My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Chapter 3981

My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Chapter 3981-She smiled bitterly. Jasper, who used to be so friendly to her, now looked at her with disdain, and all of this was her own doing!

Jasper was right, at this point, what right did she have to ask such a question!

Nancy picked up her coffee and took a sip.

The coffee had a rich aroma, but, it tasted so bitter!

When Jasper saw William, he suddenly plunged into his arms. and held him tightly.

“What’s wrong?” William looked down at the person in his arms. “Didn’t you say you were going to find Nancy? Did you have an unpleasant conversation?” “Yes, I did,” Jasper murmured. “I thought she was a good person, but I didn’t expect her to only use my brother’s feelings to achieve her own goals!” “Really?” William said indifferently.

“Aren’t you surprised?” Jasper asked.

“I am,” William replied.

But come to think of it, except for things related to her, it’s hard to see any significant emotional fluctuations on his face.

“Why did my brother have to experience this kind of thing when he fell in love with someone for the first time?” Jasper felt sorry for his brother.

“Because Nancy is too stupid,” William said.

It’s already difficult to win the sincere affection of the Reed family, and it’s even more incredible that Nancy could win Mick’s favor.

At least, William couldn’t see anything outstanding about Nancy.

But unfortunately, Nancy dared to use Mick’s sincerity, and the consequences she would have to bear would be… The Reed family is not someone who can be easily used.

“You’re right. She’s too stupid. If she really loves my brother, she doesn’t need to use anything. My brother will give her everything she wants.” Jasper murmured. “William, let’s promise not to use each other in the future, okay?” “What are you thinking about?” William raised his hand and gently stroked his girlfriend’s soft hair. “There won’t be any problems between us. Everything will be fine.” Jasper’s expression relaxed a bit. “Mmm.” William lowered his eyelids and hugged Jasper tightly once again.

Yes, everything would be fine between them. Even if Lawrence came back one day and appeared in front of Jasper, there would be no cracks between him and Jasper!

The Schultz family became embroiled in a scandal due to Clarissa’s imprisonment.

In addition, Mick’s attacks on the Schultz family led to a series of bad news and even rumors of bankruptcy.

Every time Nancy saw news about the Schultz family, her mood was complicated.

Even though Mick attacked the Schultz family before he found out they were using him, after their complete falling out, bad news kept coming for the Schultz family.

Nancy didn’t know if Mick’s attacks on the Schultz family were still ongoing, and if they were, then what was the reason behind it?

After all, there was no animosity between the Reed family and the Schultz family before.

On the third day after Nancy resigned, she received a call from the prison guard saying that Clarissa wanted to see her.

After hesitating for a moment, Nancy agreed to go to the prison to see Clarissa.

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