My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 108

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 108-“Hey, handsome. I had a great time last night. We should do it again soon.” Fuck.

What the hell was she doing here?

I could feel Max growing angry at her presence; this was the last thing we needed right now. Lila was already upset enough about seeing me with Bethany last night, now she was about to find out what happened with Connie and me.

Not that I knew what happened with Connie with me.

Regardless of how hard I tried, everything was still such a blur.

Connie approached, batting her lashes and swaying her hips; she had to have known that whatever happened was a mistake and won’t happen again.

I clearly wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

She ran her long fingers down my arm and grabbed her wrist, holding it firmly in my grasp, trying to keep my wolf under control.

“Connie, you should leave,” I said in a low tone between my teeth.

She looked starlted by my words.

“Enzo… have you gone mad?” She asked. “What did I do to make you so angry?” “We need to talk about what happened,” I said in a lower tone so Lila couldn’t hear.

Though, she was standing close enough where she probably could. However, she appeared to be in a daze, so maybe she couldn’t.

“Did I do something wrong?” She asked; she sounded sad and her lips turned into a pout.

I went to answer, but I heard a deep growl emerging from Lila’s throat, turning our attention to her.

I saw the glowing of Lila’s eyes and the shadow of her wolf seeping through. Lila’s wolf was escaping through her body with such force that it frightened Connie. She took a step away, afraid of what Lila might do. But I new she wouldn’t hurt us; she was in pain.

I had caused this pain.

Max wailed in agony; it was difficult for him to see her in this kind of pain.

He has barely said a word since we woke up beside Connie this morning. Max also had no memory of the event that happened last night and I knew it was bothering him more than anything.

We stayed silent as we watched Lila shift into her wolf; a surge of power escaped from her. I could feel the strength she portrayed, but I could also feel her hurt.

Soon, she was running from the arena, leaving Connie and me alone.

Connie had been holding her breath the entire time and let out a gasp as soon as Lila was gone.

She looked up at me with large and alarmed eyes.

“Did I do something to cause that?” She asked, peering up at me with large and frightened eyes. she said weakly.

“You need to leave,” I told her; my tone darkening as my wolf began to surface.

There was no holding him back any longer.

“We need to go after our mate,” Max pleaded. “She needs us.” “She needs space,” I said in return, trying to calm him, but to no prevail.

“We’ve upset her. YOU upset her. We need to make sure she’s okay. I can’t take this kind of heartache.

We have to go!!” Max growled, trying to push himself out of me.

I said nothing to Connie as I fully shifted into my wolf and sprinted out the arena.

Max picked up Lila’s scent as soon as we were outside; he knew exactly where she was.

It was obvious to me as well; she went into the forest.

We ran as fast as we could until we reached the forest ground and we saw her running toward us.

Actually, she wasn’t running toward us at all. She was just running; she was in her human form and tears were staining her fair complexion.

I shifted into my human form as well and watched as she pumped her legs as fast as she could. It seemed like she didn’t see me; at least not at first.

She ran toward me, and then into me.

I managed to wrap my arms around her and keep her still as she glanced up at me in complete shock.

She was in a daze, that much was clear.

“Where are you going?” I asked her, not letting her go.

“Let me go…” she croaked, trying to push off me but her body failed her miserably.

“Talk to me… where are you going?” I asked again, holding onto her even tighter.

“Cassidy-Ann called me… there’s an emergency at the studio…” she explained, tears falling down her eyes.

Her body was trembling badly, and my heart broke even more knowing that I was the cause of this. I needed to speak with her and explain myself.

But right now, she needed to get to the studio quickly.

I shifted back into Max and turned my back to her.

“Get on… it’ll be faster if I take you!” She was hesitant for a moment, staring at me with dismay written all over her face.

“Get on, Lila!” I ordered with forcefulness in my tone.

She slid onto my back, wrapping her arms around my neck, and nuzzling her tear-filled eyes against my fur. All Max wanted to do was comfort her, but we had to go.

This mate bond was intense.

We got to the art studio and there were police officers already outside.

Cassidy-Ann was in tears when we arrived.

Lila didn’t waste any time getting off me; she ran to Cassidy-Ann just as I shifted back into my human form.

“Oh, Lila! You are here,” she cried, tears falling from her eyes.

I have never seen Cassidy-Ann display such weakness and sadness before. She didn’t even care about the makeup that was smeared across her features.

“Alpha Enzo,” Officer Ken greeted with a head nod.

“Officer Ken,” I greeted in return. “What’s going on?” “We just got here. We haven’t gone inside yet, but there appears to be some vandalism.” “Vandalism?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him before glancing over at Lila who was staring at Officer Ken with wide eyes.

“The studio was vandalized?” She asked in complete horror.

This caused Cassidy-Ann to burst into tears again.

“It’s awful…” she sobbed.

Cassidy-Ann worked incredibly hard on this art studio and knowing that somebody would go out of their way to destroy it was unsettling. The color in Lila’s face had completely drained.

She went with Cassidy-Ann inside and I followed closely behind them along with the officers.

My heart sank into my stomach when I saw that most of the paintings were completely destroyed.

There was graffiti all over the place and paintings crumbled to the ground.

“Oh, goddess…” Lila breathed, staring around at all the destroyed art.

Cassidy-Ann sobbed into her hands.

“That’s not even all of it,” she said between gasps.

Lila and I looked at her confused as she led us toward the back of the exhibit… Lila’s section.

Whatever it was we were about to see, I knew Lila wouldn’t be able to handle it. But we couldn’t protect her from this.

We stopped in front of a portrait that was still very much hung on the wall; it was the portrait that she had done of me. The portrait had gotten a lot of attention in the exhibit. It was her first real work of art.

However, sprawled out on the front of it, in black spray paint was the word: Skank.

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