My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 976

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 976

“What do you want to tell us, Aunt Sophia? Is it some breaking news?” Stanley asked as he munched on some snacks. Both Sean and Sarah perked their ears up to listen to Sophia’s announcement. After organizing her words in her mind, Sophia finally spoke in a clear, concise manner. “Fass is about to launch his handphones for sale in Cethos, but they segregated the workload among two teams—Michel Group will only handle the sales for all the high-end, premium phones but not the low-end, cheaper phones. Instead, the product licensing for these low-end phones will be fully handed over to an agency in Cethos, who will handle all of the sales.”
Everyone began to pay attention after they heard Sophia’s words. That means that Alice will be looking for a Cethosian agency for her lower-end phones! The quality and reputation of the high-end phones produced by Fass were undoubtedly the best. The brand itself was one of the first phone brands that appeared on the global market, and it had been around for at least 10 years. The phone’s technology was always one step ahead of everyone else’s—it already had a video recorder when other phones just started to have colored screen displays.
However, it was the first time Dragon Eye produced handphones that fell into the low-end category. They were all geared up and prepared to surpass other large brands like Apple and Android. Furthermore, Cethos was also one of the main industries when it came to the global sales of low-end phones. Fass’ phones were all military-grade, so its quality was guaranteed. Anyone who managed to become the agent for this… would become really rich!

Plum Technology, on the other hand, had gotten themselves involved in a variety of markets throughout the years. Stanley didn’t want his company to be limited within a certain domain, so apart from the basic online applications and games, they also produced mobile games with other digital companies. They even acted as the agent for gaming computers. Right then, all four of them fell silent for a moment before Stanley rolled his sleeves up and slammed the table. “Damn!” Both Sarah and Sean agreed that it’d be a waste if they didn’t take the job. After all, they had similar experiences that were completed with success, and Sophia had her connections—it wouldn’t be hard for her to secure their role as the main agency.

Everyone returned to work the next day, and the company was busy preparing the materials needed for them to secure this agreement to become the agency to sell the phones. Sophia’s company, Pourl, was going through a rebranding as well. They figured that luxurious goods targeting humans would earn more than those targeting animals, so Pourl was looking to release a new range of luxury goods that came in a set—one for the owner and one for the pet. They planned to remain as a pet’s luxury business while gradually edging themselves into the luxury industry.

However, Sophia also wanted to pick up on the workload at Plum Technology, and she desperately wanted to become the sole agency for Dragon Eye’s low-end phones. She didn’t want this just to impress the shareholders of Plum Technology; she also wanted to prove her abilities to the Michel Family. If she succeeded in doing so, it’d be her first step that would create further opportunities for her to slowly work her way into the Michel Group.

Like Alice, she didn’t want to be recognized as some princess of the Michel Family. Terms such as ‘the star’ or ‘the princess’ were all titles that no one would want for themselves. No one had ever called Alice any title other than ‘vice president’! Sophia no longer wanted to feed off her parents’ funds; she wanted to prove her worth!

Michael and the ‘Light of Cethos’ ceremony remained as the trending topic for a while, but with all the ongoing news and scandals in the entertainment industry, the hype around the awards quickly died down. One of the news reports that immediately caught everyone’s attention was the news of Nicholas getting the endorsement rights for Dragon Eye. The low-end Dragon Eye phones weren’t sold on the market yet as they were still in the stage of seeking for agents. As of then, the only contract they made was with the spokesperson—they hadn’t taken any further action beyond that. However, the phone began to capture global attention the moment they uploaded a picture of it along with its specifications. It was famous before it even got released.

Initially, Alice wanted to handle the sales for the low-end phones. However, since Michel Group had always dealt with high-end products, they realized that the marketing strategies used for low-end products were completely different. After considering multiple factors and aspects of the situation, Alice finally decided to approach an agency instead.

