My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 986

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 986

Stanley continued to taunt Vincent aggressively and said, “What is it? Are you here to tearfully ask my aunt for a refund? It’s alright—it’s just a car. I’ll just go up right away and ask her to return the money to you. You don’t have to worry since she’s very fond of you. After all, she is your great-aunt.”
The 100-million luxury car used to be the apple of his eye, but it was now a disgrace to him. He still remembered how the car’s price had been driven up to an exorbitant price of 100 million!
Sean knew that Vincent had suffered a blow to his pride on that day, and he found it rude to deal the latter with another blow while looking at Vincent’s pitiful appearance. He comforted Vincent by saying, “It’s alright. Sophia has joined the Michel Family after Uncle Cooper, but she’s still your great-aunt no matter what. She’ll surely return the money to you since you’re a younger member of the family.”

He seemed to be comforting Vincent, but the note of ridicule in his voice was evident.

Vincent had been in the same grade as Sophia and the others back at Bayside University. They even went through military training in the same reinforced battalion, but Vincent wasn’t on familiar terms with Sophia back then.

However, Vincent was reaching for the stars back then. He kept a low profile at university, devoting himself to his studies and taking part in the Mitchell Family’s affairs early on. Also, he distanced himself from Stanley and Sean, whom he viewed as two good-for-nothings who only knew how to play online games. Contrary to his expectations, everyone’s circumstances had changed after so many years.

In the end, Vincent left the building as he wiped the tears away from his reddened eyes. After going back, he got himself drunk. Feeling that his life had been turned upside down, he’d never be able to recover from the shock. Seeing that he was hit badly, Sandra abandoned him in disgust.

What a useless thing—he ended up like this just because a woman scammed him out of a bit of money!

Sandra was burning with anxiety right now. Knowing that she had fallen into a scam and offended Alice, she knew that she had to make up for this.

D*mn it! I was scammed out of so much money by a con artist!

In the Michel Group’s office building, Sean, Derek, and Stanley laughed and joked as they commented on how embarrassed Vincent looked just now while going up to the 18th floor to see Linus.

Plum Technology and Michel Group were joining hands to launch a cutting-edge gaming laptop, and the two companies were now discussing the contract.

On the 18th floor, Sophia was extremely pleased as she recalled how Vincent had left tearfully in deep dejection just now.

Vincent had truly never suffered such a devastating setback. For a person like him, a major setback could cost him his life.

Feeling happy, Sophia became mischievous all of a sudden. She raised her hand and turned toward Linus before saying, “Come on, Uncle Linus—let’s give each other a high five!”

She wouldn’t have reduced Vincent to tears on this day without Linus’ help.

Of course, most of the credit belonged to her. After catching the fake Lucile that day, she told her to con Vincent and Sandra for one last time. Not only did she have the fake Lucile sleep with Vincent, she deliberately instructed her to promise the Mitchell Family and give them rights to the Dragon Eye agency contract. Also, she had the fake Lucile describe Alice as a completely worthless person who harbored evil intentions. Wanting to display her ability in front of the fake Lucile, Sandra foolishly confronted Alice face-to-face.

That way, the Mitchell Family was no longer in the running for the agency contract with Dragon Eye.

Linus shook his head while looking at her dotingly. Then, he raised his hand and gave her a high five in resignation.

“Yeah! Now that I have finished off two competitors, three competitors are left to be dealt with. I’ll deal with them soon!” Sophia clapped her hands happily like a child who had gotten some candies. Then, she tossed the handbag she was holding into Linus’ arms and said, “Please excuse me—I’ll be going to the restroom for a bit. If Stanley arrives, you can talk to him first.”

She was already several meters away when the handbag fell into Linus’ arms. Linus looked at her and laughed dotingly as she walked away happily.

She’s really like a kid… She’s the same as when she was attending university.

Sophia had just left when Alice popped up behind Linus before he even realized it. Alice looked fine; she had recovered quite well after Sandra almost hurt her carelessly a few days ago. Holding her cup of coffee, she gently took a sip of it.

“Well? Has she given up yet?” Alice didn’t sound surprised at all.

Carrying Sophia’s handbag in one hand, Linus responded with a nod, “Not yet. When she sets her mind to it, she’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish it—even if it’s something impossible.”

Since Alice had refused to appoint Sophia’s company as Dragon Eye’s agent, she would finish off all the competitors with similar qualifications and force Alice to comply.

Alice walked away expressionlessly in her flat-bottomed shoes while holding her cup of coffee.

It didn’t take long before those who represented Plum Technology went up. Seizing this opportunity, Daniel came with them on the excuse of inspecting the geomantic quality of the Michel Group’s office building. He made his way into Alice’s office as soon as he arrived, but the latter drove him out immediately. Right after leaving her office, Sophia called for Daniel.

Even though she had never worked here for a day, Sophia had her own small office in the Michel Group’s building.

As soon as Daniel entered her office, she asked, “Did you see a man running away tearfully just now?”

Daniel frowned. “I didn’t see a man running out tearfully, but I did catch sight of someone being carried away by the bodyguards as he cried; he sobbed so sadly as if his mother had passed away.”

Sophia adopted a stern countenance. “I’ll give you three days’ time. I want him to be of use to me.”

Daniel was stunned for a moment before he retorted, “Why should I work for you?”

Sophia responded, “Let’s talk about the 80,000…”

“Alright, alright! Please don’t mention the 80,000 ever again!”

At last, Plum Technology’s team and Linus agreed upon a contract to develop gaming laptops together. Stanley took this opportunity and went to Alice’s office next door whereby he continued bombarding her with another round of persuasion. Regrettably, he couldn’t make Alice change her mind.

Plum Technology’s experience and team were pretty good, but there were even better ones here at Bayside City. For example, the Edwards Family had distribution channels, whereas the Winston Family had a wide range of contacts. Naturally, she’d choose a better option.

The next day, Sophia watched the news and saw that someone had photographed Vincent getting drunk in a bar; Vincent looked unusually haggard in the photo. Having been on a roll all his life, he used to be very conceited and proud—he believed that he was the fortune’s favorite chosen by God. This time, however, he fell into a romance scam and was humiliated. He could never recover after encountering the biggest setback in his life.

Sophia had run a background check on Vincent; he did very well in his studies, and they both graduated from the same school in the same year. Both Sophia and Vincent had been straight-A students in school, but Vincent kept a low profile and wasn’t as ostentatious as Natasha. Hence, only a few people in the school knew him and were aware of his identity.

He even graduated from Bayside University with a doctoral degree in economics. After joining the Mitchell Group, he made a lot of achievements. He should’ve had a bright future, but it was unfortunate that he ran into Sophia.

He wanted to buy a second-hand car, but Sophia and Michael teamed up to raise the car’s price by bidding for it, forcing Vincent to brace himself as he bought the car at an exorbitant value.

When he got married, his wife’s nude photos were exposed by Sophia at his wedding.

After he finally found himself another girlfriend, Sophia tricked him into losing both his money and the love of his life. He lost his direction, and his career fell into an abyss.

On the third day, Daniel brought Vincent to Sophia.

After spending last night listening to Daniel’s nonsense in a bar, he washed his face, shaved his head, and got changed this morning. Wanting to start all over again, he crossed over to Cooper and Sophia’s side.

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