My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 944

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 944

The mountain was like a wilderness of zombie-white and the crew could barely see anything other than the blanket of snow, which was so thick that it was extremely arduous for them to trudge through it. Even their cars could easily get stuck in the snow. Carrying the hefty shooting equipment alone drained a lot of time and energy from the staff, let alone carrying the food.

Meanwhile, the Cereberus had become the gems among the filming crew as they had run back and forth several times a day to bring snacks and food for the staff. Besides being dedicated, they never slumbered and were always energetic. They would even send garbage down the mountain after every meal to maintain the cleanliness of the filming spot.

On the other hand, Celine too followed Judge around everyday to serve meals for the staff since she was free and loved wandering around.

Ever since she lost her memory, her old-self as the belle in military special forces had completely vanished. Instead, she had become a totally different person and was like a Husky in human form. In fact, she was even more playful than a Husky.

Running back and forth with Celine all day, Justin barely had time to do other things. He had to look after Celine as if he was a babysitter to prevent her from getting into trouble.

She was indeed like a child who was just past infancy and was now an energetic toddler who was inquisitive and eager to explore the world. Someone had to attend to her all the time to prevent her from getting injured given how vigorous she was.

“Hey, you’re so playful that even the Husky is tired running around with you.”

Michael gently pinched her cheeks as he lectured her. When they were young, it was Celine who took care of him; now, it was his turn to look after her.

Smiling innocently, she was like a carefree, adorable child. At the same time, Michael was overwhelmed with mixed emotions looking at her features that resembled his.

The girl in the past, who put her boss’ dog up to eating sh*t and fought with the director’s wife, no longer existed, and had now become a silly girl. Though she would not stir up trouble anymore, Michael wasn’t sure if this was considered something fortunate for her.

Today, Judge was led away by Celine to run all around the mountain. While Celine was still full of energy when they came back, Judge was already exhausted.

Seeing that, Justin quickly pulled Michael’s hand away from her face and said, “She is just a naive kid.”

Michael was rendered speechless. He had never seen a forty-year-old kid.

He turned around and looked at Judge, who was lying on the ground drained. Never did he imagine that even Judge’s energy could be depleted someday.

These days, Judge had been following the filming crew up the mountain early in the morning and going home late at night. Being busier than a farmer, the hardworking dog had been bringing snacks for them, serving meals and cleaning garbage just for the sake of a small amount of tip. On top of that, he had to get down to run around with Celine—no wonder his energy ran out.

Michael took out a hundred from his pocket and gave it to Judge. Patting his head, Michael cooed him in a gentle voice that was rare, “There, there. Take this money and buy me a coffee. The shooting is going to end soon, and we can go home for the new year as soon as it ends.”

Judge howled wearily.

Though he was exhausted after running around with Celine, he still pulled himself together for the sake of the money. Dragging the little trolley, Judge took the shopping list and went down the mountain with his two pups with Celine and Justin behind them. Seeing the five gradually vanishing from his sight, Michael turned around and pulled out his phone to check in on Sophia.

“Wow, your phone is the latest model from Michel Group’s mobile phone brand!” Standing behind him, Alice exclaimed in amazement just as he took out the phone.

Michael looked down at his phone. It was royal-black in color and had a smooth screen and sleek design. In addition, its other functions and features included high tolerance to heat, long battery life, and solar-powered battery. Produced with military-grade technology, it was also bulletproof.

“Mm-hmm, it is one of Michel Group’s products,” he answered.

The electronics manufacturing business of Michel Group positioned themselves as providers of high-end, superior products. The price of the phone which Michael was holding was around 60,000, and it was the latest model that had yet to be launched in the market. It was not commonly seen given its extraordinarily high price.

“Seems like this model has not been launched in the market yet. Can I have a look at it?” Alice’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Frowning, Michael courteously turned down her request. “There’s nothing special about it besides more powerful functions and a slimmer design.”

Previously, Carmen was upset because Cooper’s phone did not have a beauty mode in its camera function, thus she had refused to take pictures using his phone. Hence, Cooper immediately commanded the research and development department to add the beauty mode in their latest model. The beauty mode was supported by the latest technology and had a powerful function of intelligent face recognition to automatically apply the beauty effects on the user’s face.

Sitting down beside Michael, Alice glanced at his phone and could immediately identify its features. “I can see that the camera is different and I’m guessing that they must have upgraded the camera function. I’ve heard that this model now has a beauty mode. Is that true?”

Michael replied, “Yeah, the beauty mode is pretty good.”

Sophia had given him two of the phones and he had been using this one ever since he came to the mountain. It was undeniable that the phones produced by Michel’s Group were indeed powerful and its bulletproof function was not merely a marketing gimmick.

The lock screen of his phone was the Cereberus while his wallpaper was a picture of Sophia and Carmen. Sitting beside him, Alice noticed his lock screen. Michael quickly put away his phone so that she would not see his wallpaper.

“Are all three of the Huskies yours?”Alice asked again.

Focusing on the script, Michael answered shortly, “Yes.”

Alice reminded him, “Though they are sled dogs, it normally takes seven to eight of them to pull a sleigh. It’s too tiring for them to pull things around like this. You have to be careful.”

Michael remained silent, but he had acknowledged her words.

He felt sorry for Judge too seeing the silly dog diligently transporting food for the staff just for the sake of a little tip. Well, the shooting is going to end soon and they just have to hang in there for a few more days. I’ll reward them with more good food once we are back in Bayside City.

Michael was taking a chance since Sophia would not know about it, and neither would Harry nor Justin tell her. Only the silly dogs themselves would know how they had been ordered around, but little did Michael know what was going on in Bayside City…

“Come on, Sophia! Let’s go visit the filming crew! Come on…”

It was early in the morning and the sky was still dark. With a sleepy face, Sophia looked out the window and saw Stanley and Sean standing outside the house waving at her.

After waiting for some time, Stanley waved his hands at the window again. “Come on, Sophia! Big Brother Stanley has bought a new plane. Let’s take the plane and go visit the filming crew!”

It sounds like a good idea to visit the filming crew.

At the moment, Linus had gone overseas for an important meeting, Carmen was with the Fletchers and Cooper was busy finding his son. And so, Sophia brought Snowball along and slipped out of the house to visit the crew with Stanley and Sean.

It was yet another month since she had met Michael. Sophia was excited to see him, so she did not inform him beforehand about her visit.

She wanted to give him a huge surprise!

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