My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 955

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 955

“Mr. Psychic, this is my new friend, Casper. I call him Cas.”
Carmen addressed Daniel as ‘Mr. Psychic’, which was a pet name for a protector. Having a protector was an old local custom to Bayside’s aborigines. It was said that a child had poor health because he lacked something in his life, so he had to find a senior who had a compatible birthdate to be his protector. Since a protector could provide safety to a child as he grew, they were something like godparents.
Coincidentally, Daniel and Carmen had perfectly compatible birthdates, so he became her protector. That was why Carmen had been calling him ‘Mr. Psychic’.

That name actually had a profound meaning. Even though Harry was also Carmen’s godfather, he only became her godfather because of his relationship with her parents. On the contrary, Daniel had an important reason to be her protector.

Besides, he was extremely effective as a protector judging from how healthy Carmen was now compared to her condition when she was born. Although her father, Michael, was the main contributor for her good health, Daniel had also contributed as her protector. After all, contributing to a psychological effect was also a contribution.

On another note, even though Mark was Cooper’s godfather, a protector was actually a more appropriate role for him. However, since Cooper didn’t have any other godfather, they combined the two roles into one.

When it came to Carmen, godfather and protector were two separate roles. The fact that Carmen called Daniel her protector made Cooper think twice about chopping Daniel up.

To be honest, Daniel loved to be called ‘Mr. Psychic’.

After all, it sounded like he was someone precious too.

“I see Carmen has made a new friend. Come, let me give you a present for our first meeting.”

Daniel searched all over himself only to realize that he didn’t bring anything meaningful to be given as a gift. Therefore, he gave Casper his sandalwood bracelet.

Casper examined the bracelet, looking smart. Then, he took it from Daniel and kept it in his pocket. At the same time, he followed how Carmen addressed Daniel and said, “Thank you, Mr. Psychic.”

He didn’t know Daniel’s name so he thought that his name was ‘Mr. Psychic’.

Although Casper looked like he was from the west, he spoke fluent Cethosian language. Obviously, he learned the language from a young age. Of course, a child from the Michel Family wouldn’t be mediocre, and his parents must have high status in the family since he was allowed in Cooper’s house.

Daniel didn’t rectify Casper and instead, he ruffled his black hair.

Casper’s parents are quite irresponsible to allow such a young child to dye his hair, he thought.

After playing at Daniel’s place for some time, Carmen brought Casper to another place. Meanwhile, Daniel continued to analyse the chess game while waiting for Cooper to return and finish this round of game.

In Cooper’s study, a woman was sitting gracefully on the sofa with her long, blonde hair elegantly draped over her shoulder. She was wearing a simple yet tasteful lavender long dress and a nude pantyhose. Currently, she was reporting some work progress to Cooper.

After a brief report, Cooper asked with care, “Alice, how is your injury?”

That woman was none other than Alice.

Touching her wound, Alice replied, “It’s just a superficial wound so it’s not a big deal. Besides, Mr. Fletcher is an expert in treating wounds and since it was treated in time, it’s almost recovered now.”

Cooper nodded and said, “Sorry for troubling you this time.”

Alice smiled heartily and replied, “It’s not troublesome at all. I’ve always wanted to visit Cethos so this is a great opportunity to fulfil my wish. Unfortunately, I seem to have failed the task you gave me, Fass.”

Speaking of that, Alice couldn’t help but sigh before continuing, “I’ve been trying to contact Mr. Fletcher lately, but he seems to be ignoring me.”

Naturally, Alice only went to Michael’s film set upon receiving Cooper’s tacit consent and Linus’s instruction.

Linus was the one who told Alice to seduce Michael. Although Cooper felt that it was unethical, he was eager to find out if Michael would pass the test, so he agreed to it tacitly.

If Alice successfully seduced Michael, Cooper could chase him away rightfully and without guilt.

But the fact was that Michael was completely uninterested in Alice.

Cooper seemed to feel relieved but right after that came heavy-heartedness and anger.

That jerk! He’s so pervy to Sophia and even crawled through a dog hole for her, but in front of the other women, he became a boring, unromantic man. He even pretended to be proud and indifferent. What a hypocritical, cunning man!

It seemed like he wouldn’t give Sophia up.

That made Cooper feel gratified and heavy-hearted at the same time.

If he opposed their relationship, he was afraid that he would fail his conscience, which he had just retrieved.

But still, he had to consider this matter thoroughly since it was Sophia’s marriage.

Seeing that Cooper repeatedly knitted and relaxed his eyebrows while remaining silent, Alice asked tentatively, “Fass, should I continue with the task? I feel that I’m out of the running for seducing him because Mr. Fletcher is strong-willed. Besides, I don’t have any better ideas at the moment.”

Alice had made several attempts on set, such as finding an opportunity to let Michael inadvertently glance at her phone so that he could see the photo that she set as her wallpaper, or his name that was saved in her contacts. These attempts aimed to let Michael realize her feelings toward him, which was actually fake.

However, Michael had ignored them and was totally unmoved.

She even started to doubt if Michael was truly a man. Otherwise, how could he be completely unmoved at a flawless woman’s pursuit?

Even when he was treating the wound on her waist when they were in the cave, he didn’t even glance anywhere else when he took off her shirt and treated the wound with the fastest and the most expert skills. After that, he left her to survive on her own.

Even worse, he’d rather let her pee in her pants than help her to the toilet.

When they returned to Bayside City, Alice tried again and even hinted at Sophia. Yet, she realized that all her tricks were useless and nothing, not even a strand of hair, could get in between Michael and Sophia, let alone a person.

Knowing that she had failed her task, Alice immediately sought Cooper’s advice.

After some time, Cooper finally replied, “You can stop the task. Since you’re injured, you should rest.”

In this plot, he aimed to sow discord between Sophia and Michael through Alice, whereas Linus aimed to stir trouble after testing them. In the end, they didn’t find anything out of the ordinary nor manage to sow any discord. Instead, Sophia became even more inseparable from Michael. Perhaps she was stressed and felt the competitive pressure, she sneaked out and went to travel around with Michael. Now, she even refused to come home, abandoning Carmen, who still needed to be taken care of, and him, who was waiting eagerly for her to return.

Alice said, “I plan to expand Michel Communications in Cethos, so I’ll be staying in Bayside for some time.”

Michel mobile phones were widely favored overseas but in Cethos, its market seemed to be limited, which was actually a consequence of Michel Group not realizing the importance of Cethos’s market previously. But now, even Linus had personally come to expand the market in Cethos. Naturally, Alice would give him a run for his money.

There was a huge potential for this market that had a population of more than 1 billion. Therefore, Alice had wild ambitions to conquer this market!

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