My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 244

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 244-Lila’s POV I was amazed at how many people were at the assembly hall; students were lined up outside the doors, waiting for them to unlock so they could enter. It was the entire school basically; I knew this was a mandatory event for everyone, but I didn’t think they’d all be here at the same time.

Brody met us toward the back entrance where Headmaster Prescott had told me I was going to enter through. The door was unlocked and once we were inside, we met with a couple of the board members.

“Oh, good, you’re here,” one of them said. “I hope you are prepared.” “I’m as prepared as I can be,” I said, grateful that I didn’t sound as nervous as I felt.

She only smiled and led us down various hallways until we reached a set of giant doors that led to the assembly hall. It was a huge auditorium that the drama department used for their plays and the band used for their concerts. It’s also used for regular assemblies as well.

“Lila, you look gorgeous,” Tiffany Prescott said with a fond smile. “Don’t you think, Professor Enzo?” My face instantly warmed when I saw my mate across the stage setting up the microphone and podium. His eyes found mine and I instantly saw the love and lust in them. I had to fight to keep from smiling at him.

“Yeah; she looks great,” he said, his eyes never leaving mine.

I bit my bottom lip and broke my eye contact with him to look up at Headmaster Prescott.

“Where should I sit?” I asked.

“You’ll be sitting in the second seat and Sarah will be sitting in the first,” she said, but then she paused when she met my eyes. “Alpha Jonathan orders.” “Of course, it was,” Rachel muttered, rolling her eyes.

I nudged her with my shoulders.

“Have you seen Sarah, by the way?” Headmaster Prescott asked. “She hasn’t arrived yet.” “We saw her right before we got here,” I told her. “She was still in the dorm. But I’m sure she was on her way.” I didn’t bother relaying the message Sarah had given me about doing whatever she could to win. I wasn’t really sure what she meant by that, but I wasn’t going to stress too much about it. I already knew she probably had something up her sleeve. But as long as I stayed true to myself and stuck with my lines, I had faith that I was going to be okay.

I began walking across the stage and over to my seat. I had to pass Enzo on my way to eat and when I did, he met my eyes again and this time he gave me a small smile along with a wink.

“Don’t be nervous,” he whispered. “You’re going to be great.” “Thank you, Professor,” I flirtatiously said with a wink, making him grin as I continued to walk by him.

I took my seat and tried to re-read the speech that sat on notecards in my hands. Rachel, Becca, and Brody took seats in the front row.

Soon, the entire auditorium was filled with students and faculty.

Sarah soon joined me on the stage, sitting in the first seat with her legs crossed and her hands neatly laid out on her lap.

I got a glimpse of Alpha Jonathan sitting near the stage and his eyes never left Sarah.

After a few minutes, Tiffany Prescott walked onto the stage, and everyone clapped for her.

“Hello everyone,” she began in the mic; she didn’t yell, but her voice was loud and rang with so much authority that everybody was silenced instantly. “Thank you all for being here right now. This is a very exciting occasion. As you know we started the student committee toward the end of last year and because of the success of it last year, we’d like to continue it this year as well.” She paused while everyone clapped excitedly at her words.

“Initially, we were only going to use this committee for event planning, but we recently decided that this committee could do so much more. The school board tries hard to keep up with all student issues and to get you everything needed to be successful on your journeys, but the board isn’t perfect. We don’t work closely enough with the students to know their fundamental needs and we could use a little inside help. The student committee will be working with the school board to ensure that all needs are met.” Another pause for applause.

“That brings me to today; I’m happy to announce that with your help, we are appointing a president for the student committee. Our candidates are Sarah and Lila,” she continued.

Everyone wildly began to cheer; I met the eyes of Enzo who sat with the other faculty, and he gave me a reassuring smile.

“Each of the candidates had prepared a speech. Once each speaks, you’ll be able to ask them questions. Once all questions are answered then the voting will be opened. My wonderful board members will walk you to the polls we set up in the back room.” More clapping.

