My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 954

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 954

In the teahouse, Cooper burst out an earth-shaking roar after seeing that his chessboard had a corner bitten off by Cash, that husky. That completely ignited his rage.
Startled, Cash fled like lightning.
After that, Cooper finally sat down and continued the game.

With the chessboard that had a corner chewed off by Cash, Cooper and Daniel played a few rounds in which Cooper kept losing.

Listening to Cooper’s frustrated scream and calling out names, Daniel felt amused.

“Dogs protect homes so it’s beneficial to have many of them.”

Lately, Daniel had been visiting Cooper’s house frequently because Sophia planned to renovate the house, so she asked him to check their feng shui. Therefore, he often dropped by to take a look and while he was here, he took the opportunity to have a few chess games and chats with Cooper as well as some tea.

While collecting the chess pieces, Daniel commented, “Mr. Mitchell, you’ve been extremely peevish and impetuous lately, which isn’t how you usually are.”

Without replying to him, Cooper slapped Cash to stop him from chewing the table and only then did he answer, “If you know you have a son but you can’t find him, you’ll be as disturbed as me, Master Levine.”

Daniel had started to grow his hair long and he had put his hair up with a hair stick. Wearing a loose Taoist robe, he seemed divine. At that moment, he smiled and said, “Unfortunately, I’m not you and I don’t have a son. So, I can’t put myself in your shoes.”

Cooper snorted in reply.

Daniel continued, “You and your son’s fate hasn’t ended so you’ll meet him again. There’s no need to be anxious, Mr. Mitchell.”

Cooper snorted again.

“Mr. Levine, you’ll eventually have a child one day and by that time, you’ll understand my feelings.”

Keeping his silence, Daniel smiled and continued to play chess with Cooper.

How would he have a son when he was living a leisure and carefree life?

Suddenly, Dimon came in and whispered in Cooper’s ears. Then, Cooper said, “Please excuse me.”

It was afternoon now and Daniel had been at the Edwards Residence since lunch. He planned to have dinner here as well before going home.

The two huskies sneaked back in again and lay down under the table to take a nap. Rubbing his foot on the husky’s head, Daniel found it rather comfortable.

Ever since he was forced by Michael to find Cooper, he had been risking his life every day to carry out his task. If he failed, Michael might really send the Cereberus to Reverie Mountain judging from his character.

Fortunately, he made some progress lately. Although Cooper hadn’t given in, Daniel knew that his heart had started to waver.

However, Daniel also keenly sensed that Cooper had an important reason for prohibiting Sophia to marry Michael.

Nevertheless, he had promised Michael so he had to fulfil his task.

Looking at the chessboard, he racked his brain, trying to figure out what that important reason was.

The aroma of the tea that filled the room refreshed his mind. As Michael’s think tank, Daniel always considered things comprehensively. He felt that Cooper didn’t only oppose their marriage because of Michael himself, but also his family and Sophia.

In the beginning, Cooper joined the Michel Family as an outsider. Although he had secured his position in the family, Sophia hadn’t. Besides, she had lost all her memories as well as her skills and tricks. Therefore, she had to start from scratch again. In this state, it would be a misnomer to introduce her to the world as the first Young Lady of the Michel Family.

That was why Cooper kept delaying and didn’t allow her to return to the Michel Family. He was actually protecting her.

Surely, Cooper could protect her now, but what if he wasn’t around one day? How would Sophia gain a foothold in the Michel Family?

Therefore, Sophia’s marriage was critical. If she could marry someone that would establish her in the Michel Family…

Obviously, Michael wasn’t that person because his area of influence was in the East. To the Michel Family, he was a foreigner so they definitely wouldn’t accept him.

In short, Cooper was afraid that Michael couldn’t protect Sophia.

Besides, when Michael and Sophia got married in the past, it was only between them. The Fletcher Family didn’t oppose their marriage back then since Sophia was from a clean family background but if they got married now, it would involve the Michel and Fletcher Family.

In the midst of pondering, Carmen came home from kindergarten and greeted her grandpa from the yard with her sweet, lively voice.

As soon as Carmen got home, she realized that there was a guest.

“Hey there, where did you come from?”

In the yard stood a boy who was five or six years old with black hair and fair skin. He was patting the alpaca when Carmen called him. Upon hearing that, he turned around, revealing his mesmerizing sapphire blue eyes and flawless features. He was undoubtedly an extremely handsome boy.

At that moment, Carmen felt that she was falling in love.

After glancing at Carmen, the boy continued patting the alpaca before he slowly replied, “I came with my mommy.”

Carmen was overjoyed while she frolicked around him, calling him ‘big brother’ whenever she could. She was sweet and obedient and soon enough, she and the boy became friends.

In the tearoom, Daniel took a glance outside and noticed that although the boy had western facial features, he had black hair, causing Daniel to wonder if he dyed his hair.

In addition, that boy’s sapphire blue eyes were captivating, which was one of the Michel Family’s traits.

The bloodline of the Michel Family was dominant. Even if the child was mixed-race, he or she would gradually grow to have westernized features, such as Cooper.

When Cooper was young, he had eastern facial features but as he grew, his features became more and more western. Even the color of his eyes started to change, which was extremely magical. Linus was even more magical because even though he only had a quarter of the Michel Family’s bloodline, he had western facial features ever since he was born.

When Daniel found Sophia 20 years ago, she was an ugly duckling and there wasn’t a trace showing that she was a mixed-race. As she grew older, her skin became fairer and fairer while her features became deeper. Gradually, the traits of being a mixed-race person became evident. After 10 years, when she came back, her eye color had changed and she looked completely different.

Meanwhile, Carmen and the boy happily played with each other. She didn’t even bother to put down her bag before rushing off to show her pet dogs and cats to the boy.

The boy, named Casper, had brought a small robot with him. Since Nathan’s university had ended the term early for winter and his parents were on a vacation, he had been staying in Edwards Residence. While staying here, he took care of the children and was responsible for fetching Carmen to and from her kindergarten. Today was the last day of class in kindergarten and Carmen would start her winter break too.

The three children played happily together and they were watching movies while patting the cat in the living room. At the same time, Carmen was extremely eager to introduce her superhero father, who saved the world and fought aliens, to Casper, so she asked Shae to play Michael’s movie in the home theatre.

However, before they could even finish the movie, Carmen had impatiently brought Casper to meet Daniel as if she was about to introduce him to her parents.

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