My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 252

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 252-Lila’s POV “What is all of this?” I asked, smiling up at my mate who stood before me with a large bouquet, and my giggling friends standing behind me. “I asked them to get you here discreetly,” he said, looking behind me to eye my friends suspiciously. “Hopefully they didn’t cause too much stress.” I glanced behind me, and they both turned away innocently, avoiding my eyes. I shook my head, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. “Not at all,” I said, turning back to Enzo. “I wanted to take you out tonight to celebrate your victory,” he said, handing me the flowers. I took them and smelled them, smiling even wider at the amazing scent. “I won by default,” I reminded him. “You would have won regardless,” he said. “You had that in the bag.” I stepped into his open embrace and allowed him to hold me tightly. It felt like it’s been so long since I was embraced by this incredible man. I loved him so much and I truly missed him. “So, what do you say? Wanna get out of here?” “Wait, I’m not even dressed for a date,” I said. “You look beautiful,” Becca said, giving me a wide smile. “She’s not wrong,” Enzo agreed. I smiled at my mate.

Becca stepped beside me and took the flowers out of my hand. “I’ll put these in a vase for you,” she said, winking at me. “Have fun you two,” Brody said, waving as they began to walk away. “Hey!” I shouted after them, making them both stop and look at me while I leaned against Enzo who kept me wrapped in his arms. “Thank you.” They both smiled widely and turned away, leaving me alone with my mate. “Come on,” he said, pulling me along with him. “I really missed you these last couple of days. I feel like I haven’t seen you much” I said to him as we neared his waiting car. “That’s why I figured we could use some time alone together,” he said in return. He opened his car door for me, making me laugh. “Such a gentlemen,” I teased. “Only the best for my lady,” he teased in return. We only drove for about 15 minutes until we reached the heart of the city. Once we got to the parking center, he quickly got out and opened my car door, making me laugh again. “You know I’m capable of opening my own door, right?” “I know,” he said. “But my future Luna shouldn’t have to.” “I think I can get used to this.” This time it was Enzo who laughed. “So, are we going to a fancy Italian restaurant?” I asked; usually, when he takes me out, it’s the fanciest Italian restaurant, so I assumed it’d be the same this time around as well. “Not exactly,” he said taking hold of my hand. We began to walk the busy city streets. I loved the city at this time in the evening; the sun was still a couple of hours away from setting, but the city was so alive and filled with light. I’ve only been here a couple of times for shopping; I was excited to see where Enzo was taking me. I had to admit though, I was a bit nervous. I wasn’t exactly dressed properly for a fancy date. I wore a dress, but it wasn’t that fancy. It was a casual yellow sundress that was covered in lilies, and I wore a cardigan to keep me warm from the cool fall breeze. My hair was lightly curled and fell around my shoulders, only pinned on one side with a lily hair piece to keep my hair out of my face. I rarely wore makeup, but I was wearing a little mascara and lip gloss. We talked for a little while as we walked hand-in-hand down the city streets. There were so many people swarming around us that I wasn’t worried about being seen by those we knew because we blended in with the crowd. Then, Enzo stopped walking and stared up at the building that sat beside us. I frowned, looking up at it as well, and then I gasped as realization dawned on me. “Chinese?!” I gasped. He laughed and nodded. “I figured we could do something different; a little more casual,” he explained.

