My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 964

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 964

Sophia knew very early on about Michel Group entering the Cethos mobile phone market. Michel Group used to sell high-end mobile phones that cost tens of thousands each, and their customers were gold-collar workers and successful business people. But now, Michel mobile phones were starting to enter the Cethos market. In addition to their usual sales of high-end business phones, they were also going to release a mid-end phone globally, including in Cethos. The price was similar to those sold by Apple in the same range. At present, although their official website had pictures of the phone, details of it were still kept confidential and it was not available for sale yet.
The mobile phone’s insignia was a dragon eye, and the Michel mobile phone was called “Dragon Eye”.
If one wanted to sell Dragon Eye in China, a well-known spokesperson was needed to bring in the sales. Becoming the spokesperson for Dragon Eye was also beneficial for a celebrity. It could help them raise their fame and status in the entertainment world. Sophia thought of her ‘wild husband’ when she found out there was such a good opportunity.

Alice had also said that the spokesperson would be selected from a pool of male artists with a particular reputation and temperament. Among this pool of artists were Michael, Harry and Nicholas.

But here was the problem. Cooper would not allow Michael to accept this endorsement.

Both Michael and Harry would not accept the job, so Alice had to select another person from that pool of male artists. Her staff had already contacted Nicholas and the other artists’ agencies, but they hadn’t reached a decision yet.

A few days later, another gossip appeared online, saying that the spokesperson for the Michel mobile phone had been chosen, and it was to be Nicholai Gates. Taylor Murray and Harry Winston were just hearsay, or rather, these two thought that they could win the endorsement, so they had released the news in advance to build hype. Unexpectedly, the company thought that they were not popular enough, and that as old male stars, they no longer had any appeal, so they were not good enough to be spokespersons.

After it was reported that Michael and Harry were going to be the spokespersons, their popularity rose and they were often the topic of conversations. Now the winds had turned, and all of this had paved the way for Nicholas to take over the endorsement!

The previous news was actually released by Nicholas’s team deliberately. They rode on Michael and Harry’s fame, but they attacked them at the same time!

It was truly disgusting!

“Dad, just let Mikey take over this endorsement, ok? Dad—”

Sophia almost got down on her knees and begged Cooper. She behaved like a spoiled child and shook his arm.

Cooper, however, was unmoved. “No, he isn’t suitable for the role! I won’t agree to it!” he said.

Even though Michael was sitting right there at the side, Cooper was still direct with his words.

Michael had been staying over at Cooper’s home for New Year celebrations. Right now, he was scratching his nose and didn’t dare to say anything. Before, when he needed to go abroad for filming, he was afraid that Sophia would really forget about him, so he accepted a lot of moronic endorsements. Although playing the fool succeeded in making Sophia remember him, this had also caused Cooper to have quite the impression of him, and not the good kind.

Does he dislike me so much?

Even if he did endorse a stainless steel wash basin before, it was still a stainless steel wash basin produced by a world-renowned bathroom brand.

A normal celebrity wouldn’t have been able to get such an endorsement!

Even the Queen of England used stuff from this brand. It was a very big brand!

It wasn’t demeaning at all!

Of course, he just complained inwardly. He then looked at Carmen, and his eyes motioned to Carmen for help. After all, two was better than one.

With a pitter-patter of footsteps, Carmen ran toward Cooper and started acting cute. “Grandpa, please let Daddy have this endorsement. Daddy will be able to earn lots of money and buy tons of candy for me.”

Cooper knew that Michael would send Carmen over, but this time round, Carmen had no effect on him.

“Come here, Carmen. Let Grandpa tell you a piece of good news!”

Cooper hugged Carmen and said happily, “Grandpa specially had a children’s watch made for you. You can use it to make calls. It will be available for sale this winter and when the time comes, Grandpa will let you be a junior spokesperson!”

Carmen was overjoyed and she said happily, “Then can I bring Ashton with me?”

Cooper nodded, and Carmen ran away happily. She wanted to share the news with her friends and had thrown Michael to the back of her head!

Michael was speechless.

All that effort raising her was a waste.

Sophia spent a long time trying to persuade Cooper, but Cooper refused to budge, making her frustrated.

She also didn’t feel like going to Alice. Although the situation from before had been cleared up and it was revealed that Cooper had been behind it, talking with Alice had become awkward for Sophia, and she was too embarrassed to ask Alice directly.

This was the first time she was using her identity as Lucile Michel to ask for something, but unexpectedly, it didn’t go well.

She could only blame herself for not having any influence!

Seeing Nicholai Gates in the news riding on Michael’s fame while slandering him, Sophia was furious!

Fuk this sht!

I will get this endorsement no matter what!

Michael just loved to watch his dear wife getting all furious for himself. She was so cute that he just wanted to lay on top of her in bed and get all sweaty and passionate with her.

After she got it out of her system, Michael comforted her. “Forget about it, let me deal with this. You don’t need to worry.”

Michael had seen plenty of fierce competition in the business. Things like using others as stepping stones were very common, and the entertainment industry was full of fence-sitters. You could get rid of one, but there would always be more.

He made movies because he liked it, and because he wanted to inherit his mother’s mantle and become a successful movie star. He always let the box office performance of his movies speak for themselves, and he never participated in scheming behind the scenes.

He made movies for entertainment and accepted endorsements for fun. Other people, on the other hand, did it to make a living. It was natural that others would hate him for stealing their jobs.

If one wanted to make it big in the business, it was impossible to not get mixed up in some sort of struggle. The only way to not get involved in stuff like this was to get rid of all the competition.

Sophia also knew that it was impossible for a celebrity to not step on the toes of their peers in the business when trying to make it big. Some people didn’t dare to do anything publicly, so they put on an anonymous mask on the Internet and made up all sorts of scandals. It was a waste of time to deal with these people. If they dealt with Nicholai, another person would pop out and pick a fight with Michael.

However, this time, she needed to get this endorsement for Michael!

Did they think they could mess with Michael with her around?

It was unforgivable!

After resolving herself, Sophia started to plan.

On that night, everyone was watching television during family time. Sophia and Michael were sitting in a pile of wrapping paper and small gifts. They were working hard to wrap the small gifts and put bows on them. Carmen and Casper also worked hard and helped them put bows on the presents.

Cooper was at the side, watching them work for a long time. He saw that they had prepared a lot of small gifts that children liked, such as dolls, Transformers figures, Lego bricks, and game console books. After they were wrapped, Sophia even wrote New Year’s greetings on the presents.

“Baby, what are you doing?” Cooper finally couldn’t help but ask.

As she carefully wrapped the presents, Sophia replied, “I’m going to Nicole’s orphanage tomorrow to give warmth to the children. Dad, do you want to come with me?”

Cooper had no interest in doing something like spreading cheer, but he had been having trouble putting aside his pride and approaching Sophia after having a little fight with her because of the matter of Michael’s endorsement. Giving warmth to the children seemed like a good remedy, so Cooper quickly agreed.

Because they wanted to give warmth to the children, Sophia and Michael personally prepared the gifts. All of the gifts were bought according to the children’s wish list, were wrapped by them, and they even wrote the blessings. It was full of sincerity.

The next day, the gifts were packed till the car was full, and off they went to Nicole’s orphanage outside the city.

They traveled low-key and there were no reporters to accompany them, so they invited Maddie over to write an interview about the charity drive. Joel came over as well.

Naturally, Harry and Sarah came too. Sean and Stanley were also summoned to help. After everyone had gathered, they set off together. Sophia, full of confidence, treated today as a team building exercise as she wanted everyone to spend some quality time with each other.

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