My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 956

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 956

Nodding, Cooper said, “I’ll be focusing on energy technology in this period of time, so I’m entrusting the company to you and Linus.”
Alice was ten years younger than Cooper and she had always been close to him. Besides, Cooper was a brother that she respected the most so naturally, they spoke to each other casually and cordially. As someone who didn’t like to beat around the bush, Alice saved all nonsense and got straight to the point. “I’ll expand the phone business in Cethos and I plan to find a famous celebrity in Cethos to be the ambassador. Considering that we’re mainly selling business phones, I’ve tentatively decided to find only male celebrities. I have high requirements for the ambassador and currently, the candidates that meet these requirements are Harry and Taylor. However…”
Because of Cooper, Michel Group did not venture into the Cethos market. Therefore, their phones were popular overseas, but they didn’t even have an official authorized reseller store in Cethos. Those who wanted to buy their phone had to buy it from overseas since the phone was not available in Cethos.

Alice looked at Cooper and said, “After that incident, these two might not be willing to collaborate with us.”

Now, Michael refused to talk to her, and so did Harry.

Again, Cooper sank into silence. To be able to enter the Cethosian market, they needed to select their ambassador carefully because he or she played an important role.

As one of the oldest phone brands in the world, Michel mobile phones had history, quality and reputation. Therefore, ordinary celebrities couldn’t bring out the quality and prestige of the phone.

Thinking of the ambassador, Michael and Harry were also the first two people that came to Cooper’s mind. These two male celebrities, who were once extremely famous, were definitely qualified as they could bring out the best of the phone. But after that incident, Michael had probably figured out who Alice was, so asking him to be their ambassador would be a rather shameless act.

Besides, Michael advertised for sanitary pads and stainless steel basin in the past, so Cooper eliminated him directly and said, “Let’s go with Harry. Taylor accepted too many advertisements, so he lost his value long ago.”

Alice was slightly disappointed because she felt that the best move was to hire both of them. Michel had always positioned themselves in the high-end phone market but she was aiming to sell a middle-end phone now, which had a much acceptable price to the majority, just like Apple products that cost a few thousand each.

But since Michel targeted the high-end phone market and it cost around a few hundred thousands on average, it was only favored by the high society. Therefore, it was challenging to enter the middle-end market as it was not widely-known.

She had high confidence in her phone. With a quality phone, all that was left was to find a quality ambassador.

“Alright then. I’ll leave it to you, Fass. I’m going home now.”

Alice got up gracefully and left the study after bidding farewell to Cooper. Then, she walked down the stairs. Cooper sent her off since he was going to the teahouse, which was in the same direction.

When Alice got to the living room, Casper dashed toward her and shouted, “Mommy!”

Holding Casper’s hand, Alice looked at the two other children in the living room. She had long known who they were—one was Michael’s child and the other was Celine’s child.

“Hi, Carmen!” She called out Carmen’s name directly.

Carmen was shocked. “How do you know me?”

Alice crouched down and looked closely at the adorable girl. She resembled Sophia and Michael, and the longer she looked at her, the prettier she seemed to be.

Smiling gently, Alice replied, “Because I’m your grandfather’s sister. You should call me your aunt! ”

Carmen sweetly greeted her, “Hi, Aunt!”

Alice found herself to be very fond of Carmen. No wonder Cooper was willing to stay at Cethos for Sophia and Carmen’s sake. If she had such an adorable granddaughter, she would do the same. Seeing that Casper and Carmen were getting along nicely, Alice joked, “Do you think Casper is handsome? When you grow up, do you want to date him, Carmen?”

Looking serious, Carmen knitted her eyebrows and replied hesitantly, “But I already have a boyfriend. Look, that’s my boyfriend!”

Looking in the direction that Carmen was pointing, Alice saw a brown female alpaca…

Cooper then held Casper’s hand and led him to Carmen while saying, “Cas is your uncle, Carmen. From now on, you must respect him.”

Casper was Alice’s son and he was now five years old. Other than Alice, no one knew who his father was. Once he was born, he was recorded in the Michel Family’s genealogy record book. As long as the mother was from the Michel Family, the Michel Family would accept the child as one of them as long as Alice didn’t marry into another family.

Although Alice often got into relationships, she was undoubtedly a celibatarian. Her exes all broke up with her because of her non-marriage doctrine.

Before Casper appeared in her life, she was very religious and strongly opposed to having sex before marriage. But after Casper was born, she stopped holding on to her religion.

Cooper respected Alice’s privacy so he never once asked about Casper’s father. Even when he asked her to come and seduce Michael, she only teased Michael. Indeed, she was interested in Michael, but that was all and nothing more. She had never thought of being with Michael. Besides, her pride didn’t allow her to be a third wheel in someone else’s relationship, and Michael wasn’t the type she liked.

Yet, no one knew what type of man Alice liked because she dated all kinds of men in the past. Therefore, no one had an inkling of what type of man Casper’s father was.

Ever since Alice came to Cethos, she had been staying in a hotel. It wasn’t suitable for children to stay in a hotel long-term, so Casper had been staying in Edwards Residence. Afraid that she would trouble Cooper, Alice decided to stay in the hotel herself.

When Linus heard that Alice failed her task, he was surprised. After all, he knew how attractive his sister was, and she had never failed to get any men she wanted. Unexpectedly, she failed this time round.

Yet, this was somehow a reasonable outcome because Michael was deeply in love with Sophia. Therefore, it was impossible for Alice to interfere with their relationship.

Linus had probably anticipated this outcome from the beginning.

The issues of the adults were too complicated for the children. Just like that, Casper moved into Edwards Residence and played with Carmen, who was enjoying her winter break. In this matter, Carmen was overjoyed because she gained a new friend.

If Casper’s identity was subjected to Cethos’s feudal principles, he was an illegitimate child of an anonymous father. He would suffer the same way Sophia did, who grew up receiving criticism and mockeries from others. Fortunately, Casper had a strong mother and a family that accepted him. Therefore, he enjoyed the same inheritance rights as the other legitimate children of the Michel Family.

The Michel Family treated both girls and boys fairly and didn’t practice the tradition where only males could inherit the family’s assets. In fact, there had been numerous female family heads in the past. The Michel Family even hoped that they had more illegitimate children like Casper because in that case, outstanding female members of the family like Alice would remain unmarried, and no weird men could take the opportunity to get married into the family for their own interest. Children with the family’s noble bloodline would never be abandoned, and neither would they have another surname besides Michel.

Therefore, many of the successful women in the Michel Family would remain unmarried in order to prevent issues that might come with marriage.

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