My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 981

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 981

Alice looked at the cell phone Sophia was holding; it was equipped with a transparent case that nearly concealed the Dragon Eye logo, but one could still vaguely tell that the cell phone was a Dragon Eye model.
After all, Dragon Eye cell phones were very distinctive due to their unique design. Sophia’s cell phone had such a design, but it was neither the Dragon Eye 6 nor Dragon Eye 7. In fact, it looked nothing like any of the Dragon Eye cell phones currently on the market.
Seeing that Alice was studying Sophia’s cell phone as if she had never seen it before, Sandra became certain deep down inside that the cell phone was a knock-off. This belief instantly filled her with confidence, and she raised her voice. “Even though Taylor didn’t land the endorsement deal with Dragon Eye, you two shouldn’t be using knock-off phones. You and your husband’s knock-offs must be manufactured by the same factory. No wonder their quality looks so cheap!”

Michael was known across the nation for his blatant use of a knock-off cell phone. As determined by several experts, the cell phone Taylor had been using was indeed a knock-off; even Amazon sold cell phones of the same model he was using, and they were selling like hotcakes since they looked identical to his.

Everyone couldn’t wrap their heads around this. Why would Taylor use a knock-off cell phone? Taylor could afford a Dragon Eye no matter how poor he was, so why would he use a knock-off phone instead?

Nobody could figure out the reason behind it, but he used a knock-off cell phone which made headlines on news websites almost every day.

Upon hearing Sandra’s voice, the crowd gathered around Sophia from near and far to see what the rumored knock-off cell phone looked like. As they moved closer, they noticed that Sophia was indeed holding a cell phone that looked like a Dragon Eye, but it didn’t look like any of the existing models. Moreover, the Dragon Eye logo was brazenly imprinted on it.

As if that wasn’t bold enough, she even showed her cell phone in front of Alice, who was the developer of the Dragon Eye’s cell phone series!

What on earth was Sophia doing? Wasn’t she still fighting for the right to be Dragon Eye’s agent? Wasn’t she asking for trouble by doing so?

Surrounded by the crowd, Sophia held her cell phone in one hand while holding a wine glass in the other. Taking a sip of the wine, she held the cell phone that had attracted everyone’s attention between her manicured fingers with a ghost of a smile on her face.

One couldn’t tell the expression on Alice’s face, for she looked as calm as she used to be. On the contrary, Sandra had gotten all worked up; she even started denouncing Sophia on Alice’s behalf as if she had become Alice herself.

“Sophia, you and your husband are well-known public figures in Cethos; countless people would imitate your every move. By blatantly using such knock-offs, do you know how badly you and your husband would affect Dragon Eye’s reputation and intellectual property? What is intellectual property to you? By doing so, both you and your husband are advocating for piracy. People like you are the sc*m of the Mitchell Family! Why would Miss Alice consider you as Dragon Eye’s agent in Cethos? Besides, you must apologize to Alice and the whole Michel Group for your use of Dragon Eye knock-offs!”

She uttered each and every word with righteous indignation as though she viewed herself part of the Michel Family.

The matter between Vincent and Lucile had almost been settled, and she was about to secure the agency contract with Dragon Eye; the only thing left to do was to sign the contract. Since there would be plenty of time for Sandra to make Linus develop feelings for her in the future, marrying into the Michel Family would only be a matter of time. Therefore, she had to put on a tough front right now so that Alice wouldn’t look down on her when she married Linus in the future.

Lucile once said that Alice was Linus’ greatest rival—Alice was constantly burning with ambition to move up the power ladder and replace Linus.

Therefore, Sandra was determined to show her attitude and craftiness that day; she wanted Alice to know that she wasn’t someone who could be easily bullied!

Sophia still held her knock-off phone with one hand while swirling the wine glass in her other. The red wine splashed around in her glass, reflecting the faces of many who were here to look on.

Vincent gloated at one side as the people around him were drawn to the commotion over here. He had finally succeeded in winning Alice’s heart the night before, and she finally stopped vacillating and keeping him in suspense. She had given the Mitchells the right to act as Dragon Eye’s agent, and Vincent agreed on acting as the company’s agent together with Sandra.

Stanley and Sean had arrived as well, and they watched the spectacle while holding their respective knock-off cell phones.

Lucy of the Edwards Family had an unfathomable expression, whereas Ian looked indignantly resentful upon seeing Vincent. He thought to himself, Lucile will be mine sooner or later!

The other competitors had also come over to enjoy the spectacle. As they watched Sandra and Sophia bickering with each other, they hoped that these two ladies would make an even bigger scene. After all, it was good for everyone to have one less competitor.

The more Sandra spoke, the more emotional she became. Seizing upon the knock-off cell phone in Sophia’s hand, she condemned Sophia vehemently. According to her logic, Sophia had to slit her throat and commit suicide on the spot to apologize for using the knock-off cell phone.

The more she spoke, the more she felt righteously indignant. She thought so highly of herself that she failed to notice the deepening furrows in Alice’s brow and the trace of impatience in Alice’s eyes.

What background is this Sandra from? Why is she acting as if she knows me very well? Why is she so worked up when I haven’t even spoken yet? Whether or not Sophia is using a knock-off cell phone is none of her business! Besides, the cell phone Sophia is using isn’t a knock-off…

At this moment, Alice had removed Sandra from the short list of agents.

Sophia held her glass of wine as she took another sip. When she finally finished listening to Sandra’s reproaches, she put down her wine glass and looked at Angela with a graceful smile. “Speaking of apologizing…”

She continued with a sly smile, “Miss Mitchell, you publicly spread rumors that my husband had an affair with a celebrity surnamed Mitchell last year, and you mentioned that we had divorced; my husband and I sued you in court because of that. From what I can remember, you seemed to have lost the lawsuit, Miss Mitchell… The court ruled that you had to pay compensation within a set time for damaging our reputation, and you were required to apologize to me and my husband in public.

Then, her voice turned chilly as she suddenly demanded in an imposing manner, “Miss Mitchell, where is the compensation for our damaged reputation? Where is your public apology?”


Sandra was embarrassed on the spot, for she had lost the lawsuit back then. In fact, she lost the lawsuit in such a humiliating manner that she didn’t give any interviews and forbade every media outlet to cover this story. Also, she used a lot of big news to divert the public’s attention from the news report about the lawsuit.

Needless to say, she didn’t pay the compensation; she didn’t even apologize to Sophia and Michael either. Unwilling to accept the result, she appealed against the court’s ruling, but she lost the appeal once more…

Having successfully found the blot on Sandra’s past and fighting back, Sophia looked at the crowd that came over to watch the spectacle. She shouted, “There are quite a lot of people here today, so this should be considered a public occasion. Miss Mitchell, let’s not talk about money for now. Please apologize to me first.”

With that, she raised her chin and waited calmly for Sandra to apologize to her.

Of course, Sandra would never apologize to Sophia with so many eyes watching.

She tugged at Alice’s arm as if she hadn’t heard what Sophia said just now. She said harshly, “You are Dragon Eye’s developer, Alice. Doesn’t it concern you that this woman and her husband are blatantly using Dragon Eye knock-offs in front of you?”

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