My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 153

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 153-Lila’s POV Her eyes were golden and glowing as I had never seen them before. It was her wolf.

For the first time since knowing Connie, I was actually frightened of her.

So much so, I took a step back.

The fury that circulated around her was evident and I knew she was about to explode at any moment.

She was angry and she wasn’t going to back down until we faced her wrath. The paleness of her face went away and now it was just pure red. Her eyes glowed even brighter, and her fists clenched so tightly that her knuckles grew white.

I thought her nails were going to dig into the palms of her hands as she glared between Enzo and me.

“You did what?” She seethed through her teeth.

She was fighting back the impulse of her wolf. Her wolf should be happy that we made a date for her and her mate. But I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made a terrible mistake.

“I just wanted you to have a chance with your mate,” I told her, keeping my tone low for her ears only. “I don’t want you to have any regrets.” “You didn’t do it for me, you rotten bitch. You did it for yourself because you wanted me to leave Enzo alone. This was for selfish reasons, and you can’t convince me otherwise,” she spat.

“I know you are angry right now, but if you can just calm down and listen—” “Don’t tell me to calm down!” She growled; the canines of her wolf only grew as more fury rose within her. “I specifically told you I didn’t want to date that male nurse. I’m going to reject him. I don’t want him.” “Connie—” I tried to reason, but she growled loudly at me, nearly shifting into her wolf.

I staggered backward, fearful of what he might do. Thankfully, Enzo was beside me and I felt his protective aura around me.

“I can’t believe you…” Connie said, lowering her tone. Her voice cracked slightly, and I saw the pain in her eyes as she looked up at Enzo. “You went against my wishes and deliberately did something you knew I wouldn’t like. You’re supposed to be my best friend, Enzo…” She lowered her gaze just as tears filled her eyes.

“I did this because I care, Connie,” Enzo said, stepping towards her. “After what you did to me, I shouldn’t even give you the time of day. But having a mate is something special and you found your mate Connie. You shouldn’t give that up because your pride won’t let you date a male nurse.” “He’s not an Alpha…” Connie said through her teeth. “I need an Alpha.” “No, you don’t,” I found myself saying, peering at Connie with compassion in my eyes. “You don’t need an Alpha, Connie. You can be perfectly happy with an—” “An Omega?” Connie spat. “He’s an Omega. There’s no way I’d be able to bring him around my friends or my…” her voice trailed off and I felt Enzo going still beside me.

I looked at him, confused, for a moment.

“Your what?” I urged, but they both remained silent, staring at one another.

I felt uncomfortable for a moment before Enzo finally spoke.

“When did they contact you?” “Last year,” Connie answered, keeping her eye on Connie.

“Who?” I asked, staring between the two of them. “What are you both talking about?” “My parents…” Connie muttered, turning away from us, and going towards the couch. I stood my ground, dumbfounded by what she had just said.

I don’t know much about Connie or her family, but I assumed she was in some kind of contact with them. I mean, they were her parents after all.

“You don’t talk to them regularly?” I decided to ask as Connie took a seat.

“Not all of us grew up in a loving household,” she muttered, shaking her head at me. “My parents are greedy, and they’ve always only wanted one thing, power.” “I’m so sorry; I had no idea.” “Connie ran away from home many times, and when she did, my mother would take her in with open arms,” Enzo explained.

My heart started to ache for Connie. I always had such a wonderful relationship with my parents; I couldn’t imagine anyone not having the same experience. But I know everybody is different. This conversation made me want to return home and give my parents the biggest hug.

“They disowned me a couple of years ago,” she continued saying, lowering her gaze. “But they reached out to me last year saying they will allow me home to our pack if I marry an Alpha.” “That’s why you came here?” Enzo asked, narrowing his eyes at her. “To appease your parents. You wanted to marry me so you can return to your pack? After all, they have done for you?” I knew Enzo was angry. He felt used and betrayed by his best friend.

“They might have hurt me, but they are still my family Enzo. They are my pack. I don’t want to be a rogue wolf,” she said, tears filling her eyes. “I want to return home with their respect. If I went back and told them my fated mate was nothing but a male nurse…and Omega. They would never allow me past the borders. They might even kill me and deem me useless.” “They would kill you?” I gasped, staring at them both with large eyes. “What pack is this?” “The Riverbed pack,” Enzo answered. “Alpha Cole is a cruel man and best friends with Sarah’s father.

Connie’s father, Jeremy, is his Beta. Connie spent most of her life being abused by that pack so why she would bend over backward to appease them, I will never understand.” “They are my pack,” Connie said softly, staring down at her hands. “If I go against them, they will mark me as a rogue. Or kill me…” “Connie, you shouldn’t have to do things like this to stay in your pack,” I said, sitting down beside her on the couch. “If they truly loved you, they would accept you for who you are.” “This is who I am,” she said, meeting my eyes. “They might have hurt me mentally and physically my entire life, but I still love them.” “Do you love Enzo?” I found myself asking, much to Enzo’s surprise.

Val braced herself for whatever answer Connie gave us.

Connie was quiet for a moment as she looked up at Enzo, meeting his eyes.

“Of course, I do,” she whispered. “He’s like a brother to me and I will always have a love for him.” “But you aren’t in love with him.” “No,” she answered, pulling her eyes away from his to meet mine. “I’m not in love with him. I only wanted to be Luna.” I felt better knowing this information and I gave her a small smile.

“I see,” I breathed. “So, this was all to appease your pack. You don’t love Enzo in that kind of way.” She nodded her head once as more tears filled her eyes.

“If they knew my mate was an Omega…” she stopped talking, unable to finish that sentence.

“Your mate was created for you by the goddess herself. You were made to love and cherish one another wholeheartedly. She doesn’t make mistakes.” I glanced up at Enzo when I said that last part; I wanted to believe my own words, but I was still trying to figure out why the goddess would pair me with someone who obviously doesn’t want a mate.

Someone who doesn’t even like Volana wolves has told me just that repeatedly.

I will never understand her logic, but this wasn’t about me right now. It was about Connie and what she wanted because Tyler seemed like a great guy, and he was genuinely hurt that Connie didn’t want anything to do with him.

I felt for him because I could relate to him.

If I could get one thing done out of this whole trip, it would be to make sure these two mates at least talk to one another.

“I could never bring him home to my pack,” Connie said, tugging at her fingers. “But maybe it wouldn’t hurt to speak with him anyways.” I felt relieved to hear that; I couldn’t hide the large smile on my face as I looked up at Enzo excitedly.

He looked surprised that I managed to convince Connie to give Tyler a chance.

But then Connie stood up and said something that left me frozen.

“Then, I will be able to reject him properly.”

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