My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 946

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 946

Michael was too timid to even utter a word.

Of course a cat is kept to catch a mouse, isn’t it?

Indeed, the mouse that came out from the toilet bowl last time was a little too dirty. He had sent the exquisite Persian cat given by the Queen into the washroom and closed it in there with the mouse. Michael had expected Fiffy to unleash its power, but the cat was actually so terrified of the mouse that it wailed and curled up in the wash basin all night, not daring to come down. In the end, it was Nicholas who came to Fiffy’s rescue and got rid of the mouse.

As for him using the dog to wipe his feet… Michael thought he was innocent because whenever a furry pet passed by him, he would subconsciously rub his feet against their fur if he was barefoot. He wasn’t using them to wipe his feet but was just giving them a friendly rub.

Though he used the dogs as his backrest when he was watching television and used the cat as his mouse pad, he genuinely loved the pets and treated them as his own children.

He was so wronged!

Nevertheless, he did not expect Sophia to be so agitated, and he dared not to argue back despite his valid reasons. He said in a servile manner, “I admit I was wrong. I promise I’ll never use the cat as my mouse pad or send him to catch a mouse again. I’m sorry. And I’ll never ask Judge to fetch the goods anymore. Please stop crying, okay?”

Wiping off her tears, Sophia pointed at the ground and commanded fiercely, “You better stand still here for the next three minutes!”

Michael quickly cooed, “Okay, okay… I’ll stand still.”

Sophia turned around and walked away without hesitation. As she left, she took her Samoyed and the two Husky pups with her while Stanley brought Judge away too.

Meanwhile, Michael stayed where he was, not daring to move as he watched Sophia and the others walked away.

Looking at him resignedly, Sean sighed and left with the group as well.

Finally, Michael shot himself in the foot once again. Sophia had come merrily to give him a surprise, but alas, it turned out that he was the one who gave her a ‘surprise’ first.

Using sled dogs to fetch lunch boxes… What an ingenious man!

Three minutes later, Michael was allowed to move, so he anxiously ran forward to go after Sophia. Nevertheless, Danny caught up with him and said, “You shouldn’t go to her now as she is still in a fit of rage and won’t listen to your explanations. It’s late now, so she won’t leave the town either. Why don’t you have your meal first? We’ll sort it out after you eat.”

Looking in the direction where Sophia had gone, Michael was so worried that he lost his appetite. However, he still had to continue shooting, so he had to eat to replenish his energy for the activities later.

The filming crew’s food truck could only stop by the foot of the mountain as it couldn’t be driven up the mountain. The meals were prepared there and put in a thermal box to be pulled up the mountain by Judge. During that period of time, the staff had been depending on Judge to send them food. Now that he was leaving, everyone had to live with insufficient food again.

Though they could simply send some men to pick up the food, a lot of manpower was needed for the filming. It would be a waste of their limited resources to use their men as such.

On the other hand, Sophia and Stanley arrived at the hotel with their dogs. They found a pile of change and some one-dollar coins in Judge’s purse, all of which were his hard-earned money.

The scrawny dogs were so tired that they could even drowse off while standing. Bathing the dogs, Stanley cursed as he wailed, “You b*stard, Michael! My baby Judge…”

In fact, the three dogs just ran three rounds of errands today to fetch some potato chips and lunch, and the workload was not too heavy. Given Judge’s energy, he could have been full of beans even after fetching the goods, but he was drained because Celine had brought him around the mountain and to ski at the ski area. After running around all day, Judge was worn out and had no energy left to run errands.

After being brought back by Stanley, Judge dozed off while Stanley was bathing him.

Looking at his baby dogs who were extremely fatigued, Stanley shed tears of sympathy. Bathing Judge had always been a troublesome chore in the past but he had fallen asleep today in the shower.

He must have had a hard time!

It could be clearly seen that the dogs had lost weight tremendously especially after their bodies were drenched.

Looking at the dead-tired Huskies who went into a deep sleep right after the bath, Sophia became seriously upset.

Not only did Michael dispose of his cigarette butts in her plant pots, but he even nipped off his flowers to make more space for his cigarette butts!

This was too much!

“We shall leave tomorrow and never come back again!” Stanley said sternly.

At the same time, Sophia had packed up her stuff and the dogs’ essentials as she was ready to leave early in the next morning too.

F*ck you, Michael!

Though it was just a small matter regarding the dogs, the implication behind this incident was significant.

How dare he dispose of his cigarette butts in my pots of plants? It’s because he doesn’t care about my feelings and he doesn’t care about me! And he doesn’t care about me because he doesn’t really love me!

To abuse her dogs was no different from abusing her!

At night, after work had ended, Michael quickly rushed to the hotel where Sophia was staying. Sure enough, he was blocked by Roger, who was two-meter tall.

Distressed, Michael paced back and forth anxiously outside the hotel and kept calling Sophia, but she refused to pick up.

He wished to just kneel down before her.

He was indeed wrong, and was absurdly wrong. If he was given a chance again, he would definitely not exploit the dogs and would rather starve than asking Judge to send them food.

He was really wrong…

Nevertheless, his apology was not heard by Sophia. After lingering around for an hour or so outside the building, he could not stand the cold anymore especially because it was midnight. So, he checked into the room beneath Sophia’s and carefully listened for happenings upstairs.

The hotel rooms were not soundproof and he could clearly hear Sophia when she got off her bed and walked around in the room. He could also hear the sound of her lifting the toilet seat when she went to the loo at midnight.

He could even tell that the three Huskies were sleeping in her room. The dogs were snoring so loudly that Sophia could not fall asleep and was scrolling on Twitter.

He knew this because he saw her new post on Twitter, and she also liked a promotional tweet by Michael’s fan.

A few hours earlier at half past ten, she had retweeted a post which was promoting Michael and wrote, ‘Love y’all! Thanks for supporting Taylor! {love emoji}’

At 1a.m., she tweeted again and wrote, ‘There are fifteen days more before the voting for ‘Light of Cethos’ closes. Please continue to show your support for Taylor. He’ll be at the award ceremony this year. {love emoji}’

By 2a.m., there was already news that the couple were not on good terms, and someone had exposed the episode that happened in the afternoon on set. Immediately, Sophia retweeted the post and wrote, ‘Please refrain from making groundless accusations. Taylor and I are on good terms and we’re leading a happy life. Please remove your post, thank you!’

Following that, she posted another tweet with the picture of the Cereberus’ ungracious sleeping postures. She applied a filter to the picture, censored the dogs’ private parts, and wrote, ‘Came to visit @Taylor Murray and @Judge and Pups. The shooting of @The Winter Breakthrough is coming to an end soon. Please continue to support the movie!’

After that, she logged into the account of ‘Judge and Pups’ and retweeted the post that she had just shared using her main account.

Michael was confused upon seeing all her tweets. What’s going on? Aren’t we having a fight?

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