As of then, the low-end version of Dragon Eye phones weren’t on the market, and there were only a few people in the whole world who owned a Dragon Eye device themselves. Nicholas was the only one in the whole of Cethos to own one of them, and he shamelessly promoted this wherever he went. He even considered sticking the phone right onto his forehead just to show it off to whomever he met. On average, he would upload 1 selfie every 2 days, where he flaunted his delicate, flawless face while also highlighting the quality of Dragon Eye’s camera. He would then post about something silly or embarrassing, like how he dropped his phone into a large, boiling pot of water, and how it was still functioning after he fished it out. ‘It’s all because it’s a Dragon Eye phone! If it were any other brand, I would’ve had to cook the phone along with my meal.’

Of course, this was all part of his job. As the spokesperson of Dragon Eye, he was required to promote the phone and start the hype around it. But how would he miss the chance to also rub salt into Michael’s wounds? Every time Nicholas showed his phone off, he had to follow it with some news about Michael’s failure to get endorsement rights for the phone, and how he used a fake version of the phone instead!

I’m sick and tired of seeing this! Is there any purpose in repetitively bringing these gossips up? Sophia thought as she read the comments. ‘You’re trash if you get the ‘Light of Cethos’ award but not the endorsement rights to Dragon Eye. So what if you are the ‘Light of Cethos’? You’re still using a fake phone!’ There was even more gossip recently, such as how Taylor’s wife no longer gave him allowances after he failed to become the spokesperson; how he was so broke that he not only had a fake phone, but he even had to bring his 4-year-old daughter out to earn some money.

Sophia was too busy to even go home some days, and she had no time to trouble herself with all the groundless rumors. Michael, on the other hand, was immune to all these comments, and he simply allowed them to go on. After all, the comments would disappear once the ghostwriters got their salary. He continued to bring his ‘fake’ phone out wherever he went.

Cooper heard about Michael’s recent life through all the gossip and news reports online. He heard that Michael’s rich wife was too busy for him, that she didn’t pay him any allowance, that he had a child to care for and tens of thousands to be paid to the 7 or 8 caretakers at home, that Nathan’s yearly fees in university cost a good sum of money, that Michael’s sister was retarded and couldn’t take care of herself, that his brother-in-law lazed around while feeding off the family’s money, that Michael had no choice but to act young and lively even though he was past his forties, just to snatch a few jobs over from his juniors… Cooper felt bad for Michael. He felt so bad for his son-in-law that he nearly donated some money to him.

Eventually, Michael managed to get Carmen into an audition for ‘Doctor Invincible 2’ to play the role of a superhero who was stuck in a child’s body forever. The role was a sidekick for the Justice League in the movie, and there were only a few scenes in which the hero would appear. They didn’t plan to have a stand-alone movie for this superhero either. They were hosting global auditions for child actors and actresses—anyone between ages 3 to 10 were welcome to join. They accepted both genders and both black and white-skinned participants initially. With a little urging from both Michael and Harry, the production team finally decided to take in Cethosians as well. This particular superhero film had been ongoing for more than 10 years and had released more than 20 blockbuster films. It practically created a cinematic universe of its own, bringing in all the most famous celebrities from across the globe. The competition was strong even for a tiny role like this.

All of the child celebrities across the world were excited about the news. Michael personally brought Carmen for the auditions. He tried his best to secure her a slot in the auditions, but whether she could outshine the other hundreds of famous child celebrities that were competing against her would depend on her own abilities. Cooper eagerly tagged along with them, while Sophia only kept herself updated on the audition through her phone as she was simply too busy with her work at Bayside City.

Currently, the most important project she had on her plate was to claim the rights to be the only licensed agent for Dragon Eye in the whole of Cethos. However, Alice was a fair and just individual—she wouldn’t just hand the rights over simply because Sophia had some influential background. It ultimately depended on Sophia’s own skills. There were probably a large number of competitors fighting to be the licensed agent since it was such a great financial opportunity. There were a number of competitors that Sophia was aware of, namely Sandra, Ian, and Lucy…

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