My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 215

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 215-Lila’s POV “Starcove?” I asked as we made our way out of the tunnels to join my parents above the ground.

“It’s a place that isn’t very welcoming to wolves,” Enzo said, his tone going dark as he got lost in thought. “It’s a population of witches and humans.” My eyes widened.

“Why would Hazel be there?” I asked.

“She was taken there; I’m assuming by the Ravenclaw Coven Master.” “Coven Master?” I asked, swallowing the large lump that formed in my throat.

“Her name is Jasmine. I’ve never personally met her, but I’ve certainly heard of her. She’s the most powerful dark witch to ever exist.” A chill crossed my entire body and I shuddered at the thought of someone being that evil and that powerful. I didn’t like the idea of it and I didn’t like the idea of Hazel being brought there. Most importantly, if this Starcove place didn’t welcome wolves, then how were we going to get her back?

Enzo grabbed onto my hand, holding it firmly in his as we made our way out of the brick safehouse and into the open outdoors. I could see the light haze of the shield surrounding the entire village. At least what was left of the village; it didn’t seem as if there was a lot left.

My heart tugged painfully in my chest; how many times were they going to have to rebuild this village? I was sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

I could smell the copper scent of blood seeping into the forest ground around me and knew it belonged to the many dead bodies that had fallen in the battle. There were a lot of injured men and women who stayed to fight against the rogue attack. There were also a lot that were dead.

My parents stood with one another with worried expressions on their faces and it was clear they were in the middle of a deep conversation.

“Aiden, Donovan, and a few other warriors are already on their way to meet up with your Beta and warriors at Starcove,” my father said to Enzo as soon as we approached.

“We should get there too then,” Enzo said to him in return; my father nodded too.

“I need to stay here and keep this village shielded and protected,” my mother said. “I’m sure they could use some healing as well.” “There are injured wolves in the tunnels of the safe house,” I told her.

“My mother can handle those,” Enzo said, looking at my mother with serenity. “Focus on the ones that are above ground. They need help more than anything. Find any survivors.” It was weird that he was barking orders to my mother, but it didn’t seem to faze her; she nodded to him and went to do just that.

“I’m coming with you to Starcove,” I said before he could start barking orders at me.

“It’s too dangerous Lila and you were so weak only moments ago,” Enzo argued.

I shook my head, staring up at him with narrowed eyes.

“I’m fine now. Being around my mother rejuvenated some of my powers. I can probably shift now too honestly. I feel fine. You need protection if you are going to a place like Starcove.” He opened his mouth to argue again, but to my surprise, it was my father that spoke.

“She’s right,” he said quickly. “We do need extra protection if we going to witches’ territory. Jazzy is no joke.” “Jazzy?” I asked, raising my brows.

“Jasmine. She goes by Jazzy,” my father explained. “We don’t have a lot of time to waste. We should go now.” I nodded and hid behind Enzo so I could strip off my clothing and shift into my wolf form. It felt good to finally be able to shift again; I’m not sure why I was suddenly feeling strong and powerful again, but I wasn’t going to complain. Especially when Val came to life and howled into the night sky.

“It’ feels so good to be free again!” She cooed as the cold air hit her soft white fur.

My father and Enzo exchanged proud looks before shifting into their own wolves as well, joining me in the howl session.

“There’s no time to waste,” I announced. “Let’s get to Starcove!” …..

Third Person POV “Jazzy! Why are you doing this?? What is it that you want??” Hazel cried as she struggled against the binding placed on her to shield her magic.

Blood dripped off her face from her recent building and she was fading in and out of consciousness.

Jazzy had pumped her with so much wolfsbane, that she was amazed that her darling sister was still functioning enough to form words.

“I want what I’ve always wanted,” Jazzy said, narrowing her icy emerald ice at Hazel. “I want to wipe the entire Volana race off this earth and I’ll stop at nothing until I get just that.” “And what of that rogue wolf you are partnered with?” She asked between her teeth. “He wants to be a Volana. Will you wipe him off this earth too?” A smile spread across Jazzy’s lips.

“Of course not. He will be under my control and in my power. I will have full control over this Volana. He just doesn’t know it yet. Stupid wolf… he’s nothing more than a vessel to me. A body at most.” “Please…” she whimpered. “I am your sister… don’t do this to me…” She could hardly see Jazzy through her swollen eyes and her face was so bruised she was hardly unrecognizable. Witches typically had quick healing abilities like most magical beings, but the wolfbane was keeping her from healing at all. Which was exactly what Jazzy wanted.

