MY SECRET MY BULLY MY MATES CHAPTER 286-We got to work getting familiar with the surrounding area from the overhead views of the pictures. Any idea we had about places that might be used for hideouts or holding areas, the team has already searched, but with the knowledge that scents cannot be tracked, they could very well be hiding in plain sight and we would never know.

We also started talking about what they could be using to block their scents. Since the girls that have been taken have also had their trails go cold. It is more than likely the work of a powerful witch or, according to Jorge, most likely a coven of witches working together. But no one has heard of a spell like that.

That is where the other two in the group come in. Alyssa and William have been contacting and working with covens near us to try and figure out what is working against our sense of smell. They have both been gone for the last month studying and learning. William took the more treacherous route, going north east, nearest to the Canadian border and most likely where the rogues are. Alyssa took the western part of the state where a large coven is. These witches have almost completely immersed themselves into the human cities and towns in the area. They have a really good handle on intermixing and keeping their existence a secret. They also have some of the most powerful leaders and elders that our group has found.

Everything I have ever heard about the different species is that none of us get along, so we never work together or socialize in any way. But, it seems like at least some of us can intermix without a problem. I’m sure everything I have heard is from idiots, like my dad, who have been taught their species is the best and only species that should be around. Your standard, run of the mill racism doing its job to spread hate. My dad also can’t stand that I am a female and want to be a warrior not a breeding machine, so I shouldn’t be surprised with other types of discrimination.

I have never had any interactions with species other than werewolves, so I can’t say whose opinions are right or better or whatever, but I do know that there are several werewolves that I love and many I hate. So I’m sure it would be the same with anyone else.

Alyssa and William are currently working to find what type of spell or more likely potion is being used to mask not only the rogue’s personal scent, but also the scent of their victim. They are both getting help from different Coven leaders, but witches keep their information close and don’t like to share with outsiders. Getting into their inner circles to even ask about things like that is hard and takes time, which is why everyone here is so agitated. They can’t do anything until we have more information and something to work with. Warriors don’t do well with downtime of any kind.

“Now that you have an idea of what we have been working on for the last eight months, this is where you both come in.” Jorge starts.

“We are going to take you into the cities where the most activity has been. The most kidnappings.” Warrior Osiston takes over. “Clearly they are looking for a female, but there isn’t a pattern of what they are looking for specifically, so we are working under the assumption that they just need women.” “We have looked into each female that has been reported missing. There is always a possibility that the female is being used to control or blackmail her mate or family if they are high ranking. But they are of all different ranks and backgrounds, no connections that we can see, yet.” Jorge jumps in again.

“The problem is that we don’t think all of the women that have gone missing have been reported. Many times high ranking wolves will work in house because enemies will use that distraction to attack.” Nickolas scoffs.

“Is it just Alpha King Reggie’s kingdom that is being attacked? Are other King’s having the same problem? Have all the attacks happened in Royal Pack territory?” Mina fires off questions.

It’s almost like we can read each other’s thoughts. Although when I remember that I can actually mindlink, maybe I have been feeding my own exact same questions to her through it.

“That’s the thing, we all have attacks and people trying to overthrow their king for whatever reason, but this seems to be directed specifically at us. So we have to assume it is directed towards Alpha King Reggie.” Jorge says looking worried for the first time since we entered the room.

“For the next couple of weeks we will get you brought up to speed with all of our intel. As much as it seems like we don’t know anything, we have made some progress. It’s really the location of the Rogues and their captives that we can’t seem to get. Any rogues we capture die before we can question them. Another thing we need to figure out how they are doing because it’s not any form of su*cide that we can tell.” Osiston says, leaning forward in his chair. “You will still do your school days as normal. Your training will happen here with us unless you are out on recon missions. We travel at night and you will travel by vehicle to keep your scents hidden as much as possible.” “Why do we need to keep it hidden that we are here?” I ask. As far as I can tell we aren’t off Royal Pack territory, so it shouldn’t matter.

“This location is a black sight. None of the trainees know that it is here and we want it to stay that way. As trainees yourself there are still things that we need to teach you about masking and we don’t need anyone catching your scents by accident on patrols and trying to follow you here.” He looks at me and I feel the weight of the implication.

Audrina would follow me here to try and find a reason to get me in trouble or kicked out and she would definitely make a big deal about my being on this mission, while her high and mightiness is still stuck at the training compound.

“Let’s run, we can show you our boundaries and get your time in.” Nickolas stands, like his pants are on fire.

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