My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 998

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 998

Mark, who was excited to hear the news, had offered to help care for Celine if she returned to the Fletcher Residence, but she preferred to live at Sophia’s—her house was spacious, had clean air, and there were more people around. Celine therefore decided to move in with Michael. Sophia’s house had practically turned into a mini version of the Edwards Residence. A number of individuals who depended on Cooper had moved in, including Derek, Vincent, Justin, Dimon, and a few others. Cooper, as the leader of this branch of the Edwards Family, was therefore excited to hear about Celine’s pregnancy. Her baby belonged to the Edwards, after all. They had even discussed the child’s surname—Celine’s first child would be a Fletcher, while her second child would be an Edwards.
Now that Celine was in her forties, it was hard for her to get pregnant. Both Justin and Michael acted as if they were preparing for a war as they hurriedly increased the number of helpers that surrounded Celine. However, Celine was still as energetic as a child—she ran all over the place with the level of excitement that was equivalent to three huskies’. Cooper couldn’t help but recall the past whenever he glanced at Celine. The Celine that he had met when Mark first introduced them to one another was a totally different person from the woman she was right now!
Although both Sophia and Celine had lost their memories after Phantom Wolf used their brainwashing techniques on them, Celine was still as innocent as a young baby even after being in recovery for nearly a year. Sophia, on the contrary, was maturing at a rapid pace. Cooper knew that Phantom Wolf had brought Sophia along when they were trying to avoid getting caught by the Fletchers. He knew that Sophia had been brought to dark, illegal places that were hidden deep within society… Celine was protected the entire time, but Sophia didn’t have the chance to remain innocent. Cooper now felt a pang of guilt when he looked at Sophia. He sometimes wondered how much his own daughter had to suffer before she turned into the cold-blooded, vicious woman she was right then. How I wish she could just be a protected little baby forever!

A while after Celine found out that she was pregnant, Sarah abruptly fainted at work one day. After Sarah got herself checked, it was revealed that she was pregnant for 4 weeks. She got a Caesarean for her previous childbirth, so she was supposed to wait for 4 years before she could get pregnant again. Fortunately, it had been 4 years when she found out about her second pregnancy. Due to all the stress she experienced at work, she had been a little more sexually active at home as a way of relieving her stress. They forgot to use protection one night, which then led to her unexpected pregnancy. Harry was overjoyed; he happily prepared a closetful of tiny clothes for the baby, and he kept pestering Daniel for him to use his divination techniques in altering his fate—Harry wanted a chubby little daughter!

Just a few days after Sarah found out about her pregnancy, Nicole called to pass the good news. She was pregnant as well! They only chose to reveal it after she was 3 months into her pregnancy, and Sam was excited to flaunt about it when he visited the Edwards Residence. Soon after that, Snowball, Bubbles, Garfield, and even the alpaca, got pregnant…

Everyone’s gaze fell on Sophia’s flat stomach. Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t sound too optimistic about her situation. Back when Phantom Wolf kidnapped her, Sophia had given birth in a dirty, chaotic environment; she was then forced to walk for long hours in order to escape immediately after she gave birth. She never got the chance to go through postpartum confinement, and her body was too damaged for her to get pregnant. The chances were simply too low.

Carmen 2.0, or a Carmen 3.0, was nothing more than a dream to them. Sophia didn’t seem to recognize how hopeful everyone else was for a Carmen 2.0 in their lives, as all she could think of was her own work. After they got rid of Nicholas as their spokesperson, Sophia quickly found a replacement. Since the job of being Dragon Eye’s spokesperson was an amazing opportunity, she chose to benefit her own people. Hence, she got Drake to sign the agreement as their new spokesperson.

‘The Winter Breakthrough’ premiered just a while before the Dragon Eye phones were released on the market. Everything came together perfectly—they could promote Drake and boast about the movie, while Drake could promote the phone to the public. Michael was the one who recognized Drake’s talents. In the past, Drake was merely a bodyguard at Mitchell International Energy and Technology, but he was immediately invited to sign a contract with a reality show after he finished filming for ‘The Winter Breakthrough’. He then formed a duo with Ashton to go on the second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Bro?’ as siblings. He quickly rose to fame after that, showing great potential and chance of surpassing Nicholas’ fame while also providing Ashton with greater exposure. Sophia was pleased with her choice to use Drake as their spokesperson—she didn’t want such a great opportunity to be left to the hands of a stranger. Furthermore, Sophia thought that Drake was a lot more suited than Nicholas as their spokesperson. At least Drake’s actually talented. He never had plastic surgery, and his acting skills are recognized! This fits well with the image of our phone—we’re classy, skilful, and high in quality!

