My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 27

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 27

However, Ashlyn caught that look in his eye. What a childish man! Why have I never noticed that such a rational and powerful man acts like such a child sometimes? I can’t believe this.

Even the simplest actions such as eating were done so gracefully by Ashlyn that she looked like a goddess.

All of the executives, and even the other nearby patrons, found themselves captivated by her.

Lucas’ triumphant expression turned to one of annoyance.

Ever since his divorce, his temper had become unpredictable.

He had known that Ashlyn was beautiful this entire time.

However, in the past, Ashlyn had acted like a doll. She was pretty to look at, but she did not look lifelike and attractive.

However, after the divorce, Ashlyn was a master seductress!

Lucas had known this entire time that Ashlyn had not shown him her true self and had been putting on a façade for the entire four years of their marriage.

Now that they had divorced, she simply felt no need to continue putting up an act.

Am I a failure of a husband, or is Ashlyn too good of an actress?

Ashlyn raised her fair hand elegantly and signaled for a waiter to come over. She ordered, “I’d like a banana split.”

Lucas suddenly whispered into her ear, “You shouldn’t be having that on your period.”

Ashlyn was caught off-guard and bowed her head down low to hide her embarrassment.

She shot back with her face flushed, “I didn’t know you can count the days of the month so well, Mr. Nolan.”

We’re already divorced! Why does he still remember when I’m on my period? What exactly is this man up to? He’s a pervert!

Lucas then straightened up and replied in his aloof demeanor, “I happen to be good at mathematics.”

The banana split was Imperial Hotel’s signature ice-cream. It was delicious and had an exquisite appearance.

Once the ice-cream was served, before Ashlyn could dig in, Lucas ordered the waiter to remove it off the table.

“I-I’m terribly sorry, M-Mr. Nolan,” the waiter stammered. “I can’t take this away. Ms. Berry ordered this.”

“We’re the ones paying here,” Wilson quipped.

Oh my gosh, Imperial Hotel sure is something. How dare they refuse the boss like that!

“Sir, it doesn’t matter who’s paying here. We only take orders from Ms. Berry.” The waiter bowed and left.

What do you mean by that?

Ashlyn smiled. “Never mind, I’m done here. Jared, let’s go.”

What? This woman speaks so casually to the CEO of Centennial Healthcare? It’s as though she’s ordering her pet around!

The scariest part was when Jared wiped his mouth and got up, following behind her like he was actually her dog. He offered, “I’ll get your bag.”

Just like that, the woman passed her bag to Jared and strutted off as though she was the queen.

To their complete shock, when this woman got up, all of the staff in the restaurant, including the manager, got up to send her off at the elevator and chimed in unison, “Have a great day, Ms. Berry!”

This loud gesture attracted everyone’s gazes.

Even the boss didn’t receive such treatment!

Meanwhile, Lucas had a grim expression. Darn it! This woman… I really want to pin her down and screw her over now! We’ve only been divorced for a few days and she’s already fawning all over Jared and going everywhere with him!

No one dared to say anything to Lucas for fear of incurring his wrath.

They had been looking forward to this meal, but now, all they wanted to do was leave.

When the meal had finally ended, all of them heaved a sigh of relief.

The moment Lucas stepped into the elevator, a few executives headed to the washroom.

One of the younger men was curious and asked a passing waiter, “Why do all of you act so courteously toward Ms. Berry?”

The moment Ashlyn was mentioned, the waiter’s face lit up with a smile filled with respect.

“We’re all used to treating Ms. Berry this way.”

“But why?” the executive inquired.

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