“Yes!!” I shrieked, throwing my arms around him and hugging him tightly. He bent down and smashed his lips against mine, kissing me hungrily and possessively. I loved every second of it. I smiled into his kiss before pulling away, breathlessly. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the restaurant. “Good evening, Alpha. Your table awaits you,” the waiter said, motioning for us to follow him. “You called ahead?” I asked. “Of course,” Enzo said, smiling. We sat down in the back of the restaurant and another waiter instantly brought us a scorpion bowl for two. “We didn’t order this,” I said, glancing at Enzo curiously. “I ordered our food ahead of time. There’s more to this evening and I wanted to make sure we had time for everything.” I raised my brows, but I didn’t argue. I was excited to see what he ordered. I loved Chinese food and rarely had something I didn’t like. I sipped on the Scorpion Bowl while listening to Enzo speak about his day. “Connie called me last night,” he said, peering at me from across the table. I stopped drinking and looked up at him, curiously. Connie was his best friend, and she was also in love with him for a very long time. She even went as far as following us to Monstro and trying to take Enzo away from me. But then she met her mate while there and decided to stay in mind and then return to Enzo and try to get him again. “What did she want?” I found myself asking, glad that my voice didn’t come out as nervous as I felt. “She’s returning to town in a couple of weeks,” he answered. “She wanted me to be the first to know.” My heart fell into my stomach; my fears were becoming a reality. “I see…” I said slowly. “So, things with Tyler aren’t going good?” I asked, afraid to know the answer and the reasoning. He looked at me, furrowing his brows. “No, actually things are going great with them. They are returning here together,” he answered. I felt my entire body relaxing at his words and I looked at him with wide eyes. “Wait really?” I asked, trying and failing to keep that smile off my face. “Yes,” he said, meeting my eyes. “They are planning their wedding and want to get married here.” “Oh, my goddess!” I gasped. “That’s incredible news!” “That’s what I said,” he said in return.

“She asked me to be part of the wedding party. I think she wants me to either be a groomsman on his side or a bridesmaid.” He shook his head at the thought as I started to giggle. “A bridesmaid?” I laughed. “She doesn’t have many friends and neither does he,” he explained. “I don’t know what they are planning, but I guess we will see.” “I’m so happy for them,” I said smiling. “Me too,” he said in return, meeting my eyes and holding them for a long while. Before any more words could be exchanged the waiter was bringing the food. There was so much food I couldn’t even wrap my head around all the assortments. Three different waiters kept bringing us platter after platter and my mouth nearly dropped open. It all smelled and looked so delicious my mouth was watering. “We are never going to be able to finish all of this,” I laughed. “Sure, we can,” he teased, grabbing his fork. “Dig in.” Once we finished eating, Enzo paid the bill and then we left the restaurant. I assumed we were going to take a walk to digest all the food we ate, but as soon as we stepped outside, I saw a giant white stallion attached to a pearly white carriage. I stared at it with my mouth hanging open. Enzo grinned at me.

“How about a sunset ride around the city?” He asked, walking toward the carriage doors. “You rented a horse and carriage?” I gawked. He laughed and opened the door to the carriage, motioning for me to get in. Seats were made of this soft leather that I nearly melted in when I sat down. There was a minibar as well with a couple of wine glasses, waiting to be filled. Enzo sat beside me and took my hand in his. The horseman set up the attachable tables in front of us and poured a couple of glasses of wine for us. “Enjoy the ride,” he said, tipping his hat to us as we got into the front and took hold of the reins of the horse. He shut the little window that separated us to give us some privacy. “This is incredible, Enzo,” I breathed, staring up at him. “Only the best for you, my love,” he said, bending down to press his lips against mine. As soon as our lips made contact, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I felt a light electrifying sensation coursing through my body, making me shiver and melt into him.

He wrapped his arms around me and deepened the kiss. His tongue explored my mouth curiously, twirling around my tongue and conquering my mouth as his own. I knew for certain that I belonged to him, and he belonged to me. regardless of our stresses in life, I knew as long as we were together, everything was going to be okay, and I was more than fine with that. I couldn’t help but smile at him as he continued to kiss me. He soon pulled apart and kissed the tip of my nose gently. “I love you,” he breathed. “I love you too,” I breathed in return. I heard his phone ringing in his pocket just as he was about to kiss me again, causing us both to groan miserably at the interruption. He glanced at the caller ID, and I saw his lips turn downward into a worried frown. “Yes?” He paused for a moment, furrowing his brows together. “Wait, slow down. I can’t understand you. What are you talking about?” My heart started to pound quickly against my chest. Something must have been seriously wrong. “What? Are you sure?” He paused again to hear the response; did I hear a female voice on the other end? “Okay, I’ll be there soon.” He hung up the phone and knocked on the window to get the horseman’s attention.

The window suddenly opened. “We need to get back to my car, right now,” Enzo ordered. “Yes sir,” he said without hesitation. “What’s going on?” I asked worriedly. “It’s Hazel,” he answered, meeting my eyes. “We need to get to the hospital.”

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