After selecting the new spokesperson, Sophia quickly began on her plan for revenge! Since Nicholas was the one who started all of this, she chose to target him first. She didn’t have anything against him; she knew that he was nothing more than a pawn in the game of chess they were playing. Unfortunately, since the person who guided this piece had steered him to create chaos on Sophia’s land, she would have no mercy for him! It was an easy job to tarnish the reputation of a celebrity. All she had to do was move a few of her fingers around. Sophia had done this a number of times, and she was very familiar with it.

Serpent held their celebratory dinner at the Majestic Hotel on their scheduled date. Under Lucy’s guidance, Serpent had managed to achieve never-before-seen numbers on their mobile phone sales in Cethos; they’d even successfully defeated one of their largest enemies, Dragon Eye. The Serpent’s headquarters expressed their appreciation toward Lucy, and they even arranged for gifts to be presented to her during the celebratory dinner. Lastly, Serpent invited Alice to join them for their celebratory dinner as they claimed that it was their manner of expressing how apologetic they felt toward her.

Since Alice was still in Cethos, she attended the dinner after receiving the invitation. Daniel tagged along with her as he was rather concerned. The atmosphere in the room showed subtle changes the minute Alice appeared at Serpent’s celebratory dinner. She was the developer of Dragon Eye, their arch-enemy, after all. But Alice didn’t seem to be bothered as she casually sauntered in. She was dressed in an eye-catching backless evening gown that was bright red in color. She was like a bed of Higan flowers that had just bloomed all around Dragon Eye, which, although smelled good, carried the threat of death and terror. It made her seem both dangerous and mesmerizing.

Alice didn’t bring any attention to herself after she walked into the hall. Instead, she found herself a seat and sat down quietly. There were many individuals who were interested in building connections with her, but they were all reluctant to approach her there and then due to the rather awkward role that she played in such a setting. Daniel was the only one that remained by her side. He had let his hair grow out for a while now, and it went just beyond his shoulders. He held it up against the back of his head with a plain, black wooden hairpin, and he was dressed in an equally plain-colored robe. After using the 5-step rejuvenating skincare products that Michael had recommended to him, he didn’t look old despite his age. In fact, he looked fresh and youthful, as if he was a mythical creature who had just come out from the mountains.

The alcohol was the main highlight of the entire dinner. One of the waiters quickly approached Daniel and asked, “What would you like to drink, Mr. Levine?”

Daniel pulled out a packet of Cloud Mist Tea, a specialty product obtained from Reverie Mountain. “Make me a pot of this,” he ordered.

The waiter was left speechless by this. Even Alice chuckled a little. “Why did you choose to come if you don’t enjoy being in such environments, Master Levine?” she asked.

Daniel fiddled with his bracelet as he replied, “Casper wanted me to come because he was afraid you’d get bullied.”

Alice simply laughed without saying anything else. Soon enough, Daniel’s pot of tea was brought to him, and he lifted it up to pour himself a cup.

Soon, Lucy walked over to greet Alice. She brought one of Serpent’s executives along with her. Serpent had always treated Dragon Eye as one of their imaginary enemies, but they had always been troubled by how Dragon Eye never seemed to have categorized themselves under the same group as Serpent, and therefore never seemed threatened by the latter. Now that Dragon Eye had finally entered the mid to low-end market with their new phones—now that Serpent’s performance had surpassed their standards—Serpent was overjoyed. They felt like they had finally achieved victory.

“So it really is you, Alice! I never expected to see you here in Cethos!” Serpent’s executive gave Alice a warm greeting. She replied with a polite smile, “Congratulations on achieving such great results with Serpent!”

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s all thanks to our competitors, really!” said the Serpent executive.

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