My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 987

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 987

Vincent himself knew that he couldn’t possibly accomplish anything great while he was on Alex’s side. Everything he strived for right now might be credited to someone else in the future since Alex wanted to leave the fruits of his labor to his own son.
The Mitchell Family’s members used to be judged on their merits, and the most powerful person in the family would become the family head. However, beginning with Alex, the head of the family became a position held by the previous family head’s son.
Many talents had been forced to leave the family and strike out on their own. Hence, Cooper drew many talents back to him when he returned recently.

Moreover, Vincent had bragged to Alex and Sandra about wanting to win Lucile’s heart and unite with the Michel Family through marriage back when he had fallen into the fake Lucile’s romance scam. Now that he had lost both his money and the love of his life, he was too ashamed to explain himself to Alex, so he decided that it would be better to run away. He devoted his loyalty to the Mitchell Family and not Alex, so crossing over to Cooper’s side wouldn’t violate his life principles.

Vincent openly crossed over to Cooper’s side, taking his trusted subordinates and resources with him. This came as a shock to the Mitchell Family’s council of elders and caused Sandra and Alex to fly into a rage. No one had expected things to turn out this way in merely two days.

As a result, Vincent was openly removed from the Mitchell Family’s genealogy record book.

Cooper was currently concentrating on clean energy, so Vincent’s resources were useless to him. Therefore, the resources were distributed to Sophia and Sean.

Sophia was Plum Technology’s major shareholder, whereas Sean was its founder. Ready to go all out, they absorbed Vincent and his team and reorganized their resources.

Sandra could only curse in response to this.

When it came to acting as an agent, Vincent had tons of experience under his belt. Alice once considered him as a potential candidate, but she removed him from the shortlist after Sandra had a bad fit of ‘rabies’ at the banquet that night. To everyone’s surprise, Sophia stole Vincent and his entire team from the Mitchell Family in just a few days. In an instant, her potential had grown exponentially.

Now that she had finished off the Mitchell Family, Sophia immediately turned her attention toward the next target—the Edwards Family.

The siblings of the Edwards Family were also fighting separately as two teams. It wouldn’t be so easy to lay a hand on Lucy and Ian, but Sophia was currently on the lookout for their weaknesses like a buzzing fly.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s target was Dana Winston.

The Winston Family belonged to the underworld, but it had its own family business which was quite successful. The Winston Corporation was a company under the Winston Family’s name; Harry didn’t manage Winston Corporation’s business personally, but the company’s board of directors consisted mostly of those he trusted, and they held most of the company’s shares. Still, the Winston Family’s Grand Elder had quite some influence within the board of directors.

Although Sarah held some shares in Winston Corporation, she didn’t hold a post in the company. To accomplish the task Sophia had assigned her this time, she had to persuade the company’s board of directors to turn down Dana’s request of competing for the right to act as an agent for Dragon Eye.

The distributorship rights to the Michel Family’s cell phones were lucrative, and getting the distributorship rights would benefit the company. Therefore, it was a big challenge to persuade the company’s board of directors and convince them to give it up.

Securing the distributorship rights was beneficial from the Winston Family’s perspective, but from Harry’s point of view, doing so would only reinforce Grand Elder and his men’s threat to the company—he was quite reluctant to see that happening.

Knowing that Sarah worked in Plum Technology, the board of directors knew exactly why she was persuading them; it was likely that they would turn down her request.

It was still difficult for her to persuade the board of directors even if she did so at Harry’s suggestion.

It wasn’t until Harry had threatened them that the board of directors sluggishly gathered enough people to call a meeting. Many directors were still absent, but the number of directors had reached a quorum, enabling them to pass a resolution.

Having prepared the relevant documents and presentation slides, she nervously took her laptop with her to Winston Corporation’s office building as Harry sent her there.

When the car arrived downstairs, Sarah looked out of the car window while holding her documents. Winston Corporation’s imposing building stood in front of her like a giant black monster, making her feel breathless.

She opened the car door and put her feet down, only to shrink back only a second after stretching out her legs. She looked at Harry inside the car with a troubled expression and said, “Old Wolf, am I considered living off our family while secretly helping someone else by doing so?”

