’t know her name?” Mina laughs. He at least looks sheepish. “l was working on that, Sky is a bit single worded when it comes to small talk in conversations.” He looks at me again even though he’s talking to her. I shrug again. “l still like listening better.”

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