My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 212

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 212-Lila’s POV “Um, excuse me… I was going to sit there,” a tall brunette girl that I didn’t recognize said, folding her arms across her busty chest and staring at Corrine like she was beneath her.

Corrine looked puzzled.

“I always sit here,” she said, narrowing her eyes at the girl.

“Flynn is my boyfriend and as my boyfriend, I get to sit next to him,” the girl hissed through her seemingly perfect teeth.

It suddenly made sense as to who this girl was.

Corrine’s face reddened as the girl who sat beside Justin, chuckled. The girls must have been friends.

Corrine glanced at Flynn for some extra help, but he sighed and shook his head at her.

“Can’t you just sit somewhere else for today, Cor?” He asked.

I could practically hear her heart-shattering.

What the hell was Flynn’s problem? Why was he treating her so poorly??

I heard in a low whisper from nearby, “Watch this…” It was Justin talking to his girlfriend as he scooped some mashed potatoes on his spoon; he was about to sling-shot it toward Corrine. I pressed my lips firmly together and before he released the potoes in her direction, I grabbed the spoon from him, startling everybody at the table.

“Future Alphas and Lunas lead by example,” I told all 4 of them. “That level of disrespect won’t be tolerated.” “Justin, what is wrong with you?!” Luna Reilly Sinclaire, Justin’s mother, scolded. “We raised you better than this.” “You are 16 years old; you should know better than that,” his father, Alpha Lucas Sinclaire growled. “Sit up straight and be a gentleman.” Justin pouted but he wouldn’t dare argue with his father. Corrine looked like she wanted to burst into tears.

“Sorry about my son, Alpha,” Alpha Lucas said to my father.

“Boys will be boys,” my father said in return, then gave Flynn a stern look.

I shook my head and walked toward Corrine, wrapping my arm through hers, I pulled her along with me.

“Come on, Cor. You can sit with me,” I told her.

She seemed to have relaxed as we found our seats at the table. Corrine sat on one side of me, and Brianna sat in front of me right beside her uncle Donovan, and on the other side of her was her mother and Donovan’s sister, Anna.

My father sat at the head of the table with my mother seated beside him. At the opposite end of the long dining room table, sat the Sinclair’s along with my brother and his girlfriend. There was an empty seat beside me for Enzo who hadn’t shown up yet and on the other side of Enzo’s seat sat Beta Aiden with his mate, Lucy, and their two small children. She was also expecting another child in a few months which everybody is very excited about.

My mother had some of the packhouse kitchen staff serving the meal that she prepared just as Enzo walked into the dining room. I could tell almost right away from the look he was giving me that something was wrong.

He pulled his eyes from me and went straight to my father, lowering himself to his ear and speaking in a low whisper so only my father could hear.

My mother noticed this as well and was frowning as my father’s body tensed. I swear, I thought I saw the color drain from his face.

My father looked up at Enzo who also wore a serious expression, and then my father nodded to him.

“Please, enjoy your meals, everyone. Aiden and Donovan, can I see you for a minute?” My father said, standing to his feet.

Aiden and Donavan gave one another identical concerned looks before standing to their feet; they knew better than to ask any questions about anything in front of everybody.

“What’s going on?” My mother asked quickly.

“I’ll let you know when I know more information,” my father said to her, leaning down to kiss her gently.

“Enzo?” I asked before I could even stop myself.

I felt everybody’s eyes shifting to me, some in shock, some not so much. Enzo only gave me a warm smile, but I could tell something was bothering him and it gave me an unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“I’ll be back,” he assured me gently.

He turned away with my father and the others and they left the dining room. I felt tears prickling the corner of my eyes before I could prevent them from coming. I suddenly felt cold, and a shiver crept up my spine.

“Mom?” I asked, looking at her equally worried face.

“It’s okay…” she breathed, and I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or reassuring herself. “Let’s just eat our food.” “Lila, I didn’t know you were that close to Alpha Enzo,” Anna said with a playful smile, trying to change the subject.

