My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 952

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 952

Sophia was dumbfounded. She had never met such a straightforward lover before, but she was not afraid of her either. “Thank you for your love for Taylor. Even though he and I are divorced, we are still boyfriend and girlfriend. I won’t let you ruin our relationship.”
Alice burst into laughter and said, “Miss Edwards, they say only a foolish woman would deal with other women, and a smart woman would directly deal with the man. I’m not going to engage in a meaningless verbal battle with you. The reason I’m competing with you isn’t because I want to fight you, it’s because I like Taylor and I want him.”
Sophia smiled and replied, “However, a wise woman should know that men who are easily seduced by other women are not reliable. If you have the ability to take him away from me, it would mean that he was not worthy of me. Either way, I would not suffer any loss.”

After Sophia finished speaking, the two of them went silent, each in their own thoughts. Then, they quietly hung up the phone.

After putting down the phone, Sophia was completely awake. Then, it suddenly occurred to her that she had forgotten to return Alice’s phone to her after she found it yesterday.

Alice Michel… I think I’ve heard of her.

Sophia sprung up and found Alice’s phone. It was still locked and there were a few missed calls from ‘My love’. She stared at the phone and after a long struggle, she decided to see what was in it.

Sophia turned on the computer, connected Alice’s phone wirelessly, and hacked into her mobile phone.

Mobile phones produced by factories of Michel Communications were all military-grade. The system was very special so the security coefficient was high and viruses couldn’t infect it. It was also impossible for ordinary people to crack.

Alice’s phone was the latest model in the market and it was highly secure. The current price of one of these phones was about 6,000 US dollars.

Michel mobile phones were mostly made for business purposes and they didn’t consider the needs of female users when it was manufactured. Thus, the design of the phone didn’t have any gender-defining characteristics. Most of the users were successful businessmen and businesswomen.

Alice is said to be a photographer so her beauty standards should be really high. I didn’t expect her to use a Michel phone that looks like a brick.

Even though Sophia also used this model, her phone had a screen protector and her phone case was pink with two bunny ears.

Sophia usually could easily crack Michel mobile phones but Alice’s phone was really special. She couldn’t crack it with ordinary means.

This is interesting…

However, Sophia wasn’t willing to give up. At first, she thought it didn’t matter if she didn’t look at Alice’s phone, but she never thought she couldn’t crack a phone that was produced by her father’s company. It was an embarrassment as a Michel herself.

Thus, she spent the whole day sitting in front of the computer, typing on the keyboard nonstop. It took her two days to finally crack the security system of Alice’s phone. After successfully unlocking it, she turned on the phone and found her various chat records.

Her eyes gleamed as she searched for clues in Alice’s phone gallery. At the same time, she was having an internal moral debate.

She already openly admitted to wanting to be Michael’s lover. Taking a peek at her phone gallery probably isn’t indecent… Well, it isn’t.

As expected, there were many photographs of Michael in Alice’s phone gallery, but most of them were captured by herself. Michael didn’t look at the camera in almost all of the images. The only photo of them together was actually cropped from a group photo of the crew, and Alice just happened to be standing next to Michael.

Her phone was oddly simple. There wasn’t any chat softwares, her mailbox was empty, there were only a few saved contacts in her phone, and her communication records were all erased.

This isn’t right. I probably triggered some kind of security defense system. When the system senses that somebody is forcibly cracking into the phone, it will automatically back up all information before destroying important information stored in the phone.

Later, Sophia stared at a selfie in Alice’s photo album in a daze.

Alice Michel.

Then, she turned on her computer and logged into the genealogy system. Even though the Michel family was very old and the family name was passed down from the Middle Ages to the modern age, their ancestors were really advanced! They had already set up their own family website and forum twenty years ago, and they also had an electronic version of the genealogy record book.

Sophia logged into the genealogy record system and typed in ‘Alice Michel’. Many family members’ data popped up. After all, the Michel family was a big family and there were over 10,000 people in the genealogy record book. It was normal to have the same name and there were dozens of family members with the name Alice. Fortunately, there were photos.

However, Sophia found the Alice she was looking for among the dozens of people at a glance, because Alice’s photo was really special. The other family members all used ID photos with clear facial features, but Alice’s photo was just a photo of her shot from the back.

Generally, people would be extremely cautious when uploading a photo to the genealogy record system. They mostly chose artistic and beautiful ID photos. However, people who were truly capable didn’t care much about the genealogy record book so they were not that cautious. The more casual the photos and information the person uploaded, the higher their status.

Alice’s photo was a photo of her back, Linus’s photo was a photo of a cat paw, Cooper didn’t even bother to upload a photo, but Sophia was the most powerful as she didn’t even bother to enter her name into the genealogy record book.

Then, Sophia saw Alice’s profile.

‘Vice President of the Michel Group. President and Chief Engineer of Michel High-Tech Information Technology Group. One of the developers of Michel mobiles.’

Her profile was really simple. The information was clear at a glance without any fancy descriptions.

In that instant, Sophia already knew who she was. She was Linus’s sister, the daughter of Linus’s adoptive parents.

After Sophia returned to the Michel family, Cooper had been protecting her so her identity had not been exposed to the outside world yet. Outsiders only knew that Cooper had a daughter named Lucile. There weren’t many people who had seen her in person and Sophia had not met Alice.

Both Alice and Linus had extraordinary prestige in the Michel Group and Michel family. Alice was also Linus’s strongest competitor. Fass once publicly announced that the future family head of the Michel family would only be chosen among Linus and Alice.

However, Cethosian people generally believed that women were weaker than men and women shouldn’t inherit the family business, which was why Cethosians regarded Linus as the future family head. However, Linus was never the only one. He was only a possible candidate.

Although Cooper liked Linus and wished to pass on everything to him, if Linus was not as powerful as his sister, Cooper would still change his mind.

As for Sophia… Even though Cooper loved her, he would only favor the strong when it came to matters related to family inheritance. He was now working hard to lay the foundation of another family business for Sophia to inherit. If he confirmed that Sohpia didn’t have the ability to inherit the business, he would probably give up on her, which was why he was also working hard to train Carmen and Sean to be Sophia’s back up to ensure that he would have a successor.

If Sophia really had the ability to defeat Alice and Linus, the Michel family and Mitchell family businesses would be hers. However, if she wasn’t capable enough to inherit any, she couldn’t blame Cooper.

After Sophia found out that Alice was Linus’s sister, her palms were sweaty.

I didn’t expect it to be her.

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