My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 55

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 55-Third Person POV So, Lila is Enzo’s student and his apparent crush.

It’s quite obvious that Lila has a thing for him as well, but it is simply a thing that can’t ever happen.

It’s a scandal that Enzo wouldn’t want to get out and Bethany was planning on eating that up.

Whatever kind of crush he had on her, wasn’t going to last with Bethany there. There was nobody like Bethany and she was going to make sure that everybody in this pack, including Enzo, knew that.

Soon, they won’t even remember Lila’s name.

Enzo was in his office when Bethany brought him his food. He’s basically been living in this office since he arrived home.

“How about you take a break and have some food,” she said, placing a plate of stir-fry in front of him.

He glanced at it briefly, uninterested, before looking back at his computer.

“I thought maybe we could eat together,” she finally said after a long pause.

“I’ll pass,” he said without hesitation. “I’m a little busy.” “I can see that, but even an Alpha needs to take a break,” she said as she sat in the chair in front of his desk. “What are you working on?” “We are opening a few food stands around the pack and I need to make sure we have all the documentation to support it.” “That sounds interesting,” she breathed as she took a bite of her food. She winced; it was far too sweet. “So, Lila is an interesting girl. She’s your student, right? It’s amazing that you allow her in your pack like this. Let alone allow her to stay in the packhouse.” That caught Enzo’s attention.

“We aren’t going to discuss Lila,” he said almost coldly.

She struck a chord.

Dee was right; he was interested in this girl.

“You do know you can’t have a relationship with her, right?” Bethany said, raising her brows. “She’s your student and you could get into huge trouble if the board found out.” “What are you on about?” “I think you know exactly what I’m on about, Enzo. You can’t pursue a relationship with your student.” “She’s nothing more than a student to me. She’s here to help some local children with their combat.

She’s incredibly talented when it comes to combat. I made a promise to her father that I would protect her and that’s all I’m doing.” “Her father, you say?” Bethany asked, leaning forward. “Who is her father?” “Alpha Bastien of—” “The Nova pack…” Bethany breathed; of course, she heard of Alpha Bastien. “She’s from Elysium.” It wasn’t a question.

“She’s a very talented young girl; she takes after her father. But I wouldn’t cross the student-teacher boundary.” “I hope you are being truthful,” Bethany said, gazing at him.

He was so handsome she could hardly contain herself.

He doesn’t say anything in response to that. Instead, he took a bite out of the food, and he had a satisfied look on his face.

“I made it with Dee. What a lovely woman she is,” Bethany said with a kind smile.

“It’s delicious,” he admitted, taking another bite.

“I’m glad you like it.” … Lila’s POV I walked by Enzo’s office just as Bethany was leaving it.

“Would you mind taking these to get washed?” She asked as she handed me the dirty dishes from dinner. “Enzo and I are quite busy.” She turned away and went back into his office.

… The next morning.

The children gathered in the nearby field off the western coast of the Calypso pack. They were eagerly waiting for my arrival when I got there.

I started to teach them simple moves and then got into more difficult ones. Most of them were doing quite well. I even brought fighting sticks for them to practice with and they ran around, whacking each other. I thought for a moment that they were going to hurt one another, but I managed to get them to settle down.

One little girl, in particular, fell on her backside when she attempted one of the kicking moves. She began to cry until I knelt in front of her and placed my hand on her arm.

My fingers started to warm her skin and she breathed in amazement. I was using my abilities to heal her sore body and she was in absolute awe over it.

“Wow…” she breathed.

I gave her a kind smile and helped her to her feet.

I helped her with the move a couple of times before she was comfortable doing it on her own. It took a couple of tries, but she eventually got the hang of it.

“Oh, hello, Lila,” I heard a familiar voice saying from a short distance.

I turned and saw Bethany walking in our direction. Some of the children gasped, recognizing her instantly.

“Bethany,” I said, trying to keep myself calm and collected. The last thing I needed was to lose control in front of all these children. I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt anyone. “What can I do for you?” I realized she was holding Tupperware in her hands.

“I made some cookies earlier and I wanted to share them with you,” she said kindly. “I outdid myself if I do say so myself.” “Oh, well… thank you,” I said, taking the Tupperware.

“You can share them with the children,” she suggested.

All the kids began to cheer and clap with excitement. I smiled at their eager faces as I opened the lid.

The cookies smelled delicious, and all the kids were excited to get one.

I had them form a single line so I can easily and quickly get them a cookie.

They were all munching and talking amongst themselves, giving Bethany and me a little alone time.

“I need to make my mark on this pack anyway that I can,” she said fondly. “I really like Enzo and I hope he likes me too.” “I’m sure he does,” I said to her, and it pained me to speak that out loud. “Dee actually thinks he’s quite smitten with you.” “Does she?” She asked, sounding surprised. “Well, I guess we will see. He wants me to live here so I suppose that’s something. Perhaps we will get a little more acquainted tonight.” I felt a low growl from Val emerging from my throat. I took a deep breath to calm myself.

“What makes you so good at combat?” She asked, peering over at me. “He finds you quite impressive.” “My father,” I answered. “I grew up learning from him and some of the gammas in Elysium. They taught me everything I know.” “I see,” she said. “I will be honest, upon hearing about you the other day, I was a bit worried that Enzo was crushing on you a little. But I can see now that you are nothing more than a student to him. You are quite young and a little naive. Which isn’t a bad thing… you just have a lot of growing to do. But what Enzo needs is a woman… a woman who can care for all his needs. Do you know what I mean?” I felt my face reddening.

“He needs more than just another warrior. You are skilled in combat sure… but are you skilled in other areas? Would you know how to please him as a Luna? Would you even know how to run a pack?” “I’m not sure why we are talking about this,” I said with a nervous chuckle.

“All I’m saying is… I hope my intuition isn’t correct when it tells me that you have a little crush on your professor. Because just know… there will never be a real relationship between you two. It couldn’t possibly happen. Not only could he lose his job… but he will lose the respect of his pack and he will never get ahead. Which we all know is what he wants more than anything. I’m here now… I can be everything he needs and more.” “I would never stand in the way of his happiness,” I went on to say, however just before I was able to say anything more, a familiar sense made its way to me, and Val grew excited.


I saw him in the distance making his way toward us. His face was stern, and his eyes were like daggers. They were staring directly at Bethany who hadn’t noticed him just yet.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked her in a low and almost threatening tone. But his composure was incredibly calm.

She rose her gaze to meet his.

“I’m sorry, darling. I was just bringing Lila and the children some cookies. I hope I didn’t make you worried.” He stared around her face for a moment before reaching toward her and taking her hand into his.

Soon, they were both walking away.


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