My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 991

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 991

Cooper listened as Linus talked about the issue regarding Dragon Eye’s management rights inside the study.
Ian’s guess had been right. From the very beginning, Cooper had already planned to give Sophia the Cethosian management rights for Dragon Eye. While Alice called the shots, Cooper was the actual ruler of the Michel Family. Despite that, Sophia never asked Cooper for the rights; she chose to fight for them herself instead.
Cooper naturally had an interest in his daughter’s career, especially when it came to Dragon Eye’s management rights.

Linus was equally invested as well. He hadn’t said it himself, but he had been keeping an eye on Sophia’s every action. This included the time where she had gotten someone to act as the fake Lucile in order to get the two Mitchell siblings to show themselves, as well as convincing Vincent to do her bidding. He even knew about how she had gotten Sarah to work with him over a smart furniture deal so that the Winstons would be threatened into giving up their claim for the managing rights, as well as how she held Ian’s nude photos over his head to make him exit the competition. He had seen all of this, and he added a little nudge here and there whenever he could.

Linua had watched as Sophia smashed all her competitors into the ground.

Cooper felt relieved and proud upon hearing this; his daughter was indeed a brave and cunning person. Even though she knew that the chance of her winning was slim, she would do her best to fight for whatever she wanted. She was someone admirable; if only his son could be like her.

At the thought of his son, his heart sank. Cooper had no idea where his son actually was…

Daniel had assured Cooper that his son would appear out of the blue one day and show up on his household registry. All Cooper needed to do now was to take out the household records every day and wait for his son to come back.

Cooper didn’t quite believe Daniel’s nonsense, but he didn’t exactly distrust him either. Still, Cooper had already done all he could and was unable to find his son. Now, he couldn’t do anything else but wait.

He still felt a sense of comfort when he saw Linus, for the latter was more or less his son. He asked about his development with Sophia.

Cooper and Michael had been busy the past few days with Carmen’s auditions. With Michael out of Bayside City, it was a great opportunity for Linus.

However, Cooper watched as Linus shook his head. “I’m sorry, Fass. I don’t think there’s been any developments in our relationship. Sophia treats me like a brother wholeheartedly, or perhaps even an uncle…”

For some time now, Linus had sent Sophia to work and picked her up once the work day was over. Every day, he would eat his meals with her as well. He had been doing his best to get her to notice him, but Sophia always treated him like an uncle—she never saw him as a man.

He didn’t dare to make his thoughts known either. Sophia and Michael were so close; how could he possibly step right in between them?

Cooper sighed deeply after hearing Linus’ explanation. He patted him on the shoulder and said, “You’ve done your best, Linus…”

He suddenly recalled his past. At the memory of Annabel, a thought came to him. “If you like someone and you are a capable person, you must do your best to win their affection.”

He had made a terrible mistake because he was too young back then. He knew that he didn’t have the capabilities, yet he still fought for her. In the end… he deeply regretted it. He shouldn’t have done that in the first place.

He should have protected her properly and hid her existence well. Not only that, he should’ve become powerful enough that no one would question or oppose him before bringing her back to the Mitchells; perhaps his family of four would have been living a happy life now. A truly happy one…

Cooper’s attitude had seemingly softened. He sort of felt that… Michael was still kind of a reliable son-in-law who resembled him somewhat. Furthermore, Michael knew when to exert his power on top of being cunning. He was a smart man as well.

Michael knew that Cooper didn’t agree with his marriage to Sophia, but he still did his best to stay with her. He was smarter than the Cooper of the past; he knew his own shortcomings and his own place, as well as how to use all the advantages at his disposal to win Sophia and Cooper over.

Cooper was a strong man, so going for the rough and straightforward approach wouldn’t work. Michael had been playing dumb in front of Cooper while playing the lustful husband in front of Sophia. He had been utilizing Carmen as well, trying to take down the household with the three of them.

