My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 942

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 942

However, Cooper was not willing to give up and asked Carmen, “Why? Am I not as good as Daddy?”

Carmen spit out her pacifier. She put on a serious expression and gave it a thought, and her voice became solemn as she said, “Grandpa, you are not allowed to ask me such questions in the future. Daddy said that this kind of question is stupid and bad…”

Cooper stuttered, “I…”

Carmen replied, “If your dad and mom were about to die, who would you choose? If Mommy and I fell into the water at the same time and you could only save one of us, who would you save? Daddy said that I should beat up anyone who dares to ask such a question to me when I grow up.”

Cooper said, “I…”

Carmen continued, “I’ll only answer this once. Daddy and I have known each other for many, many years, but you and I have only known each other for one, two, three, four… Less than thirteen months. So, I prefer Daddy!”

Cooper was speechless.

Carmen replied, “If you ask this question again, I will be angry!”

Cooper sighed, feeling a little sad.

He tried hard to be a good grandfather, but found that the precious Carmen never took his side.

Carmen also knew that she had hurt her grandfather, so she offered her milk to Cooper. “Grandpa, drink this.”

Cooper took Carmen’s milk bottle, and saw that ‘Carmen’s milk bottle’ was written with Carmen’s private stamp on it.

All of the ‘royal items’ of Carmen would be covered with her stamp. Her self-designed stamp was ugly and awkward-looking, but Michael treated it like treasure and still passed the stamps to the factory. All the customized things used by Carmen would be printed with her seal because she would have a sense of accomplishment that way.

Cooper held Carmen’s milk bottle that was still warm. Carmen had always been drinking this type of milk, which was no ordinary milk as it had been specially developed for her.

She was able to grow up healthily thanks to Michael’s hard work. He devoted energy and effort to Carmen, and he even set up a special medical team to monitor Carmen’s health. The milk she drank and the food she ate every day would all be prepared by expert nutritionists.

It was no wonder that Carmen preferred Michael.

Thinking about it this way, Cooper felt better. He ruffled Carmen’s hair and returned the milk bottle to her. Carmen was very clingy today. She invited Cooper to drink her exclusive milk, and took the initiative to sleep with Cooper at night. Cooper was so moved that he almost cried.

The little girl was probably acting this way because Cooper had worked hard for her stage play recently. She was very grateful, so she took the initiative to show her gratitude.

Carmen enthusiastically introduced Cooper to her new items today.

“This is my pillow! This is my bed! These are my slippers! This is my diaper. Don’t tell the other children about it! Other children don’t need it anymore, but I’m still secretly using it.”

Seeing that Carmen was trying hard to show her items to him, he quickly applauded very cooperatively. “Wow, these are nice!”

Although the little girl did not side with him, Cooper was already very happy that she was willing to talk to himself.

Carmen often went to sleep in various rooms, so they made a small movable bed with the theme of ‘Balala the Fairies’ for her. She would ask someone to push the bed to wherever she went.

After showing off her bed, Carmen said again, “Daddy found someone to write a theme song for me. Do you want to listen to it?”

Since Carmen was going to participate in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, Cooper had set up a company for her that was responsible for all her acting affairs. Michael had also found a well-known songwriter in the industry to make the theme song for Carmen. They were even going to shoot her MV in spring.

Cooper was overjoyed. “Great. I want to hear it.”

Carmen was wearing pajamas with baby bears on them and she began to sing and dance. She also had a vocal teacher dedicated to teaching her in kindergarten, so she sang much better than before. Her voice was sweet and crisp, and she had begun to learn to control her breathing. She sang so beautifully that Cooper became lightheaded. He was overjoyed for the entire night.

It was only later that he learned that he had been tricked by Carmen again. On the night that Carmen made him lightheaded, Michael swaggered into Sophia’s room and bedded her all night.

In the mistress’ residence, Sophia turned on the night light, and the whole bedroom was enveloped in a romantic atmosphere.

Clothes were strewn across the ground. A woman’s underwear and man’s boxer briefs were wildly entangled together. Shae sneaked in and took the clothes away, then sent them to the waterhouse. The clothes would be clean for them to wear tomorrow morning.

Sophia was covered in sweat. Leaning on Michael’s shoulder, she said shyly, “Didn’t you say that you were just coming up here to chat with me?”

Recalling the great s*x he had just now, Michael whispered, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold back anymore.”

Sophia couldn’t help but punch his chest with her small fist and pouted. “You even said that your manhood couldn’t get into me, and even if it did, you wouldn’t move…”

Michael looked at the gorgeous Sophia in his arms and started feeling horny again. He flipped over and lay on top of Sophia.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t hold back again.”

The night was long, but in Michael’s view, his time with his lover would always be short.

Tomorrow morning, he would leave again. This time round, they would not be able to see each other for another month. He wanted to give her all the love and longing he had accumulated during this month in one night.

Although he knew it was not easy, Michael tried hard to leave behind his seed in Sophia. He hoped that it would take shape, take root and sprout. He hoped that Sophia would give birth to another child so that he would have another precious and loving baby.

However, he also knew how difficult this was. Sophia had not taken care of her health ever since she was a child, and she had exhausted all her strength to give birth to Carmen. Previously, she was captured by Quinton. She had to escape while pregnant with Carmen, which had also ruined her health. Now, her body was beginning to get better, but the doctor had said that her chance of having a baby again was very small.

It’s fine if that’s the case… God already gave Carmen to me, and she’s already the greatest gift. I can’t be greedy.

Sometimes, he felt a little empty, and that Carmen was very lonely without a sibling… Still, they could just get more pets!

The more pets they got, the better.

In the middle of the night, Sophia got up to drink some water then came back, lying in Michael’s arms while preparing to have the next round of sex.

Michael’s hands had been stroking Sophia’s flat stomach. Her stomach felt cold to touch, so Michael warmed her belly with his big palm, hoping that this would drive away the coldness.

Sophia let out a contented sigh and suddenly asked, “If we have a second child in the future, do you think it would be boy or a girl?”

Before Michael could speak, Sophia already replied, “I hope that it’s a daughter. Look at Carmen, she’s great! Daughters are great. They smell good, and they’re obedient. Bubbles and Snowball are also girls, and they’re very obedient. Look at Judge… I wouldn’t want to have a son as naughty as Judge in the future.”

Speaking of sons, Michael thought of Nate. Unfortunately, it was also his first time being a father at that time. He was very nervous and bad at parenting, thus he had raised Nate into a person with a cold attitude. Now, he regretted it very much.

He was grown up now and had gradually become sensible. Plus, he had a younger sister, and he had gradually realized that Michael had tried hard to be a good father. However, he was still very cold.

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