“Our first candidate is Sarah,” Headmaster Prescott said, motioning for Sarah to step up to the podium.

She stood with confidence and walked over to the podium with her head held high as if she’d done this a thousand times before. As she walked to the podium, the entire room was echoed with applause and cheering.

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and tried desperately not to overthink things.

Sarah chuckled into the mic and waved at the cheering audience.

“Oh, please. You guys are too much,” she laughed. “But it’s time to get serious. You all deserve a president who isn’t afraid to get dirty. I can get shit done and you all know this to be true. I have never backed down from a fight and I can get you anything you ever wanted. When I’m president, I’m planning on getting only the best foods imported from the finest restaurants. I think we all deserve delicious and healthy foods. Don’t you think?” Everybody cheered loudly for her and stomped their feet, my face warmed.

“Also, my dad just informed me that we are opening a coffee shop on this very campus. Of course, I’ll be in charge of it,” she said simply. “I’ll be needing some workers though so if anyone is interested, see me after the election.” Everyone cheered again and she chuckled while waving.

“Vote for me, and you’ll get a lot of really cool things,” Sarah continued. “I won’t let you down.” She turned away while everyone cheered again, and she resumed her seat next to me. She gave me a smug look before turning her attention to the front.

That was hardly even a speech.

Headmaster Prescott walked to the podium again and I could see she had a plastered smile on her lips as she cleared her throat.

“Thank you, Sarah. That was quite an interesting speech,” she said; I knew she was forcing her voice to remain even. “Now for our second candidate, Lila.” A bunch of students clapped, including my friends in the front row. But it wasn’t nearly as loud as the applause for Sarah, which was kind of discouraging.

As I stood in front of everybody, my eyes scanned the crowd. Some of them stood still, unmoving. It felt strange but I cleared my throat and gave my best smile.

I stared down at my speech; it suddenly didn’t feel as natural as I’d like it to sound. So, I crumbled it in my hands and decided to just speak from my heart.

“I can’t promise you the same things Sarah promised,” I admitted into the mic. “I can’t promise you gourmet foods, and coffee shops. I can’t buy my way through this. I’m hoping I can get through with my heart because I have a lot of that to go around. I love this school; the faculty, and the students mean a lot to me. That’s why I came up with this committee because I wanted only the best for everyone. I don’t care if I win or lose, I just hope whoever wins does right by this school and not let money do the job for them. There are a lot of things I’d like to see happen around this school. Some of which are fun dances and events for us all to enjoy. Starting new clubs like a community service program, fundraisers for everyone to participate in, and really awesome school projects that bring us together as a community. Opening a tutoring center with your classmates as your tutors so we can help each other succeed. If I were to win this election, I wouldn’t be the one running this committee; you would be.” I paused when everyone began to clap loudly; my friends in the front row stood up to applaud me and they started a chain reaction of everyone standing.

I smiled, relieved that my speech went well and that this was almost over.

Just as I turned to walk back to my seat, I felt the earth under me begin to quiver, nearly knocking me to the ground. The lights in the auditorium flickered and everyone gasped at the strange sensation that fell upon the entire hall.

There was a dark haziness that fell upon my vision, making it difficult to see. But after a short while, the haziness cleared, and the only thing left was the ghostly quiet auditorium.

Looking around at everyone’s stunned faces, they looked like they had just gotten smacked in the face with an invisible force. And then mayhem started.

Some students in the back began to scream at the top of their lungs which caused everyone to jump up in terror.

“My magic!!! It’s gone!!” One of the girls, a witch, had screamed from the back of the room.

“Mine is too!” Another cried.

Was all the witch’s magic gone completely? I glanced down at Brody who was staring bug-eyed at Sarah. I could tell something was seriously wrong, but I couldn’t focus on that right now. I was more curious about the witches losing their magic.

But then I heard a nearby voice, and I looked down to see one of Sarah’s friends shivering and crying with a small group.

“What the hell happened?” She cried, her entire body trembling. “How did I get here?” “Why can’t I remember the last day or so?” Another cried.

“Who did this to us??”

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