My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 953

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 953

I’ve heard stories about Linus’s sister before. She seems to live a simple life and she likes to stay low-key. Furthermore, she likes photography and travelling around the world.
A mysterious look suddenly appeared on Sophia’s face…
Sophia never doubted Michael’s loyalty, but she felt uneasy when there was a powerful woman trying to pursue her man. Moreover, this woman was brought up by Cooper himself so she had learned Cooper’s methods and had a smart brain that was comparable to Linus.

Sophia was very jealous of Alice’s capabilities and she envied that Alice grew up with Cooper around. At the same time, a raging fire ignited in her heart.

I can do it too.

As for why Alice had appeared on set as a photographer, Sophia could pretty much guess the reason.

Clearly, Cooper’s wishful thinking was wrong and Michael withstood his test. A love that has gone through the test of life and death is not that fragile. I’m going to prove to him that Michael and I can’t be separated!

In fact, Sophia understood Cooper’s efforts. He mentioned to Sophia more than once that it was easy for Michael to marry Sophia Edwards and Scarlett Mitchell. However, it would be hard for him to marry Lucile Michel.

Once a Western woman got married, she would take on her husband’s surname and give up her maiden surname. The same rule applied to the Michel Family. The family could allow Sophia to be the family head of the Mitchell Family with her identity as Scarlett Mitchell. However, if Sophia married Michael, she would have to completely cut ties with the Michel Family just like Cooper’s mother, Beyoncé. She couldn’t even keep in contact with Cooper and Linus.

It would also be difficult for Michael to change his surname. Theo Fletcher was dead and he only had two children, so Mark and the Fletcher Family would not allow Michael to change his surname. Furthermore, Michael was part of the Fletcher Family. Even though he wasn’t in the army, he was a descendant of a military family. If he got married, although he wasn’t strictly required to ask Sophia to go through a political investigation like a military marriage, if he really married the daughter of the world’s second largest arms dealer, the relationship between the military and the Fletcher Family would be stretched.

How could they be sure that Michael wouldn’t secretly reveal Cethos’s military secrets to the Michel Family? The relationship behind this was too complicated and profound…

Cooper was really cautious when it came to family inheritance matters. The family head of an aristocratic family was never hereditary. The reason Cooper became the family head of the Mitchell Family and Michel Family was not because his father and grandfather were family heads, it was because he had the ability to become a family head and he was the best candidate in the family. If Sophia didn’t have the abilities to inherit the family businesses, he wouldn’t force it on her because it would only bring her and the family harm.

Cooper also hinted to Sophia many times that he hoped that Sophia would be recognized by the Michel Family for her abilities, and that she could make a place for herself in the Michel Family with her own strength.

However, Cooper was even more afraid of the day that he would be gone and Sophia would not be able to take care of herself. Which was why he hoped that a strong son-in-law could protect her and help her gain a foothold in the Michel family.

But Michael’s influence was only in the East. Furthermore, he had a sensitive status of being a member of the Fletcher Family so he couldn’t interfere with the Michel Family’s matters.

It would be best for Sophia to marry a man from the Michel family, such as Linus.

Linus was really capable but he was an adopted son after all, so he didn’t have the power of being from the same bloodline. Although Sophia was the first daughter of Cooper, her ability was not strong enough to convince the others. If the two of them were combined, they would benefit each other and it would be perfect.

This was Cooper’s plan but Sophia had her own plans too.

Why must I find a man to protect me?! Can’t I protect myself? Give me ten years and I’ll make the whole Michel family recognize my abilities! F*ck the Western concept of a family. Why should I change my surname when I get married?! My mother gave me the name of Sophia Edwards and this is the name that I will keep for this lifetime! I won’t change my name no matter who I marry! I want to marry Michael but I still won’t change my surname! Right now, I just need more time. I believe that I can be strong!

With a few more days to go before the completion of Michael’s movie filming, Sophia simply stayed in the hotel and decided to wait for Michael to finish his job so that they could return to Bayside City together.

She also understood the crew’s dilemma. Eating was indeed a big problem for them. Dining cars couldn’t go up the mountains and it was a waste of manpower to carry pots and pans, which was why she decided to send two helicopters to deliver food to the crew.

As a result, the filming crew all gained new insights that day.

It’s nice to have a rich wife…

However, there was no suitable place for landing on the mountain so they could only send the food down while hovering in the sky and it felt a little too much. When they wanted to eat some snacks, they needed to send it using helicopters so the crew felt embarrassed. One trip would probably cost more than 1,000.

If they asked the bodyguards to deliver the food… It still felt overwhelming so everyone was too embarrassed to place orders.

After doing some calculations, they found that letting the dogs deliver the food was the most cost-effective, the most environmentally friendly, and the cheapest way.

Judge had become muscular from all the food delivery. He didn’t have anything to do for the past two days, so he tore the hotel apart. Judge did so much damage that Stanley was blacklisted by that hotel, along with many other hotels in the town. There was nowhere he could stay anymore so he prepared to return to Bayside City.

Sophia analysed the situation and after careful consideration, she decided to let Cerberus continue to stay and deliver food. She even sent Snowball over and ordered four professionally-trained Alaskan dogs to help. In the end, she had eight dogs specially sent over to deliver food to Michael and play with Celine.

Sophia had also upgraded their dining trucks and the thermal boxes to deliver their food. She even contacted the nearest vegetable shed to deliver the freshest ingredients every day, and repaired the road up to the mountains to make it easier for the sled dogs to deliver goods.

My husband’s meals are more important than everything else… It’s okay for the dogs to be a little tired.

Stanley was dumbfounded.

“You… This… I…”

How can she be so shameless?!

“You’re abusing the dogs! Do you know that?!”

Stanley was so furious, he grabbed Judge and ran away. He was determined to not let Sophia bully his ‘son’ and was ready to leave the next day.

However, Judge bit through the hotel room door and ran away that night. The next morning, he happily followed the crew to the set.

Sophia had arranged four subordinates for him and all the tips would be paid to him, so only a fool would leave. Seeing this, Stanley was so angry, he directly went back to Bayside City and announced that he would sever ties with his ‘son’.

Under the care of his beloved wife, Michael was full of energy. He did his best to finish filming his scenes, and everything ended smoothly.

After they finished filming, Sophia delivered the Alaskan dogs back to where they came from and sent Cereberus and Snowball back to Bayside City. She and Michael were not in a hurry to go home—they travelled around and went back just before new year celebrations.

Edwards residence, which had a history of more than a hundred years, was about to welcome three huskies who had developed strong muscles. Everyone in the house trembled in fear…

Cooper was really mad at Sophia.

It’s hard to keep my grown up daughter by my side and all she does is make me worry about her. She hasn’t returned until now, but she sent the dogs back.

Those three energetic and muscular huskies kept causing chaos. As soon as they returned home, they started to forcefully demolish the house. The house was made out of wood so it couldn’t withstand their attacks. As a result, Dimon sent men to take the dogs out for walks everyday, and ordered them to only return after they were exhausted. However, the scary thing was even though the dog walker was exhausted, the dogs were still full of energy.

My daughter is out playing with that b*stard, I can’t find my son, my brother is busy with work, and Carmen is busy with school.

Cooper was a pitiful, lonely old man, and he was even tortured by the dogs.

Cooper’s roars echoed in the Edwards residence everyday.

“Judge, let go of my slippers!”

“Snowball, do you want to be turned into mush?!!”

“Cash, get out of here!!!”

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