My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 966

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 966

In that dark past, when the future looked bleak, Nicole could not find a way out, and in her most desperate moment, she thought of him.
She had thought of just giving up many times, but every time she looked at that photo of him, she gained endless motivation once more.
But now, she was going to abandon her belief.

She didn’t know when, but Michael was already standing at the door of the kitchen not far from her. Nicole hurriedly wiped away her tears and composed herself, then looked back at Michael with a smile. “Michael, what are you doing here?”

Michael walked toward Nicole. Looking at her, he sighed and just gave her a pat on the shoulder in the end. “Congrats on your marriage,” Michael said.

Nicole smiled, but it was very strained. “Just making do. Sam said that since I saved Sophia, he would repay me in her place. I’m not married, and he’s not married, so we decided to make do with each other.”

Nicole had asked Michael about what he thought of her and Sam getting married. She only agreed to Sam’s proposal after she got Michael’s approval.

In truth, she and Sam didn’t really have deep feelings for one another and were just teaming up with each other.

Michael didn’t know what to talk about with Nicole. Whenever he saw Nicole, he would think of his mother.

Just like Nicole, Elizabeth also had an unbearable past and had gone astray. In the end, she managed to get back on the right path with her own efforts, had her own career, and met the love of her life.

One might say that Elizabeth was lucky, but that wasn’t really true. She fell in love with Theo and had gained his love, but in the end, she had also given her life for him.

As for Nicole, while she did not gain Cooper’s love, at least she had a good life.

In recent years, Nicole’s ability grew more and more prominent. Not only had her acting skills greatly improved, but she also became the first actress in Cethos to win an Oscar, and her fame was well-known all over the world. She was also very good at managing a company and managed Imperial Entertainment very well. She was one of Michael’s most capable people, and he also hoped that she could be happy.

On the other side, Cooper and Sam bumped into each other. The two set up all the equipment for the movies together. When they were done, Cooper patted Sam’s shoulder appreciatively, and said, “Congratulations on your wedding.”

Sam didn’t know how to react.

After all, Sam’s proposal to Nicole was something orchestrated by Cooper.

Cooper knew of Nicole’s feelings for himself, but the number of women who had feelings for him could circle the globe multiple times if they lined up. From young maidens to mature married women, he was a heartthrob to all, but besides Nicole, he was dismissive of all of them.

After all, Nicole had endured many hardships to deliver his precious baby to him. Without her, it was possible that the father and daughter would never have seen each other ever again. Cooper might never have known that he had two daughters.

He owed her.

He wasn’t put off by her past and her job, but in his heart, he only had room for Annabel and no one else.

“She’s a good woman. I’ll take good care of her.”

The words came from Sam’s heart. He was marrying her not because she had saved Sophia, nor because Cooper had requested it. He and Nicole had known each other for a long time, and he knew her very well. She was also indeed the type of woman he liked. As for their feelings for each other, they could cultivate it slowly.

Very quickly, the nutritious breakfast was ready and served to the kids. Everyone headed to the cafeteria together to eat with the kids.

This orphanage had Nicole protecting it from behind the scenes, so the lives of the children were very secure. They had plenty to eat, were very healthy and lively, and had very good personalities. Children were abandoned at the orphanage every month, but every month, the orphanage had children adopted by suitable families too.

In the morning, Michael played a movie for everyone. It was a children’s fantasy blockbuster in which he guest-starred as a kind-hearted fairy prince. The character was very popular among children, and Michael had even worn the costume of the fairy prince here.

After the movie ended, everyone began handing the presents out to the children, who were overjoyed.

In the afternoon, they did exciting activities such as rope skipping and singing. They had also prepared performances.

Michael performed a martial arts routine for everyone, Harry was pushed on stage to sing the theme song of ‘Dr. Invincible vs. Pleasant Goat’ with Sarah, and Sophia performed the Fletcher Family’s traditional little bear dance that she learned from Carmen. She did her best to show the dance to the children.

Even Cooper was forced on stage to perform. He picked up the piano that he hadn’t played for many years.

Today, there were no outsiders, and the only people there were all acquaintances, so everyone could let go.

Nicole asked someone to take a photo of them with a Polaroid camera and then hung the group photo on the wall.

While the men packed up the equipment, Sophia looked at the group photo on the photo wall and saw that it was very beautiful. Everyone in the photo was smiling sweetly, and even Cooper had a small smile on his face. Michael stood beside Cooper and had his hand on Cooper’s shoulder, acting like buddies, and Cooper didn’t look angry at all. It seemed that the relationship between father and son-in-law was going well.

“Huh? Why are so many group photos missing?”

Sophia remembered that there were many group photos on the photo wall before, but looking at it now, half of them were missing. Even the photos of some celebrities who had come to do charity were gone.

Nicole answered, “In the past, many celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs used to donate money for public welfare, but now they are all rejected, and only those we are familiar with are allowed to come in.”

The orphanage was not a place for some people to build hype and show off. In the past, due to many twists and turns, the orphanage became a place where politicians and celebrities used to build or clean their image. Now, Nicole generally did not allow celebrities and politicians to come to the orphanage for activities. At most, just like today, they would get a few acquaintances to come over and make things lively.

That was why so many of the group photos on the wall had been taken down, and only people who sincerely did things for charity would have their photos taken and put on the wall as a memorial. Nicole also introduced some familiar faces to Sophia.

Nicole suddenly pointed to a group photo and said, “Look, this is your university teacher, Quinton Clark. He used to come by every month and kept at it for many years. He came even earlier than you. Later…”

Later, he died and never came again.

Quinton Clark…

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat. She looked at the group photo, on which was the face of an unfamiliar man. It was Quinton’s old face. Later, he died saving people and was given a big burial.

Nicole pointed to another photo and said, “I don’t know the name of this person. He is a Chinese medical doctor. He has been donating money to us for several years, but he has only been to the orphanage once.”

Following her finger, Sophia saw Quinton’s face again, but his current face was very similar to Theo Fletcher’s. He was sitting among a bunch of children with two of them on his lap, wearing a very kind smile on his face. He didn’t look like a professional killer at all.

Sophia really didn’t know how to react. Staring at the photo blankly, tears threatened to well up in her eyes.

Quinton Clark, what kind of person are you?

After bidding farewell to Nicole and Sam, everyone went back to their homes. After returning home, Sophia worked hard again. Cooper was in a good mood today and finally budged. He promised not to interfere with the mobile phone endorsement, but whether Michael could win the role of spokesperson for the endorsement or not depended on his own ability.

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