My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 945

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 945

Stanley and Sean pitched in and bought a private plane. Joyfully, Sophia hopped onto the plane and brought Snowball with her to visit the crew. At the same time, a few bodyguards tagged along knowing that she was going on a jaunt.

Soon, they arrived at the city in which Michael was shooting. After switching from a four-wheel drive to a bus and lastly, to a donkey cart, they finally reached town. Upon settling down in a hotel, Sophia left for the shooting scene with Stanley and the others. She was going to give Michael a huge surprise!

The surrounding environment was pristine and there were very few residents staying around the area. The weather was fair as the group of people walked through the snowy-white pastures. Wearing a thick coat and goggles, Sophia walked excitedly at the front of the group.

Suddenly, a ringing sound emerged from the front. After passing over a steep hill, they saw a team of people in the distance. It was a man and a woman with three Huskies. Both the man and the woman were wearing green coats while the Huskies were dressed in tattered clothes and looked scrawny.

The three dogs were pulling a little trolley which had several big bags of goods on it.

Obviously, the Huskies were extremely exhausted with their heads dropping as they were dozing off. Nevertheless, they were still pulling the trolley diligently, which made them look pitiful.

Seeing that, Stanley started to protest. “This is too much! How would three Huskies be able to pull so much stuff? Though Huskies are sled dogs, they shouldn’t treat them like this. I’m going to teach them a lesson.”

Sophia too thought their masters went over the line. How could they let the three small Huskies pull so many things? This was animal abuse!

Sophia dressed up Snowball with a pink vest so that her furry, white body was distinguishable from the blankets of snow. All of a sudden, Snowball dashed forward. Sophia could only watch as the furball in pink sprinted toward the three Huskies.

Woof! Woof!

Seeing Snowball, the Huskies became extremely excited. Meanwhile, the man and the woman turned around and looked in the direction of Sophia and the others.

Upon seeing each other face to face…

“It’s you!”

Instantly, Stanley recognized the two people standing in front of him. They were none other than Celine and Justin!

The coats that they were wearing must have been taken from the filming crew as the coats looked shabby. At first, Stanley even thought they were locals.

He stared at the three Huskies in shock. The leading dog was none other than his beloved Judge, who had lost so much weight that even he himself could barely recognize him.

Howling, Judge immediately ran toward Stanley as soon as he saw him. He was like a child who had been abducted for child labor, and now his father had finally came to his rescue.

“Stan? Sophia…”

Justin and Celine were stunned seeing the group of people who came from nowhere.

Looking at the heaps of goods in the trolley, Stanley glanced toward the poorly-dressed Cereberus and their harnesses, and then toward Justin and Celine who were feeling guilty. His blood boiled upon realizing what was going on.

“Y-You b*stards!”

On the other hand, it was time for lunch but the meals had not arrived yet. The crews were wondering if something had happened on the way. There was once where Judge accidentally overturned the trolley, spilled the snacks halfway, and came back empty-handed. Later, Celine had requested to be in-charge of transporting the crew’s meals and snacks. Each time, Justin and her would follow Judge to run the errands, so there shouldn’t be any accidents by rights.

Finally, the familiar ringing sound of the trolley’s bells could be heard. Overjoyed, the staff who were idle at the moment quickly walked out awaiting their meals and snacks. However, to their surprise, they saw a big group of people approaching from the other end of the snowfield.

Walking in front was Justin and Celine. With their heads down, they silently pulled the trolley in which the three exhausted Huskies were sitting.

Besides, there were a few other men behind them who were carrying the food that was supposed to be transported by Judge and his pups.

Something must have happened!

Michael looked toward the direction of Celine as she lifted her head and looked at him, who seemed flustered and was pouting.

Then, he saw Stanley and Sean walking in the troop behind. Besides, there was a Samoyed in a pink vest and a woman who was wearing a pink coat and goggles.

He shuddered upon seeing the woman. Scared stiff, Michael knew that he was in trouble.

The other crews who were excitedly awaiting their meals were startled by the episode too. Standing still, no one dared to utter a word as they were anticipating what was going to happen next.

The woman in pink coat walked up to a spot not far away from Michael and stopped, thereafter she chucked the bags of food onto the ground. Nevertheless, nobody dared to step forward and collect the food as they looked back and forth between Michael and the woman in the pink coat.

Finally, the woman took off her goggles and showed her pair of blue eyes. Staring fiercely at Michael, she snarled, “Michael, you’d better explain yourself! What’s going on?!”

They were in great trouble!

Even the missus was here now!

The crew had expected this to probably happen someday, but they never thought that it would happen so soon.

Immediately, everyone excused themselves from the scene, leaving Michael alone to deal with the furious dog owner, Sophia.

Michael too was scared out of his wits, and he knew it would be impossible to make up an excuse.

Today, Celine had hauled Judge around the mountain to play with her since early morning. While Celine was still full of beans, Judge was already fatigued after that. Celine alone had drained the Cereberus of energy and they were even dozing off at noon. Nevertheless, the crew were still waiting for the Huskies to fetch their meals, so Michael gave Judge a hundred, thereafter the dog got up tiredly and went down the mountain to pick up lunch.

Initially, Michael was thinking to order the Huskies about for one last time today, thereafter he would reward them splendidly before sending them back to celebrate the new year in Bayside City. However…

“My dear, I was wrong! I’m sorry!”

Michael immediately wimped out and confessed in a sincere manner. “It’s all my fault. I promise it won’t happen again. Please forgive me, will you?”

Stanley almost teared up cuddling his beloved Judge, who was worn out.

Back in Bayside City, Judge had always been chubby and fluffy as he fed on top-quality dog food, stayed in the finest kennel, and even wore a branded collar. However, he had lost so much weight after living with the filming crew for just a few days.

Looking at Judge’s shabby clothes, skinny legs and exhausted face, Stanley did not even dare to directly confront Michael. Nevertheless, Sophia was not afraid to do so.

Sophia nearly blew her top and could hardly contain her anger as she was about to start fighting with Michael despite the fact that there were so many people watching.

Seeing such a situation, Harry quickly distributed the meals to the staff and dispersed them for lunch. After all, it was not appropriate to meddle in others’ private affairs. Everyone quickly took their food and walked away. Nonetheless, Sophia’s hoarse roar could still be heard from afar.

“Michael Fletcher, what did you promise me when I handed the dogs over to you? You said you would take good care of my dogs! Is this how you take care of them?!”

“You’re not even looking after them at all! If you’re unhappy, you can send them back to me! I have been putting up with you for a long time! You used my cat as your mouse pad. You made the Persian cat that I gave you catch spiders, cockroaches, and even wild rats from the drains! You even used my dog to wipe your feet! Do you really think he is your mat?!”

Sophia burst into tears as she got even more frustrated the more she thought about it. All the grievances that she had harbored for a long time finally exploded today.

She was like a farmer who was carefully growing pots of plants and had been taking care of them diligently by giving them fertilizers, getting rid of pests and controlling the amount of light and water they got. Finally, the flowers bloomed and she was overjoyed admiring the beautiful flowers. However, Michael took her pots of plants as ashtrays and disposed of his cigarette butts in them!

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