My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 992

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 992

With all these agents gathered at the Michel Group’s Cethosian headquarters today, the media had shown up in droves as well.
It was the first time the Michel Group’s phones entered the Cethosian market. Other than their flagship Dragon Eye model, their budget range of Dragon Eye cell phones would also be making their debut in Cethos.
News of Dragon Eye’s first budget range stirred up a wave of mad excitement across Cethos. The average person might never get the chance to touch a Dragon Eye phone; it was to the point where many people had never actually heard of this brand before. However, this brand was an exalted one to the upper crust. As the oldest and most successful line of high-end cell phones, people were excited for Dragon Eye’s budget range.

Currently, there were a few dozen vendors eyeing the managing rights for the budget range. There were known vendors among them such as Plum Technology, who had seen a meteoric rise in recent years. On top of a gaggle of other successful people in this field, there was also Lucy from the Edwards Group and Sandra from the Mitchell Group.

Just who would become the official managing agent for the phones?

No one knew.

Everyone was vibrating with anticipation at the press conference; the reporters had long since been there even before the vendors had shown up.

The first person the reporters spotted entering the hall was Sandra. They immediately swarmed over to her, shooting all sorts of questions at her. “Miss Sandra, are you confident in becoming the official vendor for Dragon Eye’s budget range of phones? What advantages do you have over your competitors? Can you talk about that?”

Sandra’s wardrobe was immaculate, and her make-up meticulously painted on; she had already made the transformation from a sports star to a businesswoman. She looked into the camera and gave a polite smile. “To be honest, the other vendors here are all very impressive. I’m certain that I won’t be able to get those managing rights, but I still want to give it a shot at the very least. That way, I won’t have any regrets.”

The reporters all nodded at her answer. Someone else asked, “In that case, who do you think is most likely to come out on top among your competitors, Miss Sandra?”

Sandra gave it some thought before replying, “Naturally, I think that it’ll be Miss Lucy from the Edwards Group.”

She continued to sing Lucy’s praises into the camera, listing many of Lucy’s good qualities. At last, she concluded by saying, “I dare say that the managing rights will definitely go to Lucy this time. Other than her, no one else in Bayside City will be able to get their hands on this deal!”

Just as Sandra was ending her tribute to Lucy, the woman herself entered.

As one of Bayside City’s most successful famed ladies, Lucy was succinct and decisive. Even with this press conference, her entrance was swift as she strode in with big steps. Although she was here to attend this conference, she never left her work aside. A throng of assistants and secretaries trailed behind her, discussing business deals as they did so. One could see that there was no end to their talks.

The moment Lucy made her entrance, she heard Sandra praising her; anyone would have been delighted to hear that.

Having spotted Lucy, the reporters once again swarmed over and dumped all their questions on her. “Miss Lucy, both industry insiders and those outside of the industry have their eyes on you when it comes to Dragon Eye’s managing rights. I’d like to ask about your thoughts on this.”

“How confident are you in this competition for those rights?”

Lucy was frigid. She didn’t accept any of the interviews, but she was brimming with confidence. She was sure to win the managing rights for the Dragon Eye cell phones.

This was a good opportunity for the Edwards and Michels to join hands!

The Edwards Family had the connections and pipelines, and their influence was not confined within Cethos only. Winning the rights for Cethos was not Lucy’s final goal; it was a mere starting point.

What she wanted was exclusive global managing rights!

Lucy found a seat inside the hall and sat down; her assistants and secretaries all took a seat behind her. On the other hand, Sandra sat next to Lucy and winked knowingly at her. “Relax, Lucy—you’re definitely getting those managing rights. Apart from you, no one else has the capability or the qualifications.”

Sandra already knew that she stood no chance. There was no hope of her winning after she had offended Alice, but if Lucy could get her hands on those rights, Sandra would definitely be able to wring some benefits out of Lucy since they had a pretty close relationship. After all, Lucy might not be able to handle it alone since it was a major business deal.

Thinking about how she had been tricked, Sandra gritted her teeth hatefully; she never expected that Abbie and Lucile were actually scammers. She hadn’t been able to find the pair up until today, and her money was gone.

Sticking with Lucy would be a more reliable plan. Unfortunately, Sandra didn’t know that Lucy had long since given up any concern for her.

The situation with Mitchell International Energy and Technology was clearly obvious. Never mind the threat of Cooper; within the industry, the ship that was Mitchell International would sink sooner or later, especially with the Michel Group exerting its power. Those who were smart had already invested in Cooper.

Speaking of Cooper, Lucy’s competitive spirit was aflame. She had to surpass him!

One by one, her so-called ‘competitors’ had arrived. However, Lucy didn’t see them as a threat.

Among the vendors present, she was most wary of Dana and Ian. Dana had the Winstons’ resources behind her, and she had also been Lucy’s rival for many years now. Meanwhile, Lucy was more familiar with Ian’s capabilities. As for the two others from the Mitchell Family, she thought that they were nothing compared to her. She looked down even more on Sophia and her company, Plum Technology.

They’re just a bunch of hacks. Even with Vincent joining their ranks, they’re still a circus. Cooper’s daughter is not the man himself; I don’t need to worry about her. Plum Technology? Anyone who hears about them probably thinks that they’re some shady company that sells pirated disks illegally. They can’t show their faces here; competition in the cell phone industry is too fierce. Even companies that can fool around with some electronics have made their debut. I am more experienced, more capable, and I have more connections! Alice knows who she should pick if she wants the most revenue.

Ian and Dana had arrived too. While both of them had given up the competition due to their own reasons, they still showed up. Even if it was just to watch the show, they wanted to see who among the myriad of vendors here would get the managing rights.

Ian was unusually subdued today. After he picked a seat at random, he sat down and began to handle his business matters with his laptop. He even reflexively clamped his legs together—it turned out that he had made the decision to cut his foreskin after Sophia mocked him. He ended up being bedridden for a few days, and the area still stung hard.

On the other hand, Dana was audacious. She was still dressed in her usual bespoke men’s suit that clung to her straight figure; when coupled with the pair of insoles in her shoes to boost her height, she looked handsome and slender. To her left was a curvy and sexy female secretary, and behind her was a tall and handsome male assistant. The moment she sat down, the two clung onto her.

Dana plucked her sunglasses off with a flourish, her gaze lazily flitting about. She would be groping her secretary’s luscious behind one moment and pinching her assistant’s thigh the next. Needless to say, she was being openly lecherous.

At the sight of Lucy, Dana waved a hand and greeted her. “Hi there, Sweet Lucy.”

Lucy didn’t even look at her as she smacked Dana’s hand away.

Soon after, the reporters were in a frenzy again; Plum Technology had made their arrival.

Leading them was Stanley with a cold and solemn expression on his face. His buzz cut was attention-grabbing, and there was a wolfish quality to his chiseled features. He strode in with big steps, looking rather like a terrifying king or emperor. Sean and Sarah followed behind him, their aura not as intimidating as Stanley’s.

Sean’s face, which was prettier than even a woman’s, stood out in an exceptional way. Meanwhile, Sarah and her eternally youthful face made anything she wore look like a set of children’s clothes. Sarah was still baby-faced even though she was already a mother, but she did her best to show off her own flair regardless.

With the pair behind Stanley, the trio looked like an emperor out on an inspection with his queen consort and his concubine.

On the other hand, Sophia and Vincent brought up the rear of the entourage.

Seeing that Plum Technology had arrived, Dana made her way over like a fly to a sweet piece of fruit.

“Hi, my little Sean! Nice seeing you here too, little kitten!”

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