“You are also a traitor,” Jazzy hissed. “You know what those wolves did to us. They took everything from us, and they would do it again in a heartbeat. The fact that you fight alongside them and protect them is disgusting to me.” “You are better than this…” Hazel said as she clenched her jaw.

“No… I’m not…” Jazzy growled.

Electricity bolts shot through her fingertips as she reached her hands to her sister’s neck and zapped her. She screamed out in pain and terror; her eyes began bleeding and it only made Jazzy smile as she stepped away.

Her sister was still conscious, but she trembled in pain and fought to maintain her breath; it was clear she was losing grip on reality. She would die if Jazzy didn’t ease up on her and she needed her sister alive for right now. At least until she told Jazzy what she wanted to know.

“Jazzy!!” She heard the sound of a majorly annoying voice from nearby.

She couldn’t help the groan that escaped her lips as she turned to face Paul running toward her.

“What are you doing here?” She said through her teeth. The fact that he was in her coven house was a major death wish for him even if he was working with her to capture the strongest Volana to ever exist.

The others in her coven would still eat him alive.

“There was an attack that cost a lot of my men’s lives,” he breathed as he reached her. “It was the Nova pack’s Luna, Selene who was working with Enzo and eliminated a lot of the rogues. I think they are on their way there to get her…” He glanced at Hazel who had a glimmer of humor in her bloody eyes and a small chuckle escaped her lips without her meaning it to.

This infuriated Jazzy.

She marched over to Hazel and grabbed her by the throat, cutting off her air supply. As Hazle struggled for breath, Jazzy tightened her grip and peered deep into her red eyes.

“Why the hell would these wolves be searching for a nobody like you if you truly don’t know anything?” Jazzy asked through her teeth.

Hazel couldn’t speak; she could only gasp for breath and focus on not dying. After another second, Jazzy released her throat and stepped away, turning back to Paul.

“Get the rest of your men together and go the borders of Starcove. Do not let them pass.” “What are you going to do?” Paul asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

“I’m going to protect my coven,” she hissed. “Now get lost and do as I ask.” “Are we sure it’s not Selene the prophet was talking about? She’s a very strong Volana and I know it was her that took out most of my men.” Jazzy scoffed.

“It’s not her,” Jazzy said, shaking her head. “But I know that this bitch knows who it is. I’m going to get it out of her if it’s the last thing I do.” Paul nodded and turned, leaving Jazzy alone, once again, with her sister.

After a long and torturous session, Hazel passed out from pain and exhaustion. She had enough of the torture and Jazzy was growing infuriated by her sister’s stubborn silence. Her heartbeat was now faint, and it wouldn’t be long before her sister perished. It was clear she wasn’t going to get any answers from her.

She grabbed a dagger from one of her many weaponry shelves and was about to plunge it into her sister’s heart, ending her miserable life but just as she lifted the dagger into the air, an overwhelming sense washed over her and she found herself staggering backward.

She heard the screaming of others in her coven as they too felt this incredible surge of power that had just entered the town of Starcove.

It wasn’t their power… it was someone else. Someone much more powerful.

She waved her hand in front of her, chanting a small spell until the image of the outside appeared in front of her. She saw, in her wavy spell-casted window, Paul and a few other wolves standing outside the borders of the town and those wretched wolves, Alpha Enzo and Alpha Bastien stood in front of him. There were a few other warrior-looking men as well that remained in their wolf form.

Then, Jazzy saw it.

The girl that stood near the wolves. She had just shifted into her human form and put on some clothing.

She almost looked like Selene, but much younger. Her aura shined brightly, and it was obvious she was a Volana wolf.

But the power that radiated around her was almost too much for Jazzy to handle; staring at her, even though the spell cast window, was overwhelming.

“That’s the Volana…” Jazzy whispered to herself. “The one we were looking for. That’s the strongest Volana to ever exist.” With one quick motion, Paul lunged at her, unknowing that she was the one they wanted. Jazzy screamed through the spell-cast window, shattering it around her feet. But not before she saw the girl lift her arm to him and with one quick motion, plunge a dagger into his chest and killing Paul instantly.

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