Cooper did admire Michael’s shameless tenacity somewhat, but on the inside, he still preferred Linus. After all, he watched as Linus grew up before his eyes!

“Grandpa! Where have you gone, Grandpa?!”

Cooper felt a headache coming on when he heard Carmen’s childish little voice calling him. He patted Linus’ shoulder. “Try your best, Linus.”

Cooper knew that Carmen was onto him; she didn’t allow him to pester her parents, doing everything in her power to stall him.

Now that Carmen had stuck herself to Cooper like glue, Linus sat in his study and lapsed into thought.

He wanted to be together with her forever. He really did.

Meanwhile, inside Sophia’s bedroom, the wooden bed that had a leg bitten into by Judge the dog creaked whenever its occupants shifted their weight.

After creaking for half the night, the bed stopped making those sounds. Having had her fill of food and wine prior, Sophia got up and showered before returning to snuggle into Michael’s arms.

Michael was exhausted, having had a long flight as well as taking on a long love-making session. He had fallen asleep.

Sophia curled up in his arms, but she didn’t fall asleep for a long time. Her eyes were wide open as she took in Michael’s handsome features, looking at the night sky.

Is Michael willing to marry me and take on my family name?

While Cooper hoped that Sophia would stay in Cethos, the Michels definitely wouldn’t allow it. She couldn’t possibly throw away the Michel Family’s power and name.

Sophia understood the lesson behind the story back then; Cooper had been powerless and failed to protect his beloved. She wanted to make herself so strong and powerful that no one would be able to hurt her and her loved ones.

However, if she really did manage to stand on that mountain peak in the future and inherited her place in the Michel Family, would Michael be willing to change his family name?

Would the Fletchers allow Carmen to change her family name too?

At the thought of Ian’s earlier words today, Sophia felt even less confident in herself. To a Cethosian man, taking on their wife’s family name and marrying into her family was a humiliating thing!

She really wanted to ask him about it, but Michael was already fast asleep. She wanted to ask him the next day, but she didn’t know how to phrase it well.

He probably won’t be able to take it…

After Michael returned, he began his endless work schedule once again. Other than his career in show business, he had many other things to do.

Sophia had her own plate full as well. Her current influence was still too weak; compared to the powerful Michel Family, she was still at the stage where she needed to rely on her father. She had to become powerful as soon as possible. If she could obtain the managing rights for the Dragon Eye phones, that would be her ticket into the Michels when she returned to them—it would be a proof of honor as well.

If she wanted to protect everything, she had to have power!

The next day, Celine and the others held a meeting to report their progress regarding their various matters. Other than the original four, Vincent and Derek joined in as well.

Vincent was a newcomer here, while Derek was already a higher-up in the company. Stanley viewed him as an important person and would call for him whenever there were major projects.

“The Winstons have already declined Dana’s project. I’m done on my end,” said Sarah.

“Ian has backed out too. Stan, Sean, Derek—what about you guys?” Sophia asked.

Stanley was confident as he spoke. “We’ve got the resources sorted out already. I believe that we’re the best of the bunch when it comes to competing for those managing rights!”

Celine was already the cream of the crop when it came to her efficiency. With the newly-arrived Vincent, she was not to be underestimated after they had combined their families’ resources.

Having kicked two groups out of the running and swallowed one, they were even more competitive now.

“There’s still Lucy. We can’t underestimate her,” Derek said anxiously.

At the mention of Lucy, Sophia sighed and said, “All we can do now is to let fate take its course.”

There really weren’t any chinks in Lucy’s armor that they could poke at. Sophia thought of making an example of the capable Bill, but even if she managed to pull it off, it wouldn’t cause much of an impact to Lucy.

Lucy was a woman among women. She had no weaknesses and was a highly capable woman. If Sophia allowed her to be her competitor, it would be difficult to win against her to say the least.

A few days later at the Michel Group, dozens of teams competing for the management rights showed up. Everyone inside the building was tense, knowing that Alice would announce the final decision later today.

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