My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 958

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 958

The last time Sophia saw Richard, he was selling insurance but as his health worsened, his illness gradually got out of control and he could no longer withstand the heavy workload of working as a salesperson. Therefore, he came to Riverdale to sell roasted sweet potatoes. Knowing his character, the local government agency did not dare to chase him away so he had been selling roasted sweet potatoes for a living since a few months back.
His hair had become gray, his eyes seemed murky and his complexion was sallow. He looked like an old man in his fifties or sixties. No one knew that he was only 27, which was the same age as Sophia.
Now, the Harper Family was completely ruined and the once glorious Harper Family had its name completely removed from Bayside. Was it all because the feng shui of the house was disrupted?

In fact, the Harper Family actually spent an enormous amount of money and requested to change the subway route to this place, which in turn increased the value of the nearby land that was developed by them. Without them realizing, they had created a ghost path!

Richard laughed hysterically and after laughing, he looked at the subway entrance that had more than ten steps of stairs. Then, he suddenly dashed toward it.

Wasn’t that a ghost path? He dared it to take his life today!

Sadly, he didn’t pay attention to the step under his feet so before he even reached the stairs, he tripped over it and knocked his head on the cement floor. At once, blood splashed from his head and his brain splattered all over. Tragically, he died on the spot.

He wanted to die in the subway but his wish wasn’t fulfilled. It was just a step away.

On the other hand, Daniel was explaining to Cooper, “Mr. Mitchell, although you have a dog in your house and it temporarily suppressed evil, your house was converted to a Yang house because a thousand-year-old ancient tomb was demolished. That tomb shouldn’t be taken trivially. Now, not only is the house packed with negative energy, but it’s also facing the ghost path, so some evil beings have already entered the house. The dogs will soon lose their suppressing power against those things and if you don’t find someone with a strong soul soon, I speculate that someone will die in your house within ten days.”

Shocked and terrified, Cooper was drenched in cold sweat. Right at that moment, someone suddenly shouted, “Someone died!”

With his hair standing on end, he turned around only to see a dead person in front of his house. It so happened that the person didn’t die at the subway nor the bus station, but within the perimeters of Edwards residence.

Daniel knitted his eyebrows and said, “Look, someone died as I speculated. The feng shui in your house must be changed and you must find a son-in-law.”

Not only did someone die outside the house, but Casper also fell ill after he moved into Edwards residence. That deepened the crease between Cooper’s eyebrows while he became even more convinced that his house had bad feng shui.

Under Cooper’s earnest request, Daniel moved into Edwards residence so that he could improve the house’s feng shui.

Daniel was an expert in fooling people. Apart from fortune telling, he was also skilled in analysing one’s future, palmistry, bone reading, astronomy, horoscope and even tarot-card reading. Using his expertise in every field, he successfully fooled Cooper. Even the few bodyguards from the Michel Family couldn’t stop admiring him.

Casper was sick and had a fever. His body temperature didn’t seem to decrease even after being hospitalized for two days, causing Cooper to be anxious. It so happened that Alice and Linus had gone abroad for business so he was reluctant to inform Alice about Casper’s situation, afraid that she might be worried.

Besides, Cooper felt embarrassed to tell Alice that Casper fell ill right after he moved into his house.

Upon knowing this, Daniel took the initiative to visit Casper at the hospital. Upon a brief examination, he noticed that Casper’s blue eyes seemed to have lost their vitality so he said, “Cas must have come into contact with an evil energy. Children have weaker immune systems but it’s nothing serious. He’ll be fine with some black dog’s blood.”

Without delay, Cooper sent his men to his house and collected a big bowl of his beloved dog, Corrado’s blood. Then, Daniel dipped his fingers in the black dog’s blood and smeared it on Casper’s face. At the same time, he said gently, “Everything’s going to be fine. Now that I’ve applied the blood of a black dog on you, you’ll be as good as new tomorrow.”

Looking at Daniel, Casper’s sapphire blue eyes seemed to be sparkling.

Casper seemed to be extremely fond of his mystical ‘protector’. Every day right after he woke up, he would search for Daniel and follow him around while witnessing how he fooled Cooper. Similarly, Daniel doted on this child, which came out of nowhere, and would always read his future whenever he was free.

Knowing that Casper was sick, Daniel was heartbroken as well. Since he wasn’t busy, he decided to go to the hospital to accompany Casper.

“Cas, does it still hurt?” Showing his rare gentleness, Daniel tucked the blanket under Casper.

Casper replied, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Since Daniel had free time now, he gave full play of his expertise, chatting with Casper while reading his palm.

“Cas, you have a great life. You must cherish it and in the future, you’ll be successful. It seems like you’re lacking something in your life, but you’ll soon find it.”

Daniel furrowed his eyebrows. Earlier, he noticed that Casper’s parents weren’t with him when he was ill, so Cooper disclosed that he only had a mother, who was still abroad, and he didn’t have a father.

Learning about that, he generally knew what he lacked in his life.

Poor child.

After Casper was smeared with black dog’s blood, he couldn’t fall asleep and kept staring at Daniel, who was sitting beside the bed while reading Confucian classics. Noticing Casper’s gaze, he closed the book and looked at this adorable child. Then, he said, “Cas, don’t worry and go to sleep now. I won’t leave. I’ll stay here until you recover from your illness.”

It was only then did Casper go to sleep without concern.

Daniel tucked Casper in and smiled before continuing to read his book.

Uncertain whether it was the intravenous drip that Casper got at the hospital or the black dog’s blood that was effective, he recovered the next day, so Daniel brought him home. Because of that, Cooper trusted Daniel even more.

Since then, Daniel spoke with the airs of an expert and he seemed even more confident in criticising Cooper’s house.

“Rearing more dogs in the house is a right move since dogs are able to chase evil away, especially black dogs. Although a husky is not a black dog, it represents half a black dog. So, three huskies make a black dog. It’s not a rumor that dogs can protect houses. Pay attention to the dog and if something happens to the dog one day, it means that your house has become so haunted that even dogs can’t help you. By that time, the only solution is to move out as soon as possible. Children have low tolerance toward evil energy. Carmen is safe since I’m her protector and she has a safety amulet. As for Casper, he’s safe too because his room is smeared with black dog’s blood, but you need to pay attention to the other children.”

Beside him, Cooper didn’t even have the courage to interrupt him.

Since Daniel had nothing to do, he stayed at Cooper’s house comfortably while babysitting the children. Carmen turned her nose up at his tricks and never trusted his lies. However, Casper, who came from western countries, admired him a lot and followed him wherever he went.

Holding Capser’s hand, Daniel strolled around Edwards residence while enlightening him. “Cas, feng shui is a cultural treasure that our ancestors passed down to us. It encompasses vast knowledge. Come, let me explain it to you…”

It was winter break. Sarah and Harry, who just finished shooting a movie, went on a vacation somewhere so naturally, they sent their children to Edwards residence. Hope, Ashton and Carmen formed a small group and they turned their nose up at Daniel’s tricks. They also repeatedly warned Casper not to be taken in.

However, Casper was completely mesmerized and he spent his days learning witchcraft from Daniel. Lately, he even made some progress in palmistry. Through examining Judge’s paw, he even speculated that he had recently earned a bucket of gold by luck, which was confirmed by Carmen. According to Carmen, Judge brought Michael lunch boxes and managed to earn a few thousand. Now that he was rich, he became arrogant and looked down on everyone when he got home.

Casper was overjoyed and felt that he had talent in this skill. Therefore, he secretly swore that he would follow Daniel up the mountain to cultivate his skills.

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