My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Chapter 1703

My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Chapter 1703-“Who knows? There are all sorts of weird people these days. I’ve also heard that some people adopt children with certain birth dates to ward off evil spirits for their families,” said Lina as she curled her lips.

Grace pressed her lips together, seemingly thinking of something.

Just then, the little girl ran back. This time, without a bag but a small crossbody pouch. She took the boy’s hand and said to Grace, “aunt Cummins, I’m ready to accompany Ci to the hospital.” Grace smiled. “Okay, let’s go.” Lina shrugged and drove the car over. They got in the car, and Grace asked the little girl, “Did you tell your parents?” “I left a note,” said Veronica Barlow. However, she knew that there was no point in leaving a note. Even if she and Ci were gone for one night, her father would not care-let alone her stepmother.

Her stepmother wished she and Ci were gone.

They drove to the hospital. Grace saw Veronica Barlow’s tiny hand tightly holding Mason’s hand as though these two and found him a specialist. Grace gasped when the little one took off his clothes in front of the doctor. Even Lina was shocked.

2/3 The bruises were worse than what they had seen with his clothes on. The doctor said with a frown, “What’s the matter with you adults? This is almost abuse. How can you beat up a child like this?” Grace did not explain but asked the doctor if his bruises were serious.

The doctor touched the bruises on the little one’s body with his hand. Mason would frown and show slight pain only when the doctor exerted some force. Otherwise, he would remain expressionless.

The doctor got Mason to do an X-ray and a blood test just to be on the safe side.

After a series of examinations, the doctor said to Grace and Lina, “The child doesn’t seem sensitive to pain. If pain is divided into ten levels, level five or so would probably be quite painful for the average person. But it’s only a slight pain to him.” Grace and Lina were both stunned.

“Such a person exists?” Lina could not help asking.

The doctor said, “With so many people in the world, there are 3/3 probability of one in 100,000, but it’s just a difference in pain tolerance. Some people feel no pain at all. Those are relatively rare.” Grace looked at the little one who was silent. It was as if he did not care about these matters. It turned out that the reason why he said it did not hurt was that he was less sensitive to pain than average people.

However, Grace did not think it was a good thing. After all, people would only want to defend themselves when they felt pain.

If Mason was a lot less sensitive to pain, he would not think of it as an injury when his body got hurt.

“Uncle Doctor, is my brother alright? When will he recover?” asked Veronica Barlow.

“It’s just skin trauma. His bones aren’t hurt, so he just needs to apply some ointment to his bruises,” the doctor said. Then, he said to Grace, “You adults can’t beat him like this anymore. He’s just less sensitive to pain and doesn’t know it, but you adults should know better!”

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