“Mom…” Bri murmured, clearly embarrassed by her mother’s boldness.

“What? I’m observant,” Anna chuckled. “Is there a story there?” She proceeded to ask me.

“Yes, there is,” my mother answered for me, also eager to change the subject. “We were hoping everyone would be together before we made this announcement though. It was the whole purpose of this dinner.” “It doesn’t matter anymore,” I said, moving my food around on my plate with my fork; I suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore. In fact, I felt like I wanted to throw up. “But it’s true… Enzo and I are very close now and that’s because he’s, my mate.” Everybody, except for a few who already knew, gasped at the news.

“Oh, my goddess!!” Anna cooed. “Congratulations, Lila! This is definitely a good reason to celebrate.” “I’m so happy for you dear,” Lucy breathed with a fond smile.

“When’s the Luna ceremony?” Alpha Lucas asked, which caused a slap to the arm from his wife.

“Don’t be rude,” she murmured.

“It’s not rude. It’s a genuine question,” he shrugged.

“Not until after her graduation,” my mother answered. “Enzo respects that she needs to finish her schooling before thinking about marriage.” “Well, when the time comes, you are going to be a great Luna, Lila,” Luna Reilly said kindly.

“Congrats, Lila,” Flynn said with a mouthful of food. But then he glared at Corrine. “Did you know?” “I did,” she said without looking at him.

“And you didn’t tell me?” He seethed.

I frowned at him, annoyed by his tone.

“It wasn’t my place,” she shrugged casually.

“Maybe if you hung out with her a little more often, she’d tell you these things. But clearly, you’re too busy for your twin nowadays,” I simply said as I glanced at his girlfriend who sat smugly beside him.

Flynn scowled at me, but I paid him no attention.

“Thank you, everyone,” I said with a chuckle; but my mind went right back to Enzo. I knew there was something wrong and I was fighting the urge to go to my mate and find out what it was.

“Maybe we should go to him,” Val suggested. “I don’t feel right, Lila. Something is seriously wrong.” I looked at my mother who sat silently in her seat and stared down at her plate; she was feeling it too.

Maybe having this strong intuition was a Volana thing too?

“Lila, Selene. Can you come to my office for a minute?” I heard the sound of my father at the doorway.

Both my mother and I stood quickly and gave one another worried looks.

“Excuse us,” my mother said to the curious table as we scurried after my father.

His office was down the hall from the dining room and when we got there, I was relieved to be reunited with Enzo. He wrapped me in his arms and held me close to him, breathing in my scent, just as I breathed his in.

My wolf instantly calmed, but I still carried that nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach as I looked up at his worried face.

“What’s going on?” My mother asked, holding onto my father’s arm.

“It’s Hazel…” Enzo was the first to speak, his eyes never leaving mine.

My heart fell into my stomach; Hazel was the witch from Diana’s village. She was the one protecting the village from outsiders. She was supposed to be escorted from that village to Enzo’s pack so she could uncover that secret ingredient in the protein mix Professor Xander had given me.

“Is she okay?” My mother asked before I had the chance to say anything.

“My warriors were attacked by a witch,” Enzo explained, looking from me to my mother. “Hazel was taken away.” My entire body trembled at hearing this news; suddenly that nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach started making a lot more sense. It wasn’t just the fact that Hazel had been taken; this went deeper than just Hazel.

I knew what was wrong, and if we didn’t do something, that entire village was going to die.

I staggered backward, out of Enzo’s arms, and pressed myself against the wall, trying to calm my breathing. I heard a voice in my head and flashes of fire kept crossing my vision.

“Lila?” Enzo asked, shaking me slightly. “Are you with me?” The images were gone and all I saw was a very worried Enzo.

“What happened?” He asked, staring into my eyes.

“We need to get to your mother’s village…” I breathed, hardly able to maintain my shaky breath and steady my rapid heartbeat. “The shield has been broken. They are all in danger.”

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