My Hockey Alpha Chapter 284

My Hockey Alpha by Eve Above Story

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 284- Cut Loose Nina One by one, all of us went through the portal and entered into the werewolf realm.

When we came out on the other side, we were back in the forest. I immediately recognized the location that we came out of the portal as the same spot where my friends and I camped out when we were looking for Enzo. It was incredibly dark the last time we were there due to the spell cast on the forest by Selena and the witch, but I recognized the small sloping hill surrounded by tall pine trees. In fact, as I walked further into the center of the clearing, I was able to find the circle of rocks from our last campfire.

It had snowed since then, and the ground was covered in a light dusting of white powder. Around me, the new recruits who had never been to the werewolf realm before looked around with awe at their new surroundings.

“Where are we?” one girl asked as she looked around at the dark green scenery of the forest mixed with the white of the snow, which was illuminated by the full moon; I quickly realized that the moon here was always full, which I found interesting. At home, it was a waxing crescent at that very moment.

“This is the werewolf realm,” Enzo said. “It’s… Well, it’s where the werewolves live.” “So there are other werewolves here?” one boy asked, sounding curious. Enzo nodded, but we didn’t have time for questions. We needed to get moving; and thankfully, we knew where we were. With Enzo, Luke and I at the front and Matt watching the back of the group, we began our trek through the forest.

It was much easier this time without having a pall of darkness cast over the forest. We found our way through the woods easily, and thanks to my newfound night vision, I had no trouble keeping up. The group stayed mostly quiet as well, just in case the Luna’s rogues came looking for us. The entire time, we were all on the verge of shifting if we needed to. I was grateful that this time we had an entire army of werewolves behind us. I just hoped that all of the training that we put them through over the past couple of weeks would pay off.

However, at one point the quietness was broken by the sound of someone speaking up.

“H-Hey!” one girl said, her voice sounding alarmed. “Where are you going?!” Enzo and I shot each other a single glance. We knew who had run off. We quickly whirled around to face the spot where Selena had been walking; and, as I suspected, she was gone. “Where did she go?” I asked, running up to Matt and the girl who had called after Selena while the group froze in confusion.

Matt shook his head and looked out into the trees while the girl pointed. “She just took off in that direction,” she said. “She’s fast.” “I’ll go after her,” Matt said. He started to take off, but I suddenly stopped him and pulled him back, shaking my head.

“No,” I insisted. “It’s not worth it.” Matt furrowed his brow. By now, Enzo was standing by my side silently with an angry expression on his face and with his muscular arms folded across his chest. I knew that he was disappointed in me. I never should have let Selena come with us, and I knew that… But at the same time, I didn’t have a bad feeling about it. In the werewolf realm, the power of our twin bond felt stronger. I didn’t get a feeling that she was up to something bad; rather, I sensed that she was up to something else. I didn’t know what it was exactly, but it didn’t feel sinister. Maybe she was just running for the sake of running, or maybe she had a plan. Either way, even if she was up to something bad, we didn’t have the time or manpower to send anyone looking for her. We just needed to get to the mansion, and we needed to hurry. I didn’t know what the Luna was doing with Lori and Jessica, but I didn’t want to dawdle around for any longer than I needed to.

Enzo didn’t say anything about it. We continued moving, ignoring Selena’s sudden disappearance.

All around us, it felt as though the forest was pressing in on us the closer we got to the mansion. We must have been walking for an hour, maybe even two. The path became more difficult, and soon we were headed uphill to where the Alpha King’s mansion lay. Traveling this route before with only a few people was much easier, but it wasn’t so easy now with a small army of over forty people, many of whom had never been to the werewolf realm before. The closer we got to the mansion, too, the thicker the air felt.

Ahead of the group, Luke continued to lead the way through the forest like our pathfinder. I was glad to have him by my side, and as we walked, we talked in hushed tones.

“I can sense the magic thickening now,” he whispered, keeping his voice low so as not to be overheard by the nervous recruits. “The closer we get to the mansion, the stronger it gets.” “Do you know what sort of magic it is?” I asked as I stepped over a fallen tree. Luke shook his head and then fell silent for a little while.

Eventually, the tall spires of the mansion came into view over the treetops. They looked like the tops of the pine trees in the distance at first, but as we got closer I could see the stone parapets and tiled facades. I felt Enzo’s hand slip into mine then, and it was cool and comforting. I didn’t realize it until he took my hand, but I was trembling slightly. When he held my hand, however, it subsided; and when I looked up at him, he no longer looked angry with me over Selena. He looked a little frightened, but mostly strong and determined. Seeing his sharp jawline as I walked beside him, and the way that his broad shoulders sat back proudly, made me feel safe and protected.

Finally, the walls of the mansion came into view between the trees. Enzo directed everyone to keep low, and we began to creep forward until we found a good spot to observe the mansion.

Just as I suspected, the mansion grounds were no longer being patrolled by guards in uniform; rather, those guards had been replaced by dozens of the Luna’s genetically engineered rogues. Their eyes glowed brightly as they paced silently back and forth on the lawn, their heads swiveling this way and that as they watched intently for any intruders. There was no way in without being seen; the Luna’s defenses were impenetrable now. She had learned from her mistakes and there was not a single weak spot in the patrol. I knew that the only way to get through would be by fighting.

I looked over at Enzo in the darkness where we hid, watching as his eyes darted back and forth, inspecting the rogues. He looked serious and unwaveringly powerful.

And when he looked at me, his face exuded the spirit of an Alpha.

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