My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 968

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 968

The staff member was in a quandary. “I don’t think that wouldn’t be proper. Our seats are all arranged in advance and we are very particular about it.”
Sandra’s expression instantly turned cold. “Those two are yesterday’s news. What right do they have to sit in the first row? Today, Nicholai Gates owns the stage. Don’t you know how things should be arranged? You’re so bad at your job! To be so blind!”
“Go and call your supervisor here. If you don’t change our seats, we’ll refuse to accept the award today!”

The staff was so scared he scurried off to find the director. Sandra and Nicholai were already sitting in the seats of Taylor and Harry shamelessly. Many people in the second and third rows looked at them. Although they were very dissatisfied with this, they couldn’t do anything about it. So, they went to take photos with Nicholai instead.

After all, the entertainment industry was full of cases where people praised those in favor, and those who were not were trampled on.

Artists who were yesterday’s news should be trampled on!

They shouldn’t be sitting in the first row as it would just be embarrassing!

Soon, the on-site director came, fawning over and bowing down to them. He immediately changed Taylor and Harry’s name to Sandra and Nicholas’s, and the two sat down openly.

This time round, since Taylor and Harry were going to attend the award ceremony, the organizers had specially reserved seats for their wives, but now these seats had been replaced with Vincent and Lucile’s name. Sandra would grab any opportunity she could to create a chance for Vincent. Thus, Lucile and Vincent also sat down in the first row and whispered to each other. Lucile would occasionally lower her head and giggle.

Ian sat behind them instead, envious and jealous. Stanley sat next to him, watching sourly while eating melon seeds along with Sean.

The seniors in the first row had not come yet as they might be having a rest in the lounge. In the first row, besides Sandra and her entourage who sat triumphantly there, sat Nicole, who was the only female Oscar winner in Cethos. She was last year’s winner for the Best Female Artist.

Seeing that the seats of Michael and the others were occupied in this way, Nicole raised her head and glanced at the few people who were acting smug, her eyes completely unreadable.

Sandra had seen her early on. Before Nicole spoke, she exaggeratedly covered her mouth and nose. “Oh, my goodness, why is there a stinky smell here? Do you all smell it?”

However, she was obviously looking at Nicole.

Abbie glanced at Nicole, knowing what Sandra wanted to do, and deliberately covered her mouth and nose exaggeratedly as well. “Yeah, it’s such a bad smell! It’s like the stench of a public toilet!”

Because Sandra was now an executive at Glory Entertainment, a group of artists quickly started to butter her up. They echoed after her and began to cover their mouths and noses, talking loudly.

“I heard that Richard Harper died of AIDS. Previously, he slept with plenty of female stars before! Who knows whether the person who he slept with is clean?”

“Most likely not. If one catches that sort of disease, their lives would be over!”

“I heard that people who contract AIDS will retaliate against society. Oh, I’m so scared!”

Everyone looked at Nicole while they spole. She was obviously the target of their scorn.

Nicole glanced at the faces of those miscreants but did not speak. She continued to look at her mobile phone, not wanting to fall into their trap.

But Sandra wouldn’t let her go.

She felt the air getting dirty just sitting with this sort of woman.

“Lucile, do you know who that person is over there?” Sandra said purposefully to Lucile who was next to her.

Lucile really didn’t know. Speaking in bad Cethosian, she said, “That person is…”

Sandra deliberately said loudly, “She’s a well-known socialite who specializes in sleeping with men for favors! She managed to get the female lead role in many blockbuster films. I really don’t know how such a prostitute became so famous!”

Lucile then dawned in understanding and recognized that she was Nicole Walker. Nicole was very famous abroad. Just now, the fake Lucile really didn’t recognize Nicole for a while.

Nicole didn’t look up nor speak. Instead, she focused on looking at her mobile phone, but even she didn’t know what she was looking at.


This was probably the reason why Cooper did not accept her. Even she disliked herself, let alone Cooper.

How she wished she could go back to the day when she first met Cooper. She would definitely boldly say to him, Mr. Cooper, I want to go with you. Can you please take me away?

Even if she was rejected, she would still be happy. At least she would have talked with him.

Furthermore, she would not have agreed to attend the agency’s request for dinner because of a role in the near future, nor would she have gone astray.

Seeing that Nicole was being bullied, Stanley stopped nibbling on the melon seeds and was ready to call Nicole to come sit with him, but to his surprise, an unexpected person walked in from outside.

The man was dressed in a tailored black suit. He was still handsome and looked young even though he was in his forties, and he aged like fine wine. People would let out small exclamations wherever he went.

“It’s Master Sam! The Master of the Edwards Family has arrived!”

Sandra and the others naturally heard the exclamations. They stood up and looked at the approaching Sam, their eyes full of surprise.

Sam Edwards was once the youngest congressman and almost became the youngest president ever, but he abandoned politics and went into business after his defeat in the presidential election. Now, not only was he rich, but he also had industries all over the world and possessed extraordinary influence in the political world.

He was also one of the most eligible bachelors in Cethos. He was handsome, tasteful, rich and powerful. He was the coveted partner of all female stars in Cethos.

At this moment, seeing that Sam was coming, a group of actresses prepared themselves and swarmed up to him like bees to honey.

Sandra also greeted Sam with a smile. Although she and Ian had divorced, the Edwards Family and the Mitchell Family were still very friendly with each other. She thought that she was completely different from the rest of the female stars, all of whom were hoping to get Sam’s attention, and that Sam would definitely greet her.

“Master Sam, you came as well?”

But unexpectedly, Sam completely disregarded her and passed by her and the group of female stars directly, not even giving them a glance.

Sandra’s smile stiffened on her face.

When Lucile saw that such an extraordinary man had arrived, she stood up too and said hello, but she was ignored by Sam as well.

On the other side, Nicole was still looking at her phone in a daze, completely unaware of what was going on. Then, she heard a clear male voice from above her.

“Miss Walker, what are you doing sitting here by yourself?”

Nicole raised her head from her phone and saw the face of Sam, her husband who she had been married to for exactly half a month in a shotgun wedding.

Although it was a hidden marriage and their relationship had not made any substantial progress, Nicole’s heart still warmed that someone would take the initiative to talk to her at this time. She smiled, “I came early. What are you doing here?”

She had thought that Sam wouldn’t come.

When they got married, Sam originally wanted to throw a grand wedding, but Nicole refused. She didn’t want to embarrass Sam with her identity and past. She thought that he would avoid this type of occasion and she didn’t expect him to come, let alone take the initiative to talk to her.

She stood up, raised her chin slightly, and looked at Sam, who was about ten centimeters taller than herself, and the two unexpectedly looked like a perfect match.

Sam had not planned on coming today, but when he thought of how some miscreants would talk behind her back, he came anyway. He was her husband! If he didn’t protect her, who would?

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