My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Chapter 563

My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Chapter 563-The tears were… Suddenly, as if there was a needle pricking in her mind, she felt a sudden pain… “You know what? I miss you so much… I miss you…” he muttered as his face drew closer and closer, his lips almost touching hers.


A clear slap rang in the darkness.

Grace panted slightly, the palm of her right hand had a burning pain-a sign of how hard she slapped him just now.

Brian’s face was slapped to one side. The air around him.

seemed to freeze.

There was silence.

After a long time, he slowly turned his head with his eyes fixed on her. Only now, his eyes were no longer blurry like just now.

They had become a lot clearer.

His fingers slowly loosened their hold on her, and without saying a word, he turned and staggered into a nearby car.

It was only then that Grace put her hand up against her head which was still throbbing.

Why did she have a headache when she saw Brian’s tears just now? It was as if she was triggered by something. A terrible feeling even welled up in her heart at that moment.

Why… Was she so upset? It was as if her body did not want to see him cry.

Even Grace could not explain why she felt this way.

Now, in another dark corner not far away, Evelyn gritted her teeth as she looked at Grace’s back with a fierce, malevolent. look.

Today, she had followed Brian to the town and watched him. stand like a fool in front of the hill for hours.

She almost stood with him until her legs ached to the point of collapse.

Later, Brian went to a restaurant in the town and had a drink. She had never seen him drink like this-one drink after another as if he intended on getting himself drunk.

She was secretly pleased, thinking that if he got drunk tonight, it might be an opportunity for her.

She could find an opportunity to approach him, and maybe something would happen.

However, unexpectedly, he came here to meet Grace next.

Just now… They almost kissed!

Why… Did he do this to Grace when he clearly did not know. that Grace was the little girl in his painting?

Grace already had Jason, but she was still trying to mess with.

her Brian!

If she really could not keep Brian one day, she would surely make Grace pay for it!

Evelyn swore in her heart with a twisted expression.

At night, Grace had her chin in her hands as she looked at Jason who was working in the room.

He insisted on having her by his side when he was working. He euphemistically said that her presence made him feel less.


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