My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 66

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 66-Lila’s POV Having Enzo here at the Nova packhouse was not something I wanted. But I wasn’t going to argue with my father about it. He was keen on having him here to thank him for helping me in the fire.

It’s not like I could tell my family the reason why I didn’t want him here. Now I just had to hope that Enzo would decline the offer. I don’t think he wanted to see me either. I thought he would try to avoid me at all costs.

My father went to call Enzo while my mother and I talked a little more in the kitchen.

“Did anybody get seriously hurt?” She asked. “I heard the host was in critical condition.” “Ryan…” I told her sadly. “Rachel’s boyfriend. He was the host.” She gasped, covering her mouth with her hands as she peered over at me.

“Rachel as in your roommate?” She asked, eyeing me carefully.

I nodded once.

“We don’t know if he’s going to be okay. But we are hoping for the best. She won’t leave the hospital until she knows for sure. I stayed with her last night and Becca is staying with her for the next couple of days. She told me I needed to rest too,” I explained.

My mother’s eyes showed such sadness that it tugged at my heart. She walked closer to me and wrapped her arms around my body.

Val was instantly relaxed from the comfort of my mother. She liked my mother and enjoyed being around her. She knew that my mother meant so much to me and being near her meant home.

“I’m so sorry,” she breathed. “I’m sorry you had to go through all this and I’m sorry your friends are suffering.” I wiped away the tears that strayed from my eyes and held her even tighter, not wanting to let go.

“I was so worried that I was going to lose them all, Mom,” I breathed between my tears. “I thought for sure more would get worst injuries. But I managed to get some out…” “Of course, you did,” she said in return. “You are incredibly brave, and I adore that about you. I hope you know how much I love you.” “I do,” I said to her. “And I love you.” “Good news!” My father said, walking into the kitchen. “Enzo will be here in a few hours!” My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach.

Enzo was coming?

I couldn’t ignore the excitement of my wolf; she was running laps in my mind’s eye at the sound of our mate being on his way to us. I tried to calm her down, but there was no use. She was far too gone and way too excited to hear the reason.

“That’s great,” I lied, forcing a smile. “I’m just going to go to my room and get a bit of rest before he gets here,” I told them as I walked past the kitchen and toward the door.

I was feeling unwell and plus, I really was exhausted. But maybe I could try to avoid him, at least until dinner.

I went up the stairs and to our apartment in the packhouse. Corinne and Flynn were sitting on the couch when I walked through the living room. They were both frowning at me and that’s when I saw they were watching the news.

They were talking about the fire that happened at Ryan’s parent’s house last night. I didn’t want to see anything about it, but I couldn’t help but pause when I stared at the television.

“Many were injured and remain at the hospital. The host of the party, who will remain unnamed for the time being, is currently being treated for critical injuries that may have caused his life. Pieces of the stove broke off and plunged into his body, leaving him incredibly injured and fighting for his life.” I almost vomited at hearing the sound of that. It wasn’t until that moment that I knew what had caused him such injuries. He must have been near the oven when it exploded and then the silver parts of it struck him.

Silver was incredibly lethal to werewolves; I was surprised that nobody else got hit with the shards.

I shuddered at the thought.

“Were you there?” Corinne asked, eyeing me carefully.

“No,” I lied, turning away. “But I had friends that were.” “I told you she wasn’t stupid enough to sneak out of the academy to go to a house party,” Flynn said to Corinne, shaking his head with a frown on his face.

Corinne rolled her eyes and turned away from me.

“She’s so lame,” she muttered, folding her arms across her chest. “She never does anything fun.” While the two of them continued to gossip, I went into my room and slammed my door shut. I just wanted to close my eyes and shut myself away from the world for a little while. I’ve missed my bed terribly and I felt like I was wrapped in my own little cocoon.

I finally felt comfortable enough to fall asleep.

And I did fall asleep.

I didn’t wake up until Val got a whiff of Enzo from nearby. I was groggy when he arrived, but Val was wide awake and going nuts due to his incredible smell.

I had to admit that it was practically mouth-watering.

My heart was beating so heavily in my chest that I could barely contain myself. I thought about Enzo and his lips on me; the way he kissed me in the past left me in complete turmoil. I wasn’t sure why that was all of a sudden in my mind, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

A smile tugged at my lips as I thought about his mouth trailing down the nape of my neck and nibbling every corner he could get to. I could physically feel his fingers on my flesh, pulling down my clothing until I was revealed to him fully.

The way he felt pressed against me and the way I felt his bulge against my pelvis was mind-blowing.

I closed my eyes, envisioning him in my room and having his way with me. Those were thoughts I never thought I would have. But I couldn’t help myself.

I wasn’t sure if they were my thoughts or Val’s, but regardless, I could practically feel him with me, and it was making my entire body warm.

In fact, I was getting grossly warm. My pale skin was turning a light shade of pink, and I felt my nipples hardening without much control. It was a strange sensation; they felt tender to the touch, and I had to press my hands against them to keep them from causing too much pain.

My body continued to warm to the point where my skin began to sizzle slightly. I wiggled uncomfortably in bed, feeling .my lower abdomen warm as well and tingling. I squeezed my legs together to keep myself under control, but I couldn’t contain myself.

A small whimper of distress escaped my lips as I continued to wiggle against my bed, trying to get some sort of relief.

My body was practically on fire.

It felt as hot as it was when I was in the house that caught on fire.

Enzo was only in the next room, which was the guest room. Everyone else was downstairs in the main packhouse kitchen.

I knew Enzo was in the next room. I could feel him.

At that moment, I needed to get my clothes off before I died of a heat stroke. I grabbed my blouse and threw it over my head and to the ground, doing the same thing with my pants. it left me in only my bra and underwear.

That didn’t seem to be enough though; the heat of my lower abdomen was growing more intense due to my underwear and my nipples felt like they were chafing against my bra.

I had to get them off too.

I kicked my underwear to the ground and unhooked my bra, allowing that to fall to the ground too.

I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, and I knew that. But I needed to find relief and Val was so sure that Enzo could be the one to help us.

I whimpered again as I pressed myself against the wall, rubbing my body to calm it down. It was like trying to scratch an itch that wasn’t there.

I finally and my way to Enzo’s door and knocked ferociously.

There was hesitance on the other side of the door, but soon, he opened it, and his eyes found mine.

Then they lowered and darkened.

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