My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 970

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 970

Sandra frowned, but then loosened her brows and said to everyone, “Everyone, please sit down. The award ceremony is about to begin!”
Today was Nicholai’s stage. Not only did he win two awards, but he also got the endorsement for the new version of Dragon Eye. What could Michael and Sophia do at this time?
They were just inviting humiliation by coming!

Today, she was going to return all the humiliation Sophia once gave her!

On the red carpet, Harry and Sarah appeared hand-in-hand. They were husband and wife, so they would definitely appear together. Today, their outfits were very well-fitted and well-matched—Harry wore a black suit while Sarah wore a fiery red dress. They walked across the red carpet at their own pace.

Next to appear was Michael and Sophia, walking hand-in-hand as well. Nowadays, there were a lot of rumors that they were divorced, but it was not Sophia who was leaving without taking anything, but Michael being dumped instead. Michael was said to be miserable, but today, as he appeared on the scene, he still looked proud of his success, and his temperament refined. He was wearing a gray suit which was luxurious yet low-key and sophisticated, and it matched well with Sophia’s elegant pale yellow dress.

Sophia had her chest puffed out and her abdomen sucked in, and her posture was elegant. Even after giving birth, she was still curvy in all the right places and still bore the body of a young girl. Except for her bust that was larger than before, she didn’t seem to have changed much.

Today, her makeup was elegant yet simple, completely different from the group of actresses who were contending for supreme beauty. Even if she only applied a little makeup, it still couldn’t hide her refined temperament and beauty. When she lost her memories, her temperament had completely changed, and the once inexperienced Sophia Edwards had transformed into a real social elite who was elegant and showed off her noble upbringing in every gesture.

When the two appeared in high profile, they immediately attracted a group of photographers who started taking their pictures. Under the high-resolution camera, even without the help of a Beauty Filter, they still looked great, flawless and perfect.

The fans’ exclamations sounded, and the critics were already dumbfounded.

Where was the ugly woman they heard about?

Didn’t the rumors say that Michael was in a rut after being dumped?

The two had appeared holding hands and very tacitly stayed on the red carpet for only a moment. With their fingers interlocking, the pair of wedding rings were very conspicuous. Occasionally, they would exchange glances, and it was obvious that they were very in love with each other.

When you loved someone, your eyes would shine, and at this moment, Sophia’s eyes were full of dazzling brilliance.

The two stayed on the red carpet for a while, and after earning enough looks and being photographed enough, they entered the award ceremony venue.

At this moment, the Internet was going crazy!

What was that about them being divorced and Michael not getting even a single penny? It was all false!

The staff from the film crew of ‘The Winter Breakthrough’ all showed up on the Internet and shared with everyone what it meant to “have my boss fall in love with me”.

Have you ever seen someone get on a plane to give their spouse their lunchbox?

Have you ever seen a wife who, in order to give her husband a hot meal, had flown dogs from Alaska to where he was working so that they could fetch the meal for him?

Although Taylor no longer had Mark Fletcher to back him, he still had his wife!

Stanley, who was playing on his mobile phone and munching on some melon seeds, immediately brightened up when he saw Michael and Sophia.

The show was about to start!

Michael and Sophia, as well as Harry and Sarah, came in one after the other. With one glance, Sarah already figured out that her seat had been switched. Sandra was sitting smugly in the first row, looking at ease and having no intention to give up the seats even though they had arrived.

“You’ve gone too far! This isn’t where all of you should be seated!”

Sarah immediately wanted to get her seat back immediately. She strided toward Sandra, pointed at the seat and said, “Get out of that seat!”

When she lost her temper, even Harry couldn’t control her.

Sandra was holding a makeup kit and touching up her makeup. She didn’t even give Sarah a look. “Why are you asking me to get up? Is this seat yours?”

Sarah spoke aggressively, “These seats were reserved for Michael and Harry. What right do you guys have to sit in them? Get up!”

Sandra didn’t move and just lazily closed her makeup kit. “But according to the seating schedule, these are our seats,” she said smugly. “And your seats… are behind.”

She pointed her finger to the very back. She had deliberately moved the seats of Michael and the rest to the last row, where D-listers and the mistresses and sugar babies of sponsors were seated.

The D-list celebrities were all laughing inwardly.

They were already obsolete celebrities, so instead of sitting in the front, they should just obediently sit at the very back!

This was just how the entertainment industry was. If you became old news today, tomorrow, you would be seated at the bench and had all your endorsements and film roles snatched away, and the day after, you would become their stunt double!

People needed to know their own situation.

Harry also tugged at Sarah. He didn’t want her to argue with these people.

During the dispute, Sophia and Michael arrived. When Sandra saw Sophia coming, she said loudly, “Sorry, the seating arrangements today are very strict. According to popularity, your seats are at the end.”

Sophia stopped. She glanced at Sandra and the others who were sitting in the first row and spoke loudly as well. “Michael and Harry’s ‘The National Treasury Action’ has earned 1 billion US dollars in the box office globally. How much was yours?”

As soon as this sentence came out, no one dared to speak up while Nicholai looked extremely embarrassed.

He had used ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ to reinvent himself and acted in several blockbuster movies, but only one of the so-called blockbusters barely exceeded one billion in box office sales. Even if he added up all the sales of the films he starred in over the years, it was not as high as the single film Michael and Harry made.

Furthermore, the ratings for ‘I Am The Village Chief’ that Michael had a cameo role in surpassed all of the reality shows Nicholai had guest starred in.

Sandra scoffed silently.

They are bragging about their box office sales, but so what?

They still failed to get the endorsement for Dragon Eye.

Just when she was about to retort, Sophia took Michael’s arm and said softly, “Hubby, you are over the hill. Let’s not sit in the first row and go to the back.”

Michael followed her lead. “Let’s give the first row to the popular young’uns!”

“It’s good you have some self-acknowledgement!” Sandra sneered.

Under the cynical and gloating eyes of many D-listers, Michael and Sophia went to the last row, and Harry also dragged the aggrieved Sarah to the last row as well.

Sandra sat in the first row, triumphant and supercilious.

Stanley, who was sitting in the second row, widened his eyes in anticipation as he had a feeling that the show was about to begin.

The award ceremony was about to start, and the people who were to be seated in the first row came out of the lounge one after another.

The first row was supposed to only be occupied by some veteran artists and leaders, but seeing that there were three youngsters who had each won an Oscar for Cethos, they made an exception and arranged for them to sit in the first row. But today, when these highly respected old artists came out, they saw a few strangers sitting in the first row.

They could all accept it if the ones sitting there were Michael, Harry and Nicole. After all, not only did they win Oscars, but they also became world famous superstars. They exported Cethos culture to the world and increased Cethos’s cultural competitiveness. Furthermore, they had high morals and were skilled in their art, and they had respect for the older generation. But what about those people sitting there in the front row?

An old artist summoned the director to ask what was going on. When they learned that Harry and Michael were actually sitting in the last row, the group of old artists lost their calm.

If they, who were Oscar winners, were only qualified to sit in the last row, then what about them? They didn’t win any Oscars, so didn’t that mean that they didn’t have any right to sit in front as well?

The group then went to the last row regardless of the director’s obstruction and dissuasion. Among them, many were cultural leaders and senior officials of the National Radio and Television Administration who were here today as the panel of judges!

And so, for this year’s ‘Light of Cethos’ award ceremony, the first row at the center beneath the stage that was supposed to be seated by the most important guests was empty, with only Sandra, Nicholai and a few others sitting there.

Meanwhile, the heavyweight guests were all sitting in the last row.

In an instant, everyone in the audience, except for those in the last row, were all sitting on pins and needles.

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