My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 949

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 949

It is really handy to have a dog to rest your feet at tiring moments… And you can also wipe your feet.

Nathan saw Bubbles passing by and he instinctively wanted to rest his feet on Bubbles. However, he suddenly remembered the reason Sophia and Michael had a fight this time so he hurriedly lifted his feet up, for fear that his ‘countryman’ habit would be disgusted by the nobles from Northern Europe. But when he saw Cooper rest his feet on Corrado’s back, he also stretched out his feet comfortably.

Linus couldn’t sleep either. His eyes were half-open and his body sinked into the sofa. Then, he saw the alpaca passing by. Although he was too tired to even move a finger, he put his feet on the alpaca. Just like that, the three of them lay on the sofa all night.

At dawn, the rescue team set off and marched into the mountain. After the blizzard last night, the mountain was a few meters taller. All they could see was snow and every step they took was difficult.

Dozens of people went to find Michael together. Sophia had located Michael and Alice’s location through technical means and everybody was heading toward that location.

They walked arduously in the snow but the few sled dogs they brought were running even though they were dragging the rescue equipment. It wasn’t just Cereberus who was brought down to help but also Snowball, who came for a holiday, was on a leash. After all, Samoyed was also a sled dog.

At that time, Sophia no longer cared about pressing cigarette butts on flower pots anymore because the person who did it was missing! She realized that the person was more important than a pot of flowers. At that moment, she remembered that the pot of flowers that she cherished was actually gifted to her by him after he travelled through rivers and mountains for them.

He knows that I like flowers so he travelled the world to collect the most beautiful and exotic plants and flowers and planted an entire garden for me, filling my life with fragrance and romance. However, I forgot about the whole garden and only focused on the cigarette butt in that one flower pot!

Sophia looked incredibly calm and she didn’t say anything much during the search. Everyone went to the coordinates as fast as they could. When they reached the location, all they could see was a vast expanse of white snow. The rescue team immediately started digging up the snow but they only found Michael’s phone.

The phone was still operating well. When they unlocked it, they saw that he had a dozen missed calls.

Holding the phone, Sophia stared at the dog picture on the lockscreen blankly. Under the goggles, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

They continued digging the snow but there was nothing nearby. The snow was heavy last night and one night had passed. If anything bad happened to them, all the evidence would have been buried under the snow and no one, alive or dead, would be seen.

A wave of despair and sadness filled the crowd. Stanley patted Sophia’s shoulder and comforted her. “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. My uncle often did such extreme survival training when he was in the army. Situations like these won’t defeat him! Just relax.”

Sophia didn’t reply to him. She put Michael’s phone into her pocket and continued walking in silence. After a while, they found Alice’s phone.

Alice’s phone was also working. Sophia took over Alice’s phone and saw her wallpaper, which turned out to be a photo of her and Michael!

Looking at the photo, Sophia felt her heart sink but she remained silent.

Michael was smiling handsomely in the picture while Alice was secretly glancing in his direction. Her gentle smile was filled with great joy and there was a bright light in her eyes that seemed to stem from her soul, the kind of light that only appeared when you were looking at a loved one.

Alice’s phone was locked and it required facial identification and fingerprints to unlock it, so Sophia could only look at her lockscreen where there were a number of missed calls.

Michael’s number was among the missed calls and Alice had saved his number as ‘My love’.

Sophia then put the phone in her pocket and continued to walk in silence. Just then, she received a call from Roger. “Miss, the helicopters are ready.”

Sophia coldly replied, “Send out all the helicopters and drones to scan the mountains at the fastest speed and find him.” It was a difference compared to last night after they found out about the accident, where Sophia cried while she instructed the rescue force.

Then, the crowd continued to move forward. The rescue force’s plane was airlifted from Bayside City and landed in the small town.

Communication signals gradually recovered that morning, and the news about Michael’s disappearance spread like wildfire and was already reported on the news. Not long after the phone call, a few helicopters and countless drones arrived. The lineup was very powerful and it flew past their heads, heading toward the depths of the snow mountains.

After a while, everyone saw smoke in the southwest direction of the mountains and they were overjoyed. They hurriedly rushed toward that direction and the helicopters hovered around the smoke. Roger then called and said, “We found them.”

Soon, Sophia received photographs captured by the drones and saw photos of Michael carrying a woman on his back as they trudged through the snow. The woman on his back had her arms wrapped around his neck and she was resting her head on his shoulder. Sophia could even see the happy smile on her face.

That woman was Alice. From the looks of it, it seemed like Michael found her last night and the two of them had spent the night together. It was as if Alice was injured but she was rescued by her ‘My love’ and at that moment, the two of them were walking out of the snow, ready to embrace a new life together.

Seeing this, Sophia felt upset. She turned off the screen and put her phone away. Then, she rushed toward Michael’s direction.

It was hard to find a landing spot in the mountains so the plane could only hover nearby and pick up the injured Alice first while the ground rescue team made their way over.

Unable to contain her joy, Sophia rushed to the forefront and walked briskly. Half an hour later, she finally found Michael. Among the white snow, Sophia saw him dressed in black winter clothes and goggles, standing in the snow with his back facing her.

The plane was still hovering over him and they were lowering the rescue gondola.

A few people got off the plane and worked together with Michael to send Alice up the plane. When Sophia arrived, Alice was in mid air and Michael was looking up at her, waving his hand slightly, as if he was saying goodbye to her.

At that moment, Sophia stood at a distance and her whole body froze, not daring to take another step.

After the plane took off with Alice, Michael heard the calls from the crowd. When he turned around, he saw Sophia, Stanley, Justin, and the others.

At that moment, Michael naturally blurred out Stanley, Justin and the others and he could only see Sophia clearly. Sophia slowly took off her goggles and a tearful face appeared before him. Her bloodshot eyes were filled with tears. At that instant, Michael felt heartbroken but he couldn’t help but smile.

She looks really exhausted. I know she has been worried for the past two days too.

Sophia hurriedly rushed toward him and stumbled as she walked up to Michael. He quickly held her in his arms and she started to wail like a child.

“You b*stard! Do you know how worried I was?” Sophia cursed as she cried. When she got tired from all the scolding, she cried in his arms. Michael let her scold him and didn’t rebuke her. All he wanted was to hug her in silence.

At that moment, the flower pot, cigarette butt, and sled dog didn’t matter anymore. She only had eyes for him!

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