MY SECRET MY BULLY MY MATES CHAPTER 305-This class is so boring! Why do they put the most boring class first thing in the morning? I have to take these prerequisite classes even though I have so many credits from High School, not all of them qualify so here I am. Ugh! The communications professor is droning on and on and I have no idea what he is even saying. I have never not been able to pay attention in class before, and looking around I am not the only person having trouble with focus. The almost full class is mostly freshman here for the same reason as me, it’s required. I’m jealous of Mina, she already has a few college credits so she doesn’t have to suffer here with me. We decided since she enrolled in the parks, rec and tourism program that I should do the forest ecology track. That way several of our classes will overlap, but we can canvas more people this way. We both lucked out and were able to get into some of our program classes, which puts us in close contact with many of the new wolves that have been coming into the territory recently. And there are a lot of wolves in our classes. I guess it makes sense though. Not all wolves have their jobs decided like the Alphas and other leaders and we always need people in jobs and places that can help protect us from humans and other species.

I have noticed that the wolves tend to corral together in my classes and tend to look like your average muscle bound athlete, even the women. The humans, for the most part, give us a wide berth. It appears like your usual high school separation of groups, but I know it’s the humans’ natural nature to stay as far away from a major predator. Although I have never heard of a pack member harming a human for sport or more disgustingly, food. I don’t know about rogue wolves. It’s possible they would do anything to survive and based on what I’ve seen from this Rogue King, some of them don’t have any problem harming what or whoever is in their way.

My afternoon ecology class goes straight outside for our first lesson. By the smell and look of my professor this is where he spends most of his time and would rather be. He handed out the syllabus and basically said if we couldn’t figure that out on our own , we should find another program to be a part of and then brought us for a tour of the area we would be using for our projects and research this year.

“Nickolas, we’re headed outside to tour part of the facility. Is there anything you want to know? l ‘ I try to work it into the conversation.” “We want to know about the wildlife. Does it come onto the property regularly, how often will you come into contact, things like that. Let’s see if the school has noticed a change in the wolf population. And keep an eye on the rogues while you ask, find the most fidgety one so we can keep an eye on them.”

“On it.” This class was my favorite so far. The professor talks to us like we are peers not just students and his no nonsense approach to teaching is near and dear to my heart. The area we have for research is on about twenty five acres. Some of it is forested and some is a prairie that has been allowed to grow wild with tall grasses that are yellow now, but still standing strong after the harsh portion of winter.

There are longer stalks that are probably the remnants of wild flowers, I bet this place is beautiful in full bloom. There are trails beaten into the grass where people walk to maintain the integrity of the land. I can feel my whole body relax just being out here. It’s amazing. “Professor Chance?’ I call walking up to him as he leads us around a fenced area marked for another class. ‘Does the school restrict the wild life that comes through here or should we be prepared to come into contact with some animals?

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