My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 965

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 965

Every year, the kids from the orphanage would write a wish list for the New Year, and Sophia and Michael would prepare gifts for them. Later, when Sophia left, Michael still continued on with this tradition every year. Harry and Sarah would also help out a bit. Last year, even Joel had joined in.
The orphanage was located in the suburbs. It was not a particularly prosperous place, so they had a large area to themselves. It used to be a dilapidated place. After making money in these years, Nicole Walker, with the support of everyone, moved the orphanage to new buildings that had better facilities. There used to be only a few volunteers, but now that there was money to pay wages, there were more full-time staff.
Nicole relied on her influence and connections to find better homes for the orphans. Some people, attracted by the orphanage’s reputation, came to adopt children, while others would leave their children at its doorstep.

Sophia set off very early today. When she arrived at the entrance of the orphanage, there was no one nearby, but just as the car was being parked, she saw someone abandoning their child in the trash can at the entrance of the orphanage and running away.

It was the New Year, but her heart turned cold at this.

When everyone got out of the car, Michael hurried forward and picked up the child. The child was crying very loudly, but there was nothing wrong with it. The child was a girl. She was wearing a pair of thin socks, and her feet were red from the cold.

Cooper was furious too. To think someone would throw away such an adorable child! They were less than beasts!

Curses rang from the group at the doorway of the orphanage. They each picked up the child and had a good look, and unknowingly came to a common ground.

They carried the child into the orphanage, and she was taken away by a staff member there. Everyone was very upset to have something like this happen just when they arrived at the orphanage, but seeing the lively and lovely appearance of the children, everyone still felt a little comforted.

Nicole was usually busy with work and didn’t visit the orphanage often, but she had a few days off work during the New Year and had been staying at the orphanage. Since there were some distinguished guests coming today, Nicole had been waiting for their arrival.

Because it was a charity work, everyone wanted to take part in the work themselves. Michael wanted to play movies for the children and had brought all the needed equipment over. Several able-bodied men installed the equipment in a classroom. Sophia urged Cooper to go with him and work together, hoping that maybe it could improve their relationship. She thought of it as team building today.

The women, on the other hand, went to experience making breakfast and pastries for the children.

But unexpectedly, Sophia actually saw an unexpected person in the orphanage.

“Master Sam, what are you doing here?”

Not long ago, Sam Edwards wanted to hook up with Sophia, but Cooper found out and chased him away. He had also snatched their dog away. Sam hadn’t appeared in front of Sophia since then, and she didn’t expect him to be in the orphanage today.

Sam was being pestered by a few kids. They were calling him “Papa Sam”.

“I’m here to help,” Sam chuckled.

Sam busied himself in the kitchen, then went to the classroom to help install the film equipment.

Everyone in the kitchen continued to bake bread and make a nutritious breakfast. Nicole put on a facemask and had her head bowed down, preparing breakfast seriously, but Sophia could tell that she had something on her mind. Ever since Sam came, she had been keeping silent.

Sophia couldn’t help but ask, “Nicole, what’s the matter? Is it because of that abandoned baby girl just now?”

Any humane person would be furious if they saw someone abandoning a child at the doorstep in the early morning.

But Nicole shook her head. Even though she was not wearing any makeup, she still looked very young and beautiful. “I’m used to such things,” Nicole said. “The orphanage picks up children every month, and the relevant departments will also send children to us that no one wants. I will work hard to find suitable families for them…”

She paused for a moment, then continued, “Sam and I got married a year ago.”

As soon as the words came out of her lips, the kitchen instantly grew silent. Everyone gaped.

Nicole and Sam… They weren’t close to each other at all! How did they get married to one another? And there had been no news of this whatsoever!

Sophia was also shocked. From Nicole’s words, she could hear her desolation and helplessness.

Although she didn’t know how Nicole and Sam got together and got married, she knew that the one Nicole liked was Cooper.

She had liked him for more than a decade already. After the encounter abroad that year, Cooper held a place deep in her heart. Although she had never forgotten him even after so many years, she was now getting married.

Nicole was about thirty-five years old this year. For a successful movie star, this was still her golden age. She was also at the pinnacle of her career, so it was a bit weird that she would suddenly get married.

Was she after Sam’s power and influence?

But Nicole was not that sort of person at all. As an Oscar winner, although she had a dark history, she was born in an orphanage and had reached where she was today through hard work. From a local drama heroine to an Oscar winner, everyone had seen the efforts she put in. She had always been low-key and had little to no scandals to her name. There were few people who would besmirch her, and she was very popular abroad and had outstanding box office performances for her movies. Many foreign blockbuster movies wanted her to play the female lead, while many domestic famous A-list celebrities could not even take a slice of it.

Besides that, Nicole also had many successful people who were not weaker than Sam who wanted to pursue her, so how did she end up getting married to Sam?

It wasn’t to say that Sam wasn’t worthy of her. Their household and status were a match for each other, so there wasn’t a problem if they got together, but it was so sudden that Sophia was caught off guard.

She really wanted to ask Nicole if she was really over Cooper.

But in the end, she didn’t ask. The two continued to quietly bake bread.

Sophia had also once thought of working hard to bring Nicole and Cooper together. Cooper was only forty-five years old this year. For a successful man, this was also his golden age. Her mother, Annabel Johnson, only lived in his memories up till they were eighteen, which meant he had been alone for more than 20 years. He was still young and had about forty-five years to live. He shouldn’t just live alone like this.

But Sophia also understood in her heart that Cooper’s love really only lived when he was eighteen. That year, his heart died. With her mother’s departure, he had lost his ability to love.

It was pointless to try to get them together, and it would only delay Nicole.

It was also a good thing that Nicole had now found a harbor for herself.

Once she accepted the fact they were married, Sophia found that the two of them were really a good match. Their ages were not much different, and marrying an Oscar winner was also very helpful to Sam’s career. It would help spread his career all over the world and not be confined only to Cethos. Nicole’s fame was greater abroad than at home, and she was a leading figure among Chinese actresses in the world. The two were a powerful combination, and they would be impeccable together.

Nicole had a lot of dark history, but she was helpless at the time and had no other choice.

Not everyone could be with who they wanted, and regrets would always exist.

“Congratulations on your wedding!” Sophia managed to say.

Nicole was wearing a mask and had her head bowed as she baked bread. She didn’t have the time to spare, but she still took the time to answer, “Thank you, but unfortunately, we hid our marriage, and we only got the certificate. The Edwards Family hasn’t been notified yet. We haven’t planned for the wedding and the banquet either, but I will definitely invite you to dinner another day.”

After she baked the bread, she went to the kitchen next door to check on the nutritional porridge.

After looking around and making sure that there was no one else, Nicole raised her head. Two streams of tears that could no longer be held back flowed from the corner of her eyes.

How could she have stopped loving someone whom she had loved for more than ten years in just a few days?

However, she understood. Even if she continued to love, it wouldn’t bear any fruit.

This would be the last time she shed tears for Cooper.

She didn’t make a sound as she cried, letting the tears fall down her cheeks. The veins on her forehead bulged, and the pain in her heart seemed to have flowed away with her tears.

Ever since seeing him at that airport more than ten years ago, this peculiar man had become her belief—her belief for living.

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