My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 960

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 960

As soon as Daniel heard that voice, he was instantly startled and lost his composure as he spat out his tea.
Holding his cup, Michael looked at the woman standing at the door. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a seductive figure. Wasn’t this Alice Michel who joined the filming crew? Surely, Michael knew her identity. She was the Vice President of the Michel Group, her identity and prestige only second to Linus.
Was Daniel fortune-telling by examining… breasts?

To Michael’s knowledge, Daniel wasn’t that kind of person. Although his nickname ‘Mr. Eighty Thousand’ had been firmly established, he never had any dark past. In fact, he was honest and decent, and he was a man of taste. He would never be involved in these acts, and Michael knew this.

Despite that, it seemed like Daniel had become a completely different person when Alice showed up today. “A-Alice?” He looked like he had just seen a ghost.

Meanwhile, Sophia, who came with Alice, was also dumbfounded.

Are there such things as fortune-telling by examining breasts? And Daniel did that?

She looked at Daniel’s hands before turning to look at Alice’s breast. Then, she shifted her gaze to Casper’s black hair and Alice’s blonde hair, before looking at Daniel’s black hair. She finally connected the dots when she associated the ‘fortune-telling’ to Casper’s absent father.

This information was too overwhelming, and she had to take a moment to process it.

However, Michael pretty much figured it out in a few seconds.

First of all, Daniel’s whereabouts were always uncertain. One-third of the time, he would be at Bayside City, while other times, he would either be at Reverie Mountain or touring the world fortune-telling.

According to Sophia, Alice usually kept a low profile. Other than going to work, she travelled and did photography.

On top of that, she used to be religious and a devoted worshipper, while Daniel’s targets were usually those who were believers.

Casper was five now, which meant that six years ago…

Six years ago, there was an international metaphysical convention held by the river Seine which Daniel was invited to.

At that moment, Alice scoffed as she walked in. When she saw Daniel, she did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Mr. Psychic, this is my Mommy.”

Casper sat next to Daniel and proudly introduced her.

In complete disbelief, Daniel looked back and forth between Alice and Casper before he realized that Casper’s hair color was natural, and not dyed!

At once, his jaw dropped.

“Casper… Alice…”

His mind was completely blown as he looked at the pair of mother and son in disbelief. In fact, he did not know what to say.

Just then, Michael cleared his throat. “It’s warm in here, I’m going to get some fresh air.”

Then, he quickly left with Sophia, leaving Daniel alone to face Alice and Casper.

Sophia, who had wanted to watch the fun, was dragged away by Michael.

Then, there were only Alice, Daniel, and Casper left in the tea room.

Lifting his head, Casper looked at the two of them as his blue eyes blinked.

In fact, Alice and Linus had just returned from their business trip when they heard Casper talking about an incredible fortune teller, and that he wanted to follow him to Reverie Mountain to train as his apprentice. As such, Alice wanted to meet this fortune teller who had the ability to trick not only Cooper, but also her son. She did not expect the crook to be Daniel!

Due to Alice’s imposing aura, Daniel did not dare to speak nor breath too loudly. He felt extremely guilty when he recalled the incident where he had drunkenly taken advantage of Alice and then ran away after sobering up the next morning.

However, it had been consensual, and none of them had expected this to happen at all.

He did not actually think that Alice would get pregnant and give birth to Casper.

What was more, it never occurred to him that he would get involved with someone from the Michel Family during his encounter abroad.

“Hi… Alice…”

Summoning up his courage, Daniel smiled awkwardly and tried to liven up the mood.

Looking at him, Alice’s blue eyes were ice cold. She was comparable to an angry mother dragon, who seemed like she was going to breathe fire at Daniel and tear him to pieces at any time.

The word ‘Michel’ originally meant a kind of evil dragon, and the Michel Family had always been jokingly referred to as the ‘Evil Mitchell Family’ by Daniel.

True to its name, the evil dragon lived in Cooper and Alice, who both had the fury of a dragon as well.

Fortunately, Alice only glared at Daniel before she turned around and left, leaving Casper and Daniel behind.

After Alice turned around, her expression was completely indifferent.

Six year ago, she was a faithful worshipper and devoted herself to her religion. She lived by His will, and refrained from drinking and premarital sex. But on that fateful night, she had betrayed her God and herself when she committed the sins for an Eastern man.

Who knew that when she woke up the next day, the man was already gone.

Watching Alice go, Daniel finally took a deep breath. He looked down and saw that Casper was still staring at him.

“Mr. Psychic, do you know my Mommy?”

Gazing at the innocent Casper, Daniel did not know whether to cry or to laugh.

Casper was actually his son.

Ruffling the child’s hair that was the same color as his own, he had a lot of mixed feelings.

“I do. Of course I do.”

After they exited the house, Sophia and Michael passed through the courtyard and went into the garden to have a stroll. Originally, this was an underdeveloped area in the suburbs, but the Harper Family elders had bought a large piece of the land here to build this mansion. They had also built a man-made lake, pavilions, and also a small plum blossom garden.

The two walked hand in hand through the garden.

“Alice and Daniel together… Who knew that this would be possible?” Sophia sighed. What a small world.

“I didn’t expect that either,” Michael nodded too.

Now that they had found out Casper was Daniel’s son, this was going to be troublesome as Casper’s name was already under the Michel Family’s household registry.

Silently, Michael frowned. He didn’t know how Daniel would react to Casper, but it would be impossible for him to take Casper away from the Michel Family. If it was Carmen, Michael would have fought ruthlessly to keep his daughter!

Suddenly, Shae came and reported, “Linus is back!”

Upon hearing this, Sophia happily ran over and soon saw Linus who just came out of the garage.

Recently, Linus had been travelling overseas for work, and he even went back to his home in northern Europe along the way to deal with some matters. When he came back, he was wearing a black wool coat and a black-and-white scarf. He looked exhausted from travelling.

“Linus!” Sophia enthusiastically greeted him. When Linus saw her, he smiled gently and went up to give her a big hug.

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