My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 977

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 977

In the fight to be the licensed agency, Sophia led the team in Plum Technology with great care and hard work. They put a lot of effort into their materials, and they always showed up as a group for negotiations. Apart from all the work they put in as a righteous business competitor, they even pulled the family card by getting Linus and Cooper to put in a few good words about them. As Casper was staying in the Edwards Residence, Sophia even asked him to throw in a few praises about them in front of Alice. They were all doing their best to get the agreement.
Meanwhile, there was some renovation going on at home, and Daniel frequently showed up at the Edwards Residence to guide the process with the use of his divination techniques. Sophia therefore urged him to use his methods to convince Alice. She figured that if he could use his tricks on Cooper, Alice would definitely fall for it. Daniel was clearly troubled by her request, and he finally struck her with a series of harsh truths. “Well… can’t you tell by the current situation? How would Alice possibly allow you to be the sole agency? Do you think she can’t see how wild and ambitious you are? If anything, you’d probably be the first that she’d kick out in comparison to your other competitors. Don’t even think about it. You’ve definitely been eliminated,” he uttered.
Both Alice and Linus were the top competitors to be the next family head. Sophia, on the other hand, couldn’t even be considered a participant in this competition as she wasn’t involved in any of Michel Group’s business yet. However, if she managed to get the position as the licensed agent, it’d mean that she was starting to involve herself in Michel Group’s business. Once her career in Michel Group started budding, she would surely turn more greedy with time; she’d definitely find ways to climb up the hierarchy and would ultimately end up as one of Alice’s competitors.

Wouldn’t Alice be an idiot if she chose Sophia’s team? Alice would clearly be helping her competitor to climb the ranks, then! Even an outsider like Daniel could tell that it would be impossible for Sophia to succeed in becoming the appointed agency. However, Sophia tirelessly insisted on fighting for her opportunity. “I’m working especially hard because I know how slim my chances are. It’s a huge opportunity for me; my dad and my uncle are helping me, but I really need your help too!” she cried.

Daniel waved her off. “What for?! I’m not your dad!”

“You sold me off for 80,000 in the past!” Sophia reminded him.

“Well, uhh… It’s not that I don’t want to help you. I’m not close to Alice, and things are a little awkward between us,” Daniel explained.

“You sold me off for 80,000 in the past!” Sophia repeated once again.

“I’m sure you know how independent and strong of a woman Alice is. She’s definitely going to smother an enemy like you while you’re still in your crib. I can’t do much about it.” Daniel ignored Sophia’s protests.

“80,000! 80,000!” she cried stubbornly. Daniel simply kept his mouth shut. Eventually, Sophia succeeded in convincing Daniel to get out of the house. Hence, he had no choice but to bring Casper along to visit his mother at the company, while also acting as an advocate for Sophia. This time, Daniel felt more emotionally conflicted than ever. He’d rather attempt to fool Cooper—he’d be scared, but he’d force himself to do it. On the other hand, he didn’t feel scared to fool Alice, instead, he felt an extremely complicated mess of emotions within him. He didn’t know what to feel about Alice. Had he once been attracted to her? Of course he had felt that way at some point.

Daniel wasn’t one to fool around with girls. There were a countless number of rich ladies in Bayside City who had begged him to tell their fortune by grabbing their boobs, but he barely ever looked these women in the eye. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the idea of fortune telling through grabbing their boobs; he simply didn’t find a pair of boobs that he liked…

This was only true until he first met Alice, a unique and attractive Westerner that made his heart flutter with excitement. However… Daniel wasn’t prepared to settle down and start a family then, so he chose to avoid it. In the end, he couldn’t escape his own fate, and he ended up bumping into Alice once again. They even had a child together.

“Casper.” Daniel turned to look at Casper while they were on their way to Michel Group. Casper had attempted to imitate Daniel’s style of dressing, and he wore a pure white cotton sweater that was especially thick as it was made for winter. He looked like a chubby little penguin.

“Master!” Casper didn’t know that Daniel was actually his father, so he addressed the older man the way he learned from the movies. Daniel didn’t know what to say as he looked at the child. Casper looked mostly like a Caucasian; apart from the black hair he inherited from Daniel, most of his features were dominated by the Michel Family’s powerful genes. Daniel took Casper’s tiny hand into his as they stepped into the Cethosian branch of Michel Group. Linus had opened this branch in Cethos a few years ago when he acquired a building specially to handle all the Cethosian affairs that the Michel Family had to deal with. Alice ended up working in this building.

They took an elevator up to the 18th floor in search of Alice’s office. Daniel felt his insides twisting and turning as they made their way there. He didn’t know how to act in front of Alice, and he didn’t know how to bring up anything about what Sophia had asked him to mention. When they arrived at Alice’s office, he saw her standing alone as she glanced out of the floor-to-ceiling window in her office to see the entire view of Bayside City from 18 floors above. As she stood facing the sun, her figure darkened into nothing more than a shadow, which made her seem lonelier than ever. No—loneliness was what the regular individual experienced; someone as independent as Alice was probably used to being alone. What she experienced was probably a loneliness that only the most successful people understood—regular people would never go through such a sensation.

“Mommy!” Casper shouted affectionately. Daniel followed behind Casper as the young child tottered toward Alice. Joy spread across Alice’s face as she turned around to see Casper behind her. She had been extremely busy for the past few days, and she hadn’t managed to be with her son throughout that period of time. Daniel was the one who had been taking care of him. Alice rubbed her face against Casper’s lovingly before she pulled her son into her arms and asked him about his day.

Although Casper had recently found himself obsessed with religion, fortune telling and divination techniques, he didn’t fall back on his homework. Since Carmen was overseas for an audition, Casper took her spot and attended her private tutor’s classes. Alice’s gaze lit up with a mother’s pride as she looked at her smart and quick-witted son. Although she often portrayed herself as a strong, independent woman that was even more aggressive than some men, she allowed herself to turn gentle and soft in front of her son.

After a short meeting with Casper, Alice got him to play in a corner while she sat herself down in front of her office table and began to work. Her secretary and her assistant came in every now and then to update her on work-related stuff, while Daniel found himself totally neglected by her. As he didn’t know how he could bring up the favor that Sophia had asked from him, he had no other option but to sit by a corner while acting calm and natural. He spent the entire afternoon watching Alice do her work.

She was surely exhausted from having to handle so much work, but she didn’t have much of a choice because of the position that she was in. If she didn’t put all of her blood and sweat into her work—if she didn’t demonstrate her true capabilities—she could easily be replaced by someone else any day. Daniel laid his gaze on her for the whole afternoon. He gradually forgot the initial reason for his visit and instead found himself mesmerized by Alice.

He realized that she unconsciously pressed her hand against her waist from time to time—it was the exact spot where she injured herself in the mountains. It had been more than a month since she got injured, but her wound didn’t seem to be healing well, probably because she didn’t get enough rest. Daniel finally gave in to the urge to speak up. “You should take a break, Alice. Your wound isn’t fully recovered yet.”

She didn’t even glance at him as her focus remained on the work she was doing. “I don’t need your concern, Master Levine. I’m fine, and I have a professional medical team taking care of me.” Daniel felt uneasy to see her wearing herself out with work, but he didn’t think he was in any position to comment on it.

Right as he was contemplating how he could convince Alice to take a break, she abruptly halted the work that she had been doing before looking up at Daniel with a stern expression on her face. “I’m guessing that you’re here today to lobby for Lucile, right? Well, I can tell you with certainty that Lucile and her team aren’t even shortlisted for the role. I’m sure you know why.”

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