My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 136

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 136-Lila’s POV A full scholarship!

I wasn’t expecting this and I’m hardly sure what to say at this moment. I just stared at him dumbfounded with my mouth hanging open.

My heart thudded violently against my chest, and it took everything I had not to hug him on the spot.

Leroy continued to explain the grades I need to maintain this scholarship. It wouldn’t start until next year so I could finish this last semester at my current school before switching everything over to this school.

He explained that I would be staying in a dorm room with another roommate. The entire time the conversation went on, my excitement boiled through me. However, Val was getting increasingly worried.

“How long is this scholarship?” I finally asked the question that’s been itching on her mind.

“It’s a two-year program,” Leroy explained.

My heart fell into my stomach; two years?

That was far too long for Val to be away from our mate. It’s not like Enzo would come with us to live in Monstro for two years. He was an Alpha and needed to be there to take care of his pack.

Leroy finished printing the applications that I needed to fill out before I officially enrolled for next year and slid them across his desk in my direction.

He grabbed a pen and reached it out for me to take.

I stared at it for a long while; unmoving, frozen, perplexed.

Leroy noticed my hesitation and frowned, lowering the pen.

“Everything okay?” He asked after a pause.

“It’s just a big step,” I said with a nervous chuckle. “I should probably talk to my family about this.

Monstro is a long way from home.” “I understand,” he said, placing the pen on top of the application. “Then, how about you take this with you and fill it out on your own time. I’ll need it on my desk by Monday around noon though. These spots fill very quickly, and I won’t be able to hold your place for long.” Monday? That wasn’t nearly enough time to make this huge decision.

I needed to talk to my parents, and I needed to talk to Enzo right away; but how could I bring something like this up to Enzo?

“Thank you,” I said, grabbing the application. “I’ll bring this to you as soon as I can.” I rushed out of his office before he could say another word.

Enzo was back at the suite when I returned, and he was dressed in a nice suit and tie; I looked at him for a moment with furrowed brows. He didn’t tell me he had plans this afternoon.

“Are you going somewhere?” I asked.

“The Alphas of the Silverclaw pack, Starcove pack, and Reddington pack are wanting to have a late lunch. I’ve met them a few times during my last trip here and they were wanting to catch up,” Enzo explained with a shrug. “I thought you’d still be working right now.” I glanced at the clock; it was 2 pm.

“I have to be at an art show in an hour,” I confessed. “But I was hoping I could talk to you for a minute.” “I’m actually running a little late. But we can talk later,” he said, walking towards the door. “Good luck at the art show. If you need anything, just mindlink me.” He was gone within seconds; Val felt defeated, and I felt torn.

I grabbed my phone and instantly called my mother because she always knew exactly what to do and say to make me feel better.

“Hey, Lila Bean,” my mother said as soon as she answered the phone. “How’s your trip?” “It’s going well. I’ve been really busy,” I told her.

I certainly wasn’t going to tell her the fact that I went to a party last night and got drugged as a result.

“I’m sure!” She said in return. “Is Enzo having a good time as well?” “He’s kind of just been doing his own thing,” I admitted. “He usually takes me to work if he’s able and we go to dinner and stuff. But I’ve been so preoccupied with work that we hardly see each other.” “Oh, that’s unfortunate,” my mother said, and I knew she was frowning. “Is there something on your mind? You know I can always tell when something’s wrong.” “Kind of,” I admitted. I sat on the couch and pressed my knees to my chest as I clutched the phone to my ear. “I had a meeting with the founder of this school and showed him my samples.” “Did it not go well?” “He offered me a full scholarship for next year,” I told her.

“Oh, my goddess!! Lila that’s incredible news!!” She cooed excitedly. But then she paused. “But then why do you seem upset?” “I’d have to move to Monstro, Mom…” I told her, lowering my tone. “Isn’t that a little far?” “Well, I mean yes… but—” she paused again and this time she was quiet for a longer while. “Oh, I see,” she finally breathed. “Your wolf is a huge part of who you are. Sometimes you have to listen to both your heart and your wolf to figure out what you truly want.” It was like she already knew what I was thinking; hearing her say it put my heart at ease, but only slightly.

“This has always been a dream of mine…” I told her. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish this dream closer to home. But this school could make me so much better.” “In my eyes, Lila, you are already terrific. There’s no decision that you can make that I won’t support. I’ll always be behind you. As will your father.” It warmed my heart to hear her say that.

I glanced at the clock and stood up.

“I have to go, Mom. But thank you for talking to me; I love you.” “Anytime, sweetheart. I love you too.” I hung up the phone and quickly dressed in an evening casual dress and threw my hair into a low ponytail before leaving the resort to go to the art show.

… Enzo’s POV “Gotta say, Enzo. We were surprised when you agreed to come out with us,” Alpha Alex said, staring across the table at me. “We know how much you dislike social events.” “We are glad you came,” Alpha Louis said with a kind smile from beside me.

“How are things in the Calypso pack? We hear you’re a professor now,” Alpha Mike said, raising his brows.

“The rumors are true on that,” I confirmed. “I’ve been teaching shifting and combat at the school for shifters. It’s mainly to get my stats as Alpha up but when Alpha Bastien asked me for this favor, I didn’t want to deny.” “I’ve heard of that school; it’s in Higala right?” Alpha Mike asked. “I’ve heard it’s a good school.” “Definitely not as good as the academy here, but it ranks highly in the world. I admittedly enjoy teaching there.” “Never thought someone like you would be a teacher,” Alpha Alex laughed. “I didn’t think you’d like students.” “I supposed I’m full of surprises,” I shrugged, and they laughed at my response.

“In other news, Louis has been saying he spotted you with a pretty little dime recently. Do tell,” Alex said, leaning across the table almost eagerly.

I narrowed my eyes to Louis; I had no idea he had seen me with someone. Was he talking about Lila?

Or maybe Connie?

“Oh yes, she was gorgeous!” Louis went on to say as he described the woman I was with; I knew, at that moment, he was talking about Lila.

“A violet and a blue eye?” Mike asked, his eyes widening. “I’ve only seen someone like that once in my life…” Mile continued to breathe, getting all our attention. “She was a Volana.”

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