My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 111

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 111-Lila’s POV It felt like my feet were on fire; these shoes were digging into my flesh. I fell to the ground, unable to handle staying on my feet any longer and I grabbed at the shoe, holding onto my foot as pain seeped into me.

I heard the gasps of my peers around me and when I looked up, I saw Sarah smirking in the distance, folding her arms across her chest.

She had done this on purpose; I should have known she didn’t give me these shoes out of the kindness of her heart.

I met the eyes of a very worried Becca; she furrowed her brows together as she looked at the shoes and then back at Sarah.

This couldn’t be happening to me right now.

Even my opponent was looking worried on my behalf.

“Where did you get those shoes?” I heard Enzo whisper as he knelt down in front of me.

I hadn’t noticed him walking toward me until he was already in front of me.

I glanced over at Sarah who looked annoyed now, but I didn’t say her name.

“They were a gift,” I said in return, looking back at Enzo.

Before I knew what was happening, he was pulling the shoes off my feet and then my socks.

Everybody, including myself, gasped when they saw how bloody and bruised my feet were.

Enzo sighed and stood to his feet; he went toward his stuff that was tossed in the corner of the room and rummaged through his backpack until he got what he was looking for.

He came back with some medical supplies.

“You carry that stuff on hand?” I asked, raising my brows as he began dabbing my feet in the alcohol.

I winced in pain.

“I’m a combat and shifting professor; I need to be prepared,” he muttered in return.

Once the blood was cleaned, he started to wrap my feet in long cloth bandages.

“This should be a lesson to all of you,” Enzo said loudly. “Never wear new shoes to a fight. Always break them in for at least a week first.” I felt stupid; I should have known that information already.

I felt even more stupid for leaving my normal shoes in the locker room.

Once Enzo was finished wrapping my feet, he stood up.

“Now continue,” he said, turning away from me.

“Without shoes?” He looked back at me, his eyes dark.

“Whose fault is that?” My heart fell into my stomach at his cruelness. I pressed my lips firmly together and stood to my feet.

Without saying anything, I turned back to my opponent.

He glanced down at my feet questionably before meeting my eyes.

“You sure you want to continue this?” He asked, getting into his stance.

“I’m not failing this class,” I said, getting into my own stance.

He smirked and soon we were both fighting once again. I was able to fight much better without shoes and I think it’s because I spent most of my life fighting without shoes.

I was fast, faster than my opponent.

He soon looked tired and winded, and I knew I had the upper hand. I was able to get him to the floor with ease and press the palm of my foot against his chest, pinning him to the ground.

He was too exhausted to fight me anymore.

My classmates clapped for me, and I smiled as I helped him to his feet.

“You fight beautifully,” he said, bowing to me.

I bowed in return and waited for the next opponent.

This one was the weaponry combat.

I grabbed my weapon of choice, which was a dagger, and they grabbed a bow and arrow. My heart fell when I saw her pick up that weapon.

How could she use that without actually puncturing me?

I looked over at Enzo who didn’t seem as concerned as I was, so I knew I had to trust them.

She got into her stance, and I did the same. Soon, Enzo was giving us the signal to start, and an arrow was flying directly at me.

In a panic, I used the dagger to shield myself from the arrow and the arrow hit the dagger in a clink and fell to the ground.

A couple more arrows were flying directly toward me, and I did the same exact thing, watching as the arrows bounced off the dagger and fell to the ground.

My heart was pounding rapidly in my chest as I stared at this woman who was now snarling at me.

She was not holding back.

She was getting another arrow ready; her form was perfect, and she was very fast at using this weapon.

On the other students, she used a sword. I wondered why she was using a bow and arrow only for me.

The others were deadly silent as they watched the fight go on.

My mind started to come back to me and just as another arrow came flying at me, I kicked off the ground and flipped over it.

It hit the wall in the distance behind me.

I did more flips, as more arrows went flying at me.

At one point, as I flipped over an arrow, I ended up grabbing it with my hands and throwing it back at her before landing on the ground.

It missed her only by a hair, but it was on purpose.

I didn’t want to actually hurt her, and she wasn’t prepared for it, so she didn’t have time to dodge the attack. She was shocked though, as was everyone else.

Soon, I was back on the ground, only inches from her, and I swung the dagger at her, also missing her by just a hair.

She went to grab another arrow to defend herself, but I kicked it out of her hand and then kicked her legs until she fell to the ground.

She screamed out in pain as her shoulder landed on the bow that occupied her back. Before she had any more time to react, I pressed the palm of my foot to her chest and pointed the dagger at her.

The room was completely silent for a couple of seconds before everyone began cheering wildly.

I looked over at Enzo who said nothing, but I almost saw admiration lingering in his eyes. That alone made me feel good.

My opponent stared up at me with shocked eyes, but then she smiled as I held out my hand to help her up.

“He was right,” she said in a low tone for my ears only. “You are incredible.” I stared at her stunned.

Was she talking about Professor Enzo?

Before I had the chance to ask; the last opponent stepped forward. He was much bigger, and he appeared stronger. Which made sense because this was the shifting combat opponent.

I knew his wolf was already on the edge.

“Val?” I channeled my wolf.

“Don’t worry, Lila… I got this,” she said, lowering her head in my mind’s eyes as she prepared her own stance.

Soon, my opponent was shifting into his dark grey wolf and lunging at me; before I had time to react, Val was shifting as well and lunging at him in return.

She was fierce and she was channeling all her frustrations into that moment. The two wolves tackled each other; Val growled loudly, echoing through the arena.

She might have been smaller than this other wolf, but she was quick, and she fought with a lot of heart.

Val managed to dodge most of his attacks; she got scratched a couple of times, but she also counter- attacked and got a few good swings in with her own claws.

This wolf was strong and when he had the upper hand, tackling us to the ground, I shifted back into my human form and switched positions before he had the chance of knowing what was happening.

Then, I switched forms again and allowed Val to continue the fight.

He might have been big and strong, but that also meant he wasn’t as fast and limbal. My quick movements seemed to have tired him out, and much like the first opponent, I could feel him giving up.

The fight would have lasted forever if he hadn’t. I was too quick and flexible for him to pin me to the ground. I was never going to give up and my stamina was too great for that.

He soon fell to the ground and allowed me to pin him.

I shifted back into my human form and pressed my foot to the chest of his wolf.

There were even louder cheers around the arena and when I looked at Enzo, he gave me a single nod of encouragement.

I took a step back to catch my breath and that’s when I noticed, I was now surrounded by all three opponents.

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