My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 969

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 969

Sam stretched out his arms and said sincerely to Nicole, “My seat is in the second row and it’s weird to sit alone. Would you like to come with me and have some melon seeds?”
Nicole couldn’t help but smile. Taking Sam’s arm, the two went to the second row, sat beside Stanley and Sean, and feasted on melon seeds while waiting for the show.
Sandra’s team had stepped on Michael like this, and when the Mad Hubby Protector Sophia came online, with her personality, it would be strange if she didn’t tear Sandra to shreds on the spot!

Ian took advantage of the opportunity that was presented to him and moved to Nicole’s old seat to sit with Lucile in the first row.

Helplessly, Sam looked at Ian, who after being deceived of his money was now tempted by the opposite sex. He gave an irritated tut, angry at Ian for not being better.

Recently, Vincent and Ian were both miserably deceived by fake Lucile. They gave money, houses, cars, yachts and shares to her, but she still ignored them and deliberately fished for more. In truth, she had already prepared who knew how many spares behind their backs.

The fake Lucile was a bit too good at this. She had deceived both the Mitchell Family and the Edwards Family and had them playing to her tune, but what could Sam do?

He could do nothing but much on melon seeds and enjoy the show.

Maddie was also here today as a staff member. Seeing that the first row was seated by the hateful group of people, she was so angry that she was about to rush forward. Stanley quickly pulled her to a stop. “Auntie, calm down. Don’t get yourself involved because there will be a good show in a short while.”

Today, Sophia would be giving a special performance. It would not be good for them to start the show before the main lead appeared. Maddie was indignant, but she was finally persuaded by Stanley to leave in the end.

Everyone could only watch as Sam and Nicole left hand-in-hand. Each and every one of them were furious and wanted nothing more than to swallow Nicole alive.

Why is that slut Nicole able to talk to Master Sam and sit with him? Where did she get the guts to do so?

As everyone looked at Nicole bitterly, she straightened her back and accepted the many criticisms indifferently. She had become accustomed to such things.

Her dark history couldn’t be washed away, but she could face it!

At this moment, a hand gently held her cold hand. His fingers intertwined with hers, and gently clasped her hand in turn.

Nicole looked at Sam who was next to her, and saw that he had his head raised and was looking at the busy podium, pretending as if he didn’t know her, and occasionally talked to Sean next to him. However, his hand was holding her hand the whole time.

His warm palm conveyed warmth, which transmitted straight into Nicole’s heart. This was the first time that she felt this kind of warmth…

Sandra returned to her seat, angrily engraving the memory of Sam ignoring her in her mind. How dare he humiliate me in front of Lucile and Abby?

Luckily, Lucile and Abby’s attention was not on Sam, but on the stage.

Ian and Vincent, two young masters from aristocratic families, were following an unfamiliar foreign woman around at the same time. Many celebrities had already seen them, and someone asked about Lucile’s identity through a roundabout manner. At this time, Sandra couldn’t help but raise her chin, showing off incomparable arrogance. She couldn’t wait to tell the whole world that she was good friends with Lucile Michel, but at this moment, she still had to keep them in suspense and deliberately viciously scolded the actress who came to inquire.

“Don’t ask about things you shouldn’t. You just need to know that she is out of your league!”

The actress shrank in fear. A group of celebrities also realized that Lucile’s status was noble because she had two young masters from aristocratic families fawning over her at the same time. Naturally, her status would not be low.

When Abby saw that a group of female stars were in awe of herself, she was even more smug. She deliberately took out her latest model of Dragon Eye mobile phone and prominently displayed it. The only thing she didn’t do was disclose her identity.

Dragon Eye had reached the sixth generation, and not just anyone could use it. The seventh generation and the affordable version of the first generation model would be released soon, but the new models had not begun sales yet. Abby and fake Lucile only had the sixth generation, and Sandra also showed off her “Dragon Eye 6”.

The female stars with keen eyes naturally could recognize that the phones were Dragon Eyes, and they immediately began to pass along the news quietly. After spreading the news around, everyone knew that the phone Sandra was using was Dragon Eye, and they also guessed the last names of the two young ladies next to her.

It turned out that Sandra had such good resources, she could directly connect with the elites of the Michel Family. It seemed that the matter of Nicholai Gates becoming spokesperson for Michel mobile phones was now certain!

At the critical moment, Gates silently took out a Dragon Eye mobile phone that no one had seen before, turned on the camera function and took a few pictures of the stage, and arranged his hair while he was at it.

He was a popular star, and everyone paid attention to his every move. At this moment, just as he took out the brand-new Dragon Eye, someone immediately exclaimed, “What kind of mobile phone is this?

Sandra was waiting for this and immediately answered in place of Nicholai. “What else could it be? It’s the latest model of Dragon Eye, of course.”

Everyone was amazed.

Since Nicholai dared to take it out openly, it must be the real deal!

It seemed that this was the consumer version of the ‘Dragon Eye’ that was soon to be released in Cethos!

Nicholai Gates truly did get the endorsement for Dragon Eye! He even had a phone in hand. This was the first time the new version of Dragon Eye had appeared publicly in Cethos!

This was big news!

The female stars all vied to take photos with Nicholai, who showed off his Dragon Eye appropriately and even tweeted with it. He posted today’s live photos online and also deliberately exposed his phone’s model on Twitter, as if he couldn’t wait to tell the world that he had won the endorsement for the phone!

After a while, news of this had spread all over chat groups in the circle. After finding out that Sandra and Glory Entertainment was collaborating with Michel Group, and that Nicholai had succeeded in getting the super high-end endorsement for Dragon Eye, they all came scurrying to curry favor.


Stanley snorted and took out his new Dragon Eye 7 and glanced at the time.

Sean also took out his black Dragon Eye 7 and took a look at the time.

Nicole frowned, then took out her pink Dragon Eye 7 out as well to check the time.

Looking left and right with his Dragon Eye 6 in hand, Sam was very disgruntled. “Why do you all have Dragon Eye 7?”

Stanley looked at the phone seriously and said, “Master Sam, relax. It doesn’t have any notable new features. Only the appearance has changed, and a Beauty Mode and pupil recognition system were added.”

Sean smiled. “You can ask Sophia for one. They have so many in their house that they are using them as table footrests. The one I have here was used just for that purpose.”

Sam was very angry, thinking that he needed to go to Sophia’s house today to grab one!

Meanwhile, Sandra was rolling in success and praised by everyone. She had gotten this top resource for her artist and spread news of it in the industry in an instant. No one would dare to underestimate her ever again.

But at this moment, someone sent news over.

“Mr. Murray and Mr. Winston have arrived with their wives.”

Taylor Murray and Sophia Edwards are here?

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