My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 959

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 959

Daniel loved Casper too and felt that he was gifted. So, he said to Cooper, “I feel that this child clicks with me. Why don’t you let him come with me to the mountain? I’ll surely teach him everything I know.”
Overjoyed, Casper nodded repeatedly.
He wanted to go to the mountain, cultivate himself and become a god. In the future, he hoped he could be like Daniel, who knew everything including astronomy and geography, ghosts and gods as well as Yin and Yang. In addition, he wanted to travel around to examine feng shui and read futures.

Cooper shot daggers at Daniel.

Daniel didn’t stop at fooling him into agreeing to marry his daughter. Now, he even tried to fool him into sending Casper to the mountain and be his apprentice!


Daniel was rejected mercilessly by Cooper but he had anticipated it. Casper’s mother must have a prestigious status in the Michel Family, so Casper was probably being nurtured to be the successor to the family. Therefore, he definitely couldn’t follow him into the mountain.

Feeling regret, he said to Casper, “Cas, I sincerely want to bring you with me but your mother and uncle are not allowing that. But don’t worry, I’ll still pass down everything I know to you.”

He honestly loved Casper.

In the past, Daniel wanted to pass all his knowledge to Carmen, Hope, Ashton and Nathan, but all of them rejected his kindness. Not only did they turn their nose up at him, but they even secretly gave him a nickname—Mr. Eighty Thousand, which was now deeply rooted in everyone’s mind.

Casper was the only one who admired him.

During the winter holiday, Carmen enjoyed her life to the fullest. She had snowball fights, skied and rode on sleds every day. Fortunately, the house was huge and in order to have a place for Carmen to play, Cooper built a small skiing park and skating rink at home. Carmen looked extremely graceful when she skated.

Thus, the yard wasn’t despondent and cheerless because of winter. Instead, it became even more lively because Carmen didn’t have classes.

When spring arrived, Carmen turned four and she had grown stronger. When she was born, she was as weak as a new-born kitten. With painstaking care, Michael had nurtured her into a lovely, cheerful angel. Of course, she got on Cooper’s nerves when she behaved mischievously, driving him up the wall.

Every day after work, Cooper would spend most of his time with Carmen. He didn’t manage to spend time with Sophia when she grew up, so he didn’t know how it felt like to take care of a daughter. Therefore, he cared for Carmen like his own daughter and it was a bittersweet experience.

Usually, kids loved to play outdoors, and they couldn’t even stop running around as if their butts would be burnt if they sat still on the stool for more than a second. Only Casper could remain still. He would follow Daniel around all day and listen to him explain about scriptures, Yin and Yang and the eight trigrams. Daniel would also teach him to read bones, face and fortune as well as tricks.

As expected, all the Michels were geniuses. Although Casper, who just reached five this year, was still young, he already had a good grasp of languages. He was fluent in three languages and recognized numerous Chinese characters. Every day, he would learn new things from Daniel and Daniel would patiently teach him. He was extremely fast in learning.

Cooper counted the days every day, eagerly waiting for Sophia to come home. Now, he had accepted it and as long as she came home, he would keep quiet even if she brought him a son-in-law.

On the other side, the Michel Family had been urging Sophia and Carmen to go back to the family. Cooper didn’t want Sophia and Carmen to give up the Michel Family, but he couldn’t ask Carmen to leave just like that either. Therefore, he was extremely stressed.

A few days before the new year, Sophia finally came home. After going on a vacation, not only did she gain weight, but she also became darker too.

Michael was beside her and he almost had the same skin tone as her. Carrying several bags at once, he cordially greeted Cooper as soon as he stepped into the house. “Dad.”

Cooper was almost fooled by Daniel so when he saw Michael, he had mixed feelings of love and hatred. He didn’t even respond to Michael’s greeting. Yet, when he looked to the side and saw Carmen looking at him sternly, he knew that she would criticize him for disliking Michael. Therefore, he quickly replied to Michael with a groan, and only then did Carmen smile.

“Dad, look at how many presents Mikey and I brought you!” Sophia displayed all the presents that she brought for Cooper. They were local specialties from all over the world, which she bought from all the places she went during her vacation.

She even calls him Mikey… Cooper was even more frustrated now, but since his daughter was back, all other emotions were overtaken by happiness.

When Michael saw Daniel once he came in, he winked at him. In return, Daniel raised his eyebrows at him too. That was their discreet greetings to each other.

Michael knew that once Daniel got into action, no one could escape from his trick.

Now that Cooper had lowered his guard, the next step would be revealing some clues about his son to him. Then, he would try his best to find his son before Tomb-Sweeping Day. After the Dragon Boat Festival, he could urge for a marriage and hopefully, he could announce his marriage to the whole world while creating hype for his works before ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ and his new movie were screened.

He had even chosen the venue for the marriage and was now secretly listing the guests.

Noticing Daniel and Michael’s interaction, Cooper figured out that they colluded in scheming against him. Nevertheless, he had fallen into the trap and was now in a difficult situation. He didn’t want to be fooled by Daniel but what he said seemed accurate. What if it was actually true?

Cooper was truly looped into Daniel’s trick and he was stuck in a difficult position now. He even started to doubt his life for the first time.

Sophia had heard about Casper for a long time and knew that he was Alice’s son. Yet, she was still surprised that he had grown so much.

During this period of time, she found out who Alice was as well as Cooper’s plot. Therefore, she was even more curious about Alice.

To be honest, Alice was an extremely cool woman. She took care of a son without a father, and she did it proudly. What was even more impressive was not only did she take great care of her son, but she also developed her career at the same time and grew to become Linus’s largest competitor.

Knowing that Alice only came to test Michael and not to snatch him, Sophia became even more interested in Alice and she hoped she could meet her in person.

She wanted to be a strong, successful woman too, so Alice was her idol.

Unfortunately, Alice and Linus had gone abroad for business and they hadn’t returned.

After that, Michael openly carried his luggage to Sophia’s room. Then, he went to meet Daniel in private.

Sternly, Daniel told Michael about his speculation.

“Sophia is not the old Sophia. While nurturing her to be the future head of the Mitchell Family, Cooper also wants her to grab the interest and benefits from the Michel Family. I think that he’s planning to make her the heir of the Michel Family’s business too. If both of you are planning to get married, it won’t be easy.”

Michael bowed his head and sank into a deep ponder.

From the beginning, he had figured that it would be extremely difficult to marry Sophia from the Michel Family, especially when Cooper was nurturing Sophia to become the head of the family.

If he were to marry Sophia, it would mean marrying Scarlett Mitchell and Lucile Michel as well.

Asking Sophia to follow his mother, Beyoncé’s footsteps to abandon the family and sever ties with them was definitely not what Michael wanted. He didn’t want her to clip her wings and marry him in wounds.

While he was pondering, an icy, indifferent voice rang.

“Isn’t this Master Levine, who touches breasts and reads futures for a living at River Seine? It has been a few years since we last met and you seem to be living a great life!”


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