As Harry’s wife, she was Madam Winston; Plum Technology was considered an outsider to the Winston Family. By persuading the board of directors, it could be said that she was helping the outsiders to go against her own family.

Harry looked both helpless and affectionate as he stretched out his hand to pat her head. “It’s alright, I’ve got your back. Just live off our family and secretly help Sophia and the others.”

Sitting between Harry and Sarah was the tiny, dark-skinned, and stony-faced Sour Face.

“Come on—let your Old Wolf give you some encouragement.” Harry stretched his neck out and cupped Sarah’s face in his hands before giving her a passionate French kiss.

The chauffeur wasn’t surprised to see this. Sour Face wasn’t surprised as well; he looked indifferent the whole time even though his parents were kissing and sucking each other’s lips just a few centimeters above him.

Sarah was brimming with confidence after Harry’s encouragement. Cupping her son’s face in her hands, she urged, “Hurry up and cheer your Mommy on, Hope!”

Sour Face knocked her hands off indifferently.

Sarah cupped his face in her hands again, to which Sour Face responded by knocking off her hands yet again.

After this was repeated three to four times, Sour Face finally lost his patience. He reluctantly said to her, “Good luck.”

Bursting with joy, Sarah gave the disgusted-looking Sour Face a great big smacker before getting out of the car and striding into Winston Corporation’s office building.

Harry didn’t go in with her, but he paid close attention to his wife by watching Winston Corporation’s surveillance videos all the time using his laptop. He wanted to see if his little kitten could persuade the group of big guns among the board of directors as well.

Sour Face looked indifferent on the outside, but he actually cared about Sarah in secret; similarly, he kept a close eye on the surveillance videos too.

Sarah entered Winston Corporation’s office building. As soon as the receptionists saw her, they stood up and greeted reverently, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Winston.”

“Uh-huh,” responded Sarah casually as she tried to give herself airs despite her girlish-looking face.

Much to her dismay, she saw her worst enemy in the Winston Family soon after getting into the elevator.

Standing in the elevator were three people who looked like businessmen with their suits and leather shoes. However, the tattoos peeking out from their necks and wrists occasionally revealed their identity as members of the underworld.

Feeling very nervous on this day, Sarah kept thinking quietly about what she was going to speak in a while, so she didn’t pay much attention to the people in the elevator. Unexpectedly, right after she entered the elevator and steadied herself, a loud slap landed on her butt from behind.

Then, a wicked voice spoke in her ear. “Hey, isn’t this person my dear little kitten?”

Sarah’s expression changed drastically when she saw the frosty-looking person dressed in a business suit who was standing next to her. She was so furious that she jumped. “I’m warning you, Dana—stop getting physical with me!”

She was short, and both her voice and face had the cuteness of a young girl that existed only in comics. Therefore, she didn’t sound commanding at all when she spoke.

The person dressed in a suit who was standing next to Sarah took off her sunglasses elegantly with a flirtatious look in her attractive eyes. As she whistled at Sarah, she said, “Get physical? Am I getting physical by doing so?”

With that, she slapped Sarah’s butt again. Sarah covered her butt and jumped behind the bodyguards like a furious kitten.

The elevator went up speedily to the top floor, but the atmosphere in the elevator was tense.

Dana’s 175cm body was wrapped in a slim, tailor-made suit that fit her very well. Her short hair stuck up in a classic hairstyle, and the tip of her hair concealed her hairline as it reached her eyebrows. Her handsome eyes seemed to shine 24/7, and any woman would blush when she glanced at them with her bright, sparkling eyes.

Dana was raised as a boy back when she was a child, so she always dressed herself in men’s clothing like a high-class business elite. Putting her hands casually in her pockets, she had a flat chest and a face that looked like the male lead of a romance comic book, making her look noble and elegant. Tilting her head to the side, she looked at Sarah while making eyes at the latter. Sarah was totally defenseless against such a face that looked like the male lead of a comic book, so she got butterflies in her stomach; feeling a burning sensation in her slapped butt, she tried to avoid meeting Dana’s gaze.

Dana was Sarah’s worst enemy in Winston Corporation, for she took liberties with Sarah whenever they met.

The two parties were locked in confrontation on their way up to the top floor.

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