My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Chapter 3179

My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Chapter 3179-She gave a slight smile and leaned in to plant a kiss on his cheek, saying “Actually, I really should thank you properly.” “Thank me?” He slightly paused in confusion.

“Yeah, thank you for asking me if I wanted to be your girlfriend and date you back then,” she said. If he hadn’t asked her that question at the time, maybe they wouldn’t have ended up together later on.

Sometimes fate works in mysterious ways. At a certain moment, two people meet and begin to form a certain kind of relationship.

“So I should also thank you. If you hadn’t agreed back then, maybe I would still be struggling in that quagmire.” Brian said with a gentle and affectionate gaze at the person in his arms, “Valda, you are the most precious person to me. I will always treat you well in the future. So…never worry that your leg will change my feelings for you, okay?” Valda sighed inwardly, was he still bothered by what Raymond had said?

“Okay!” She responded seriously, “Brian, when I decided to walk with you and marry you, I had already thought about many things. My leg may cause some trouble in my future life, but I know it won’t be a barrier between us because I believe you love me deeply.” “Yes, very deep.” He responded, gently lifting her onto the sofa and rolling up her pant leg to examine her injured area.

Her injury is a result of her efforts for him.

2/4 Initially, it’s not so much that she risked her life to save that child, as it is that she did it for him!

He understands, he understands everything!

At that time, he didn’t have a chance to tell her that she was the most important thing to him! Fortunately, she came back and returned to his side.

“Valda, just remember one thing, no matter what, you are the most important thing to me. Nothing else is as important as you, so never leave me!” He knelt down in front of her and kissed the scar on her leg.

The wound on her leg serves as a reminder of his past mistakes and reminds him to protect her even better in the future!

His life can only continue with her by his side.

Valda felt a strong heat on the spot where he had kissed her leg.

“I won’t leave you, never will!” This is the promise she made.

In the future, she will face anything with him by her side!

Next, calm and warm.

3/4 Valda’s studio has resumed operations and she has rehired her two former assistants. She is also trying to regain her artistic touch as quickly as possible and has made good progress this week.

Regarding the resumption of serialization, it is proceeding smoothly and everything is developing in a positive direction.

Currently, the most important thing is to have Lisa, who saved her life and is also recognized as her godmother, picked up in Emerald City.

The matter of bringing Lisa to Emerald City was naturally arranged by Brian.

Due to Lisa’s physical condition, it is not suitable for her to travel by plane. Therefore, Brian made special arrangements for a car to pick up Lisa.

When Valda saw Lisa, tears couldn’t help but flow out again.

“Godmother!” She cried and hugged the old person in front of her. If it weren’t for Lisa, she wouldn